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HumanoGrowth is a Natural Testosterone Booster manufactured by Labrada. It helps optimize your natural testosterone levels, which helps encourage muscle growth and fat loss.


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The supplement industry is notorious for misleading marketing and misinformation.
Rep: +20
Trust: 37%
  December 25, 2011

Well I must say, dont know if HumanoGrowth is a stellar product or not. This was honestly the first Test Booster I have used, (about to start a cycle of pink magic soon) and although I did not notice any significant gains anywhere, there were small improvements that were decently acceptable.

To start off the most noticeable thing was definitely the sleep, as lots of people have mentioned of course. The sleep was nuts, so deep, so sound and I felt amazingly refreshing. Thanks to my sleep being so sound, I felt that my recovery time had slightly decreased. Unfortunately, this only lasted a week and a half as my body adjusted to it.

Secondly, I did notice a little more solidarity in my muscles, more specifically in my biceps and pectorals. Basically they felt more firm.

As far as my "testosterone" being boosted, I didn't feel much. My mood was relatively the same throughout the entire cycle.

I would not recommend this product to anyone, which is unfortunate because I happen to be a huge fan of Labrada Nutrition. I just feel as if this was a pretty big miss for these guys.
  • Deep Sleep
  • Not Effective


  • slysteps
    Rep: +328
    Trust: 100%
    December 25, 2011

    test boosters are going to do alot less or at least have a significantly smaller chance of doing anything for you while you're still in your teens and lower 20s. Because your natural test levels are at their peeks. I say save your money bro

    Rep: 0
    Trust: 0%
    December 25, 2011

    C'mon dude, ur 18, no need for testboosters at ur age,wait til ur 30. u will feel the dafference.

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