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BioMETRIC SHOCK is a Pre-Workout manufactured by LabTech Nutraceuticals. It is designed to help provide a pre-training advantage by increasing mental focus, muscle performance, endurance and blood flow. This creates an environment optimal for increasing muscle mass and losing body fat.

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Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to LabTech Nutraceuticals for sending it out!
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  February 21, 2018

  • Increased Energy
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Endurance Elevations
  • Enhanced Focus
  • Better Mood
  • Strong
  • Not Suitable For Overly Stim Sensitive
  • Bit Expensive


A special thanks to LabTech Nutraceuticals for their participation here on Today, I discuss their pre workout Biometric Shock. After having a great experience with their other pre workout Full Spectrum, I was curious to try this one out. I consider myself pretty stim-tolerant and have tried some of the strongest pre workouts both available today and the ones of back in the day before strict stim regulations (such as the DMAA ban) were put into place. So I wasn't hesitant to give this a go, but of course I always play it safe and assess tolerance to each individual product in the beginning.

Ingredient Profile

The profile is fully disclosed with no prop blends.

It begins with a dosage of vitamin B12 at 100mcg.

Following is the performance complex containing beta alanine at 3,700mg and black pepper fruit extract at 5mg.

Next is the Energy complex. Before I discuss the ingredients I'd like to note that this product contains three types of caffeine sources and a high stim concentration of other ingredients overall. If you are particularly stim sensitive, I would use significant caution with this product.

The complex contains caffeine anhydrous at 375mg, theobromine at 325mg, 2-aminoisoheptane at 175mg, caffeine citrate at 100mg, DiCaffeine Malate at 75mg, synephrine hydrochloride at 50mg, yohimbine hcl at 20mg, and huperzine-a at 50mcg.

Now as I said, the stim-sensitive should be very careful considering the stim amount concentrations in this product. Given the three sources of caffeine, it combines to a total of 550mg. However, as LabTech would describe, due to the chemical yield nature of caffeine citrate, realistically this product actually totals 475mg since citrate yields 50% of caffeine content. Still, that is an exuberant amount of caffeine in one hit. Of course, lets not forget the 2-aminoisoheptane (DMHA) which is also stimulant and the high dose of yohimbine hcl, which does have stimulative properties in it's own right. This is literally, not for the faint of heart.

Huperzine-a and theobromine have cognitive enhancement properties and synephrine hydrochloride can induce thermogenesis.

Moving along towards the end of the profile is the focus/mood complex containing taurine at 1,000mg, citicoline at 300mg, l-dopa at 250mg, hordenine hcl at 50mg, and noopept at 30mg. All of these ingredients can enhance focus to an optimal level and give a good boost in mood as well. I would like a little more taurine though.

Overall, an effective looking profile with the exception of the fact that with all the stimulants, this is clearly a stim-junkies dream come true. Again, those sensitive to stims, use caution.


I received the sour gummy candy flavor and I personally liked it. It was not too sweet, sour, or had any unpleasant chemical like taste or aroma.

It mixed well in water without any undissolved grit or sediment.

Dosing is what you would do with any other pre workout. After assessing my tolerance with half a scoop pre workout for the first few day, I took a full scoop mixed with water 20 minutes before my workout.

Please assess your tolerance with this product.


I'm gonna resort to the category method for this one.

Energy (10/10): YIKES!!! Biometric shock lives up to its name in the sense that it will give you some hard hitting, consistent, clean, strong as hell energy. I felt like I was on meth with this stuff. I was bouncing off the walls, pumping iron after iron, each consecutive workouts with no crash. Be sure to ensure that you don't take this too close to bedtime if you happen to workout in the later evenings. Also as a side note, no I do not do drugs and never tried meth, it was merely a dramatization.

Endurance (8/10): I would say it was mostly in combination with the strong stim surge energy having a carry over effect, but I did get a very notable increase in my endurance on this product. I was able to expand rep ranges on several lifts, both isolation and compound, run for longer cardio intervals, and engage in my boxing more aggressively. Makes me wanna challenge Floyd Mayweather.

Focus/Mood (8/10): I got real good, razor sharp focus an better mood from Biometric shock. I had that characteristic "I'm gonna do this" aggression type mindset and I was far less distracted and more honed in on weight training objectives through my workouts. I also had an overall more positive persona among fellow gym peers.

Thermo Effect (5/10): I actually didn't get a significant thermo effect from Biometric shock alone, but I did sweat a little more and had a more "heated" feeling in my core at times. This occurred mostly during my cardio, boxing, and High volume weight training sets. Still, not the strongest thermo effect.

