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This product has been reported as discontinued.


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Trenadrol is a Prohormone manufactured by KiloSports. It is a synthetic version of hormones or hormone precursors that increase muscle strength, size and stamina, and can additionally aid in fat loss.

This product has been reported as discontinued.

See all 30 products in:
Growth Enhancers > Prohormones


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The supplement industry is notorious for agressive marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +25
Trust: 25%
  January 6, 2011

Trenadrol has been my favorite of all the ph's I've tried. I have taken it twice and just came off a cycle in April. Sad that the govt has taken it away from us and now you have to sell your Corvette to afford it lol. I would give this an overall score of 9, but the ph ban has caused the price to increase puttuing a damper on those of us on a budget. This stuff works if you're prepared to handle it. What I mean is that you need to have a proper PCT on hand and a good diet setup. I would not recommend this to everybody. It's hard to put an age limit on a ph because everybody reacts differently, but 21 seems to be the base. If I had to do it again, I would wait longer amd not have taken it the 1st time at 22, but my excitement overcame my intelligence lol.
I ran each cycle the same. Weeks 1&2 at 2caps and weeks 3&4 at 3 caps. I spaced each cap out evenly throughout the day making sure I took atleast 1 at bedtime. Everyone does it differently, but I had good results from this. Strength began to increase on the 2nd week and my size was definaly noticable. Final 2 weeks were great giving me both noticable results in strength, size, and mind power. My sex Drive suffered slighty and I gained some aggression, but this was all anticipated. I ran SuperPump, Beta-Alanine, Xtend, Cycle Assist, and Macha along with it. My bench went from 6 reps of 245 to 6 reps of roughly 260. Squats, deadlift, and shoulder press had similar results of 15 pound increases. The scale showed 207 at the beginning of the cycle and 214 at the end with a bf% at 11. I wish I would have measure my chest, arms, and legs before and after the cycle, but I'm an idiot. You will need bigger shirts once you're off and possibly looser jeans lol. I broke down some things to consider:

1) PCT IS needed CONSISTING of, but definatley not limited to Nolva(Tamoxifen). No, Nolvadex XT will not work. Trenadrol is potent stuff and you need your body to heal properly. I ran Nolva and 2 OTC supps(Activate Xtreme and Post Cycle Therapy) for both cycles. I could've done better on my PCT, so do research! Those worked well for me.
2) Preload good liver and blood pressure supps a couple weeks in advance. I ran Milk Thistle and Hawthornberry at a gram a day and then used Cycle Assist and Macha while on cycle. Also good to continue to use Milk Thistle and Hawthornberry for several weeks after.
3) CLEAN diet! You want to be solid and not squishy? Then protein protein protein and COMPLEX carbs like veggies, fruits, and whole grains. Simple carbs like sugars and crap will get you nowehere. Chicken, lean meats, and my personal favorite, tilapia are essential for proper protein consumption.
4) I don't care what you're doing: bulking up, leaning out, losing weight, whatever. You have to have a good protein supp. I drank a shake of 25g each 3 times a day. Optinum Nutrition makes a really good protein mix consisting of all the amino acids you Need To Build Muscle. Always use protein while on AND off cycles of anything.
  • Builds Muscle
  • People Will Ask You What You Are On
  • Feel Like A Beast In The Gym
  • Takes You To Super Saiyan
  • Strength Increases
  • Low Sex Drive
  • Temper Increase
  • Expensive
  • Hard To Find
Rep: +6
Trust: 0%
  December 27, 2010

Just finished a full bottle over about 6 weeks. I was on Hawthorn Berry and Milk Thistle the entire time. Here are my results:

I'm 5'9"
Starting weight 169lbs
Ending weight 183lbs
My chest grew about an inch
My biceps about a quarter inch
My quads grew about an inch
Most of my growth seems to be in my back and glutes.

I didn't have the cleanest diet because of the holidays but it was mostly pretty good. I did gain some fat in my stomach but it was worth the overall gains and not like a gut or anything.

I experienced no side effects other than an occasional back pump that I noticed others have mentioned as well Usually during leg days but not back days...go figure. No sex Drive loss, no zits other than what I normally might get, no mood changes, no joint problems etc.

From what I've been able to tell from these reviews. If you're under 30 there's a good chance you will experience the side effects. My guess is that you younger guys already produce a ton of testosterone and your bodies can't handle the extra and convert it in to estrogen. I'm not a pro but if you are under 30 I would recommend having an estrogen blocker on hand or just taking one Trenadrol per day instead of 2.

Here is my rationale for rating this the way that I did.

Overall - It did what the bottle said so how can I not rate it a 10?

Effectiveness: I gained 13lbs in a little over a month of what seems to be mostly muscle. Again it did what it said. So 10.

Value: I paid $100 for it from a person on eBay. I paid that money for something I had not tried and took a risk. I got the results that I paid for so the value was a 10. Was it expensive? Sure but so is every other supplement. But what's more expensive in the long run a $50 sup that does not work or a $100 one that does?

I am currently on a PCT and may add to this review in a few weeks after I see how much of my gains I keep.

Happy lifting!
  • Builds Muscle
  • Fat Gain
Rep: +38
Trust: 74%
  September 25, 2010

No exaggeration, this was the best muscle building supp I have ever taken.

ran this one about 2 years ago all by it's self. this is what I do to see if the supp works on its own. 2 pills a day for 4 weeks was all I needed, when I went to 3 pills a day I got dizzy and had some nasty head aches; BP was out off control. 2 pills was perfect.
MY body weight went from 170lbs to 200lbs in 4 weeks.
dumbbell incline press 100lbs for 5-6 reps to 120lbs for 8-10 reps.
dramatic change in physique.
Sides: elevated BP, and sex Drive falls off the face of the earth.
Why did they have to take wonderful supps like this away from us; with out good supps on the mkt more and more young men will turn down the dark path of illegal drug use.
  • Builds Muscle
  • People Will Ask You What You Are On
  • Feel Like A Beast In The Gym
  • This Ain't Your Daddys Oldsmobile
  • Low Sex Drive
  • High Blood Pressure
Rep: +24
Trust: 16%
  March 25, 2010

Starting weight 180 - ending weight 187 - weight post PCT - 180.
Day 1-2 / 30mg, Day 3-4 / 60mg, Day 5-21 / 90mg, Day 22-23 / 60 mg, Day 24-25 / 30mg.

Started feeling an impact on about day 5. Muscles felt fuller and workouts were easier. By day 10, increasing weight on nearly every exercise. Day 20 pace of strength gains increases and shirts begin getting noticeably