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Hica Max is an Amino Acid Product manufactured by Labrada. It is an amino acid based product that doesn't fall directly into the other categories. The use can vary depending on the specific product.

See all 21 products in:
Amino Acids > Other Amino Acids


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The supplement industry is notorious for misleading marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +4
Trust: 0%
  July 11, 2013

Was recommended by the POPEYE's guys where i buy other stuff. It was on a special sale price

After reading a few comments on various sites, I think my experience should be shared here

This is my first real muscle product other than veggie protein powders and usual vitamins plus a little ginseng

As I read some comments, the results are subtle but too good to be true. I do twice a week workouts: 15 minutes cardio warm up and 1 full hour of total body workout - 22 exercises 15 reps each. I am really 71 years old and my profile pic is at 70, been in the gym only 15 years following some bad bone breaks

I did not really expect much from this BUT within 10 days I was doing 5% to 10 % better and using a reduced dose of only one tablet in the morning. IN addition I now wake up more refreshed, digestion seems to have improved. more energy

My girl friend - of 65 - started from my stock and feels after 10 days life seems better. Her son 35 also uses now and finds he wakes up more refreshed

I still do not believe this stuff has had such an effect so quickly - BUT - the results are there. Any day I expect a big crash, but after 2 months of just one a day it feels too good to be true. Maybe this stuff has a different impact in low doses on older people or there is something else in the product. I hope not

My experience is so good that I just had to share it with anyone interested
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
  • Helps Recovery
  • Taste Great.
  • Pricey
Rep: +103
Trust: 10%
  February 24, 2012

It's time for me to review another supplement and today I am going to examine HICA-MAX by Labrada.

HICA_MAX is sold as a "Muscle Growth Stimulator". It is a fruity flavored chewable Leucic Acid (a-hydroxy-isocaproic acid). 1 tablet contains 500 mg of the acid and it is dosed at three tablets per day. HICA-MAX contains 1.5 grams of Xylitol (a sugar alcohol) that also gives it 1.5 gms of total carbs per tablet.
Here is what HICA-MAX proports:
HICA-MAXâ„¢ is a powerful non-hormonal, natural stimulator of ­muscle growth. HICA-MAXâ„¢ chewables contain 100% pharmaceutical grade leucic acid, also known as alpha-hydroxy-isocaproic acid (HICA), a natural metabolite of the branched chain amino acid, leucine. HICA-MAXâ„¢ works by increasing protein synthesis (anabolism), and decreasing muscle protein breakdown (catabolism.) Its mechanism of action has been suggested as an independent mTOR signal transducer, which is a "cell-signaler" for muscle protein synthesis. Leucic acid also interrupts muscle protein breakdown by activating nuclear factor kappa B and inhibiting caspase-8. It may also activate IGF-1, a growth factor that helps age-related decreases in your body's growth hormone output. As a hard training athlete, HICA-MAXâ„¢ can help you: * Create explosive gains in muscle and strength faster than ever before, without the negative side effects of non FDA approved supplements or non FDA approved supplement. * Rapidly accelerate recovery from workouts, so you can train more often. * Reduce DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) allowing you to train harder.1 Unlike non FDA approved supplement or hypertrophic non FDA approved supplements, HICA-MAX? activates ­hypertrophic and anti-catabolic pathways without directly affecting your body's hormonal balance. HICA-MAX? gives you maximum muscle growth without negative side effects! You don't have to cycle off HICA-MAX?. Just three HICA-MAXâ„¢ tablets is an efficacious daily dose of what may be the most powerful non-non FDA approved supplemental muscle growth stimulator in existence! HICA-MAX? comes in 4 delicious, sugar-free flavors. HICA-MAXâ„¢ offers the most cost-effective solution to accelerating muscle growth gains in the gym while also reducing muscle soreness from super-charged workouts!