On a last note, since the product didn't have any pump ingredients, I compensated that by adding in some of Nutrabio's agmatine to the pre workout. This allowed it to have a pump effect.


The cheapest I found Biometric shock was 44.99 for 30 servings. This does seem high, but given the phenomenal efficacy I'd say it is still a very good price for a product of this degree. Furthermore, if you only opt for a half a scoop, that increases the duration of the product by double, so that further improves the value.

Side Effects

gerves11, who reviewed this before me, noted that he experienced some significant side effects from this including jitters, rapid heartbeat, and nausea. I myself experienced no side effects, but as I noted, I am more stim tolerant. This further stresses my advisory on assessing your tolerance with half a scoop first and seeing how you react to it. Everyone will respond differently.


I will say it once more, please use caution with this product if you are sitm sensitive. Other than that, Biometric shock was an intensively effective pre workout that gave me powerful energy, great focus, improved mood, and elevated endurance. If you are more stim tolerant and wanna try a strong concoction that packs a punch in all areas, give Biometric Shock a go.


  • Sour Gummy Candy: 8/10


Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to LabTech Nutraceuticals for sending it out!
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  January 22, 2018

  • Quality Ingredients
  • Open Label
  • Increased Energy
  • Causes Nausea
  • Jitters
  • Less Of The Ingredients At Lower Dose


I'd like to start by thanking Labtech nutraceuticals for the opportunity to try and to review their pro workout competitor, Biometric Shock. I have been taking pre workout supplements for a long time now and have used every different type you can think of. None of the ingredients found here were new to me, and knowing about them, I was quite excited to try it out.

Ingredient Profile

Kudos to LABTECH for a completely open label. This is pretty much a must for me these days and no reason not to include a fully transparent label in my opinion.
-Beta Alanine: 3.700mg
-This non-essential amino acid is widely used to promote performance through muscle endurance if used on a regular basis. Daily dosing can range anywhere from 2-5g per day, with split doses if you want to avoid the parasthesia(tingles) usually associated with higher doses.

-Black Pepper fruit extract: 5mg
-It increases the bioavailability of other ingredients, which is why it is often found in many supplements. You will usually see 5 to 10mg as a dose.

-Caffeine Anhydrous:375mg
-Pure powdered form of caffeine. Linked to many benefits like increased fat loss, muscle endurance, muscle strength and power and faster recovery. 375mg is a high dose good dose and you have to remember that it is not the only form of caffeine in here.

-Theobromine: 325mg
-It is similar to caffeine and is used to improve the intensity of training. It also dilates blood vessels and therefore increases NO production. Dosing can be anywhere from 100-560mg.

-2 aminoisoheptane: 175mg
-It is otherwise known as DMHA, an exotic stimulant similar to DMAA and which we are starting to see disappear from most supplements due to controversial use. It is a very effective stimulant and is often associate with the sense of Euphoria. Many other supplements using DMHA hover around the 200mg mark which seems to be an effective dose.

-caffeine citrate: 100mg
-This is the second form of caffeine in here. with a third to follow. It is a combination of caffeine anhydrous, citric acid monohydrate, and sodium citrate dehydrate. It raises caffeine blood levels faster than any other form. It provides 50% of caffeine yield, so 100mg would yield 50mg of active caffeine.

-DiCaffeine Malate: 75mg
-This is the third form of caffeine found in here and it totals 550 mg of caffeine with a yield of 475mg according to Labtech. This is quite a bit of caffeine and should really by considered before taking any where near a full scoop.

-synephrine hydrochloride: 50mg
It is often used in weight lose product because it increases thermogenesis and is used as a replacement to the banned ephedrine. It is a stimulant and will increase heart rate so one should be careful when taking it with caffeine.

-yohimbe HCL: 20mg
-yohimbe's epinephrine & adrenaline support could help to add intensity to physical strength & performance, enabling extra reps during training. It is another stimulant, which some people have difficulty taking. It will increase hear rate as well, so one should exercise caution and start with a small dose.

-huperzine-A: 50mcg
-It enhances cognition and improves muscle strength. This nootropic easily crosses the blood and brain barrier, making it a good choice here. It is used as a memory enhancer and often taken by those studying for a test. It is often used anywhere from 50 to 200mcg.

-Taurine: 1000mg
-Can help increase focus, increase muscular strength, increase muscle endurance, optimize cellular hydration and reduce muscle breakdown.

-citicoline: 300mg
-It is the most potent form of choline, therefore requires the lowest dosage. It is used to increase neural concentration, helping with focus during training.

