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Health & Wellbeing > Essential Fatty Acids

EFA Lean Gold is an Essential Fatty Acid manufactured by Labrada. It contains fats that must be obtained through diet. They serve a wide array of critical roles including cardiovascular, mental and joint health.

See all 14 products in:
Health & Wellbeing > Essential Fatty Acids


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The supplement industry is notorious for misleading marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +275
Trust: 10%
  July 25, 2011

I hesitated at first to rate this product so highly, but it deserves it.

Price: 11/10. First off, I got a 180ct bottle of this stuff for 20 bucks. At 3 pills a serving, that's 66 cents a serving. Phenominal.

Taste/smell: 8/10. I wouldn't recommend smelling them. There was no taste, and the pills were coated, not too big, and easy enough to swallow. No fishy burp, but I took them before bed, so I still wouldn't recommend them on an empty stomach.

Effectiveness: 9/10. It's kind of hard to gauge the effectiveness of a product like this, but I would occasionally experience joint discomfort, and through two bottle of this product, that never happened. Also, my hair and skin have become more oily, but in a good way. Not oily-gross, and I had no increase in acne, but my hair feels healthier, and my skin is less dry than usual.

Ingredient profile: 11/10. Very impressive, Omega 3, 6, and 9, CLA, and assorted healthy fats from safflower, sunflower, etc oils. This is as good of a fat blend as I've seen anywhere else. Only possible negative is that the unsaturated (healthy) fats are lumped together in a prop blend, but that's a tiny issue.

Overall: 9/10. A good price and a great ingredient profile make this a sure choice if you are looking for a Fish Oil/fatty acid. I've tried other Fish Oils, and will continue to use this one, and if you don't have a Fish Oil/fatty acid supplement yet, and you can find this one, I highly recommend getting it.

But dear god just don't smell the bottle.
  • Good Value
  • Supadupacheap
  • Great Ingedient Blend
  • Effective
  • Don't Smell The Bottle. Just Don't.
Rep: +31
Trust: 45%
  January 11, 2010

I have always had a few joint issues that, although minor for the most part, are still annoying and seem never ending. My right wrist, left elbow, left hip joint and left A/C joint have always given me issues. Never constant, but the discomfort comes and goes every so often for years. A few months ago, I got a bottle of EFA Lean Gold from my supplier for about $20, and I am very pleased. I feel a lot less discomfort in my joints in general, and I also think it has a very slight impact on leanness, which I certainly like. The recommended dose of 3 caps in the AM and 3 more later in the day might seem a bit much to some, but I really don't care at all about how many pills I have to take (hooray Animal Pak!). I also have knocked the dose down for myself to 4 or 5 caps a day instead of 6, just because the bottle lasts longer that way and I also take CLA on the reg. so I figure it evens out a bit. A solid EFA blend for sure.
  • Good Value
  • Helps Ease Joint Discomfort

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