I am going to rate this supplement four ways:

Taste: 8/10. I loved the taste of these tablets which is good because it allowed me to double and triple dose them in hopes of seeing some results. They taste like off brand sweet tarts of sorts.

Dose: 8/10 again because, if indeed three tablets affect you, they are easy to take and do not require water to wash them down so dosing is easy and convenient.

Effectiveness: 4/10. I tried three after leg day to run them through the paces - no impact. I tried five the next day for triceps day - no effects. I tried every way I could to see if there was any lack of DOMS or soreness and there wasn't. I tried to gauge or note an increase in muscle mass, strength, or anything that I could remotely attribute to HICA-MAX and I denoted absolutely noting. I am being generous with a 4/10 rating because perhaps I overlooked some obscure benefit and I REALLY want it to work.

Value: 4/10. I got these on a buy one get one free so I have another complete, unopened canister (they are about the size and shaped of a PWO canister like Jack3d) that I will 'enjoy' PCT as a snack.... seriously. Heck, maybe they will work... but I digress. I am only assigning a value to these in hopes that I didn't pay $20 for some slightly awkward (but good) sweet tart like chewable. I wish I could say these work and have some value but honestly I did not notice any impact whatsoever on my health, workouts, well being, or condition whatsoever.

In summary, I was actually quite excited to try this product and was hopeful that I would see some benefit from it because they are a good tasting and easy to enjoy supplement; however, the reality is that I saw no benefit at all from taking single, double, even triple doses of this product. I take a very well balanced and plentiful supply of amino acids and perhaps the HICA-MAX was lost in the mix but I would have to say to keep your hard earned money in your pocket on this supplement and buy some D-Pol and L-Glutamine for a little muscle help and some soreness relief.

Better yet, buy some Epsom salt and some chicken breasts.
  • Taste Great.
  • Less Filling.
Rep: +3
Trust: 0%
  September 22, 2011

First off Im not a huge fan of Labrada Nutrition. Ive used a few of there products, and although theyve worked well the reps of the company are DBags. So ive never been a big fan, but im in the supplement industry and wanted to try the HICA. Ive used dozens of products over the years from protein to prohormones and steroids Now ill honestly say that the best non hormonal product ive ever used was MT Leukic. Now although I had awesome results with it (ive used the Original and Hardcore version, not the new Pro Series) with a bottle retailing at $70 & only lasting 15 days at maximum dose it was never very cost efficient, because yes MuscleTech is over priced and makes outrageous label claims, non the less Leukic was great for building muscle and helped me stay lean. So when I first read about Hica Max I was very interested due to the similarity they seem to share. Now ive read reviews saying you will get the same results with free form leucine or BCAA and I totally disagree. I would take 5 chewable tablets ( the taste is pretty bad, leaves the same after taste as most BCAA drinks) after my workout or in the morning on non workout days. Within a week a noticed a much fuller apperance and reduced DOMS. I also notice that im more anabolic around the clock and burn fat and recover much easier. I do believe the hica is one of the best natural products ive used and its fairly cost effective. I will say the results were better than taking upwards to 20G of free for leucine a day, but not as good as taking the 2 servings of Leukic a day(12 pills), but it doesnt really matter seeing as that version is discontinued. But in retrospect that is comparing 2.5G of HICA vs 15G of KICA. So I might try 2 serving a day if I can get through chewing 10 of these tablets a day. Overall though it is a very good product, especially if your wanting to cut back (not eliminate) on pfotein shakes without losing size and still make gains. 9/10. & I read that its best in chewable but I dont see the difference it would make being in a powder or capsule. Id much prefer the powder capsuled so you dont need to take in the carbs and spend time chewing them. I would also like if it was more clear about guidelines to not taking it with other protein or Aminos, when to take it, whether to take all at once or through out the day, and if its ok to take more than one serving dailys.
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
  • Smells Great
  • Have Good Flavor Like Shocktart But Cant Cover Up Taste Of Aminos.
  • Bad Taste

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