-L-dopa: 250mg
-also known as mcucuna pruriens, it it used to promote brain health, mood, and cognition. Dosing is anywhere from 250mg to 500mg.

-Hordenine HCL: 50mg
-Provides a natural energy with a sharp mental focus. Works well with caffeine and provides a strong mood enhancing component. Up to 75mg is usually recommended.

-Noopept: 30mg
-It is a nootropic that influences cognitive functions, including focus and memory. Adequate dosing should be somewhere between 15 and 20mg.


Taste: The flavor I tried was apple. It was a pretty good flavor. I often found myself taking less than the recommended dosage so I had to use considerably less water or the flavor was very diluted. Having said that, following 1 full scoop and the recommended 4-6oz of water, it was quite enjoyable. 8/10

Mixability: It mixed pretty good in the recommended liquid. I never had any issue with graininess or foaming. It dissolved pretty good with a couple of shakes, and stayed that way. I usually drink my pre workout pretty fast, so I can't comment on what would happen after an extended period of time, say 20 plus minutes.

Dosing: Usually I would say that the effectiveness part of my reviews are the most important, but for Biometric Shock, this is by far the most important as a wrong dosage will not only set you up for a bad workout, but also a bad day. Labtech recommends that you assess your tolerance by starting with 1/4 scoop 20 minutes before training and having has 30-50g of slow digesting carbs 40 minutes before that. A full scoop of this stuff contains 475mg of caffeine. Thats a lot. I knew that going in, but I am also very used to high amounts of caffeine and I am pretty tolerant to it. Therefore, I decided to start with 1/2 scoop and even debated a full scoop as I usually jump right in. I have to say that that was a huge mistake. I'm not sure if it was the total caffeine, the yohimbe, or both combined, but I was nauseous all day. I'm talking like 16 hours of fighting the urge to vomit. I even felt nauseous the next time, when I only used 1/4 scoop. This is not common for me. That along with extreme jitters make this one pretty dangerous. I highly recommend starting with the 1/4 scoop.
Each scoop held the mentioned 10grams for 30 servings in the container. After factoring in the 1/4 and 1/2 scoops, I'd say that 30 servings is pretty accurate.


Labtech promises Energy, focus, mood and motivation. I have to say, that based on the above, the energy is very apparent, even at the 1/4 scoop mark. I never did reach a full scoop out of fear of nausea. In fact, every time I took this pre workout, I did not feel right. At a 1/4 scoop, I could manage but there was still some lingering sick feeling in the background.
Focus: I really can't say that I was ever really focussed. I think that the sickness and the jitters ruined this benefit for me. I usually could not wait to finish a set as I was shaking too much.

Mood and motivation: Again, I feel as though things would have been different if I had not experienced the negative side effects that I did. Needless to say, my mood was not very good, and my motivation was to finish my workout early. That was not good for me.

As for performance, there is quite a bit a beta alanine present in 1 full scoop. The problem is that if you take 1/4 to 1/2 scoop every time, your dose of beta alanine is significantly lowered, making it so that you do not get the wanted effects of a full scoop.

On a side note, I know some people may be thinking that my side effects came from the yohimbe. The problem though is that I have taken yohimbe many times before, in all of its forms, as a stand alone and in combinations. I have never experienced anything like this before.

I really hate to give a negative mark on a supplements that contains many quality ingredients at disclosed dosages, but for me, this simply was not good for my body. This effectiveness rating is 100% my personal experience and someone else may rate it a 10, but for me, its a 5/10. I rate it a 5 simply do to the fact that I did get good energy out of a 1/4 serving.


At the time of writing this review, I could find the product at a couple of online retailers, but not many and they all list it at $44.99. That his pretty expensive, but based on 30 servings and the quality of ingredients, I'd say that it is priced right around where it should be, and I would have no problem paying that price for something with this label (that is of course if it did not make me sick). 8/10

Side Effects

As listed above;
-extreme jitters with 1/2 serving and higher
-racing heart
-long lasting nausea

Be careful with how you dose this one.


Overall, I am conflicted about this one. I know that based on the label, that this is a good product. I like the ingredients and their dosages. The fact of there matter is that it simply did not agree with me at any dosage. I really wish that it did and I hope that it does for others. I think that I'll chalk this one up to "not for me" 5/10 (for me personally).

Really be careful with this one. I'd also like to know if anyone experienced what I did or if it was just me and my body disagreeing.

As for my recommendation of YES, I can't not recommend this product as I believe that it could be a good one for others, and I truly hope that it is. It simply has too many good ingredients to not recommend. Who knows, everyone is different.


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