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Full Spectrum Rx Reviews

By: LabTech Nutraceuticals

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to LabTech Nutraceuticals for sending it out!
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  September 27, 2018

  • Clinically Dosed
  • Insane Ingredient Profile
  • No Proprietary Blends
  • Great Energy And Focus
  • Not Widely Available
  • Slight Crashing
Quick Summary

This is my new go-to preworkout and one of only two products that I will make sure I always have on hand.


I am a 30-year-old male that has been lifting for about 7 years now. It has only been a year since I decided to start pushing my body further than it has ever gone before both in strength and physique all while switching to a vegetarian diet and starting a second business. With a background in nutrition science I have always been fascinated by the supplement industry but never before have I been so determined to maximize every bit of edge these products can give me.

Preworkouts are the one supplement I cannot do without. I always appreciate the added energy and drive and firmly believe in the effectiveness of many of the core ingredients in PWOs on the market today.

Ingredient Profile

Pump/Endurance Matrix Blend:
Citrulline Malate: 8g Nitric oxide production. An excellent dose.
Beta Alanine: 3.5g Improves muscular endurance. Great dose as 3.2g is a full dose.
L-Taurine: 2250mg Aids in proper muscle function.
Agmatine Sulfate: 1.5g More pump.
AAKG: 1250mg And some more pump.
Beet Root Extract: 1g And a little more pump with the help of this nitrate donor.

Energy/Focus Matrix Blend:
Caffeine Anhydrous: 350mg
L-Dopa: 250mg which aids with mood and focus - certainly works.
N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine: 250 mg
L-Theanine: 200mg Helps curb edginess inherently associated with stimulants.
2-Aminoisoheptane (DMHA): 175mg The new DMAA
L-Norvaline: 100mg - Inhibits the breakdown of nitric oxide
Dendrobium Nobile Extract: 50mg
Higenamine Hydrochloride: 50mg Fat burner
Naringin: 50mg Potent antioxidant.
Phenylethylamine Hydrochloride: 50mg Aids with focus and improvements in mood. Noopept: 30mg - Mood enhancement.
Octopamine Hydrochloride: 30mg
N-Methyl Tyramine Hydrochloride: 25mg
Synephrine Hydrochloride: 20mg Bitter orange extract which is another stimulant/fat burner.
Rutaecarpine: 10mg Fat burning properties similar to capsaicin.
Huperzine A 1%: 10mg Cognitive booster.
Alpha Yohimbine: 1mcg Stimulant.

Black Pepper Fruit Extract: 5mg
6 7-Dihydroxybergamottin (DHB): 5mg The compound in grapefruit juice that affects the metabolism of certain drugs/compounds. Can adjust the amount of time they spend in the system.

This is the best profile of any preworkout I have seen. It has everything I want and is fully dosed. It does not add the BCAAs that some are including these days but I frankly do not care about that as I get plenty in my pre workout meal and in my intra supplements. The sheer amount of stimulants made me think initially that I would be crawling up the walls and crashing hard a few hours later but as I mention later this is not the case.

I absolutely love that they do not include any artificial colors (which is so stupid to include, thanks for the stains) or flavors and sweeten only with sucralose. This is very clean product.


The taste is a little bitter but I do not mind this at all. I am extremely impressed with how good Strawberry Kiwi tastes when LabTech uses only natural flavors and sucralose while competing with this long list of (some bad tasting) ingredients. Very well done.


Mixes very well. Considering the size of the scoop and the crazy amount of ingredients I never ran into serious clumping or having to worry about doing much more than twirling my blender bottle a couple of times.


Energy and Focus
When I first looked at this ingredient profile I thought it was going to hit my adrenal glands like a truck. This was not at all the case. The energy comes on smooth and is mixed with a wonderfully euphoric feeling. I never once got jitters nor did I get irritable which is rare for me - ask my girlfriend. The energy lasted much longer than I did in the gym and did not end in a crash but would gradually wear off.

The focus was fantastic while in the gym. It really aided in my slowing down and focusing on my movements which is usually a challenge for me as my mind wanders and my form suffers. The energy still kicking after leaving the gym would make it a little harder for me to stick with one task. Frankly I am not sure why this would shift after leaving the gym but it was certainly harder for me to sit still in my office after afternoon sessions.

Though I wouldn't necessarily attribute immediate strength increases to a PWO, especially one without creatine, this product did allow me to make some gains over the 5 weeks that I used it despite losing body weight overall.

I was able to take this PWO before cardio sessions without feeling like my heart was going to burst which was again surprising based on the profile. I felt as though it did improve my performance which I find rare for PWOs that focus so much on pump. I believe on long hikes that it also helped a bit with endurance as several of the ingredients allow the body to tap into different energy stores more readily, especially fat stores. This stuff sure did make me sweat, though.


With many fully dosed pres getting close to the $2 mark I think this product is a solid value. The fact that most people can and will get away with just scoop means they will get 40 workouts for $50. Even for someone needing a full scoop the price is very reasonable considering the quality of the product. Additionally I seem to always see specials being run on it so paying full MSRP is unlikely.

Side Effects

I do crash on this preworkout but it is not the typical anxious, irritable crash. I instead am just a little out of it, head in the clouds but with a lot of energy that is difficult for me to focus with outside of the gym. I am interestingly very productive when I get back to the office should I work out mid-day and the accuracy of my work is excellent so it really isn't much of a complaint. This PWO does kill my appetite almost entirely for several hours. This I suppose could be a strength and currently is for me but certainly not when trying to bulk.


I would not change a thing about this product. It is my favorite supplement of all time and I have tried many hundreds. The profile is nearly perfect, the energy is the best I have ever experienced from a PWO all the while actually feeling good and without a crash. It markedly improves my ability to train both by improving endurance and focus. To top it all off, no BS flavors or colors or sweeteners and it tastes good! I love this pre.
  • Strawberry Kiwi: 8/10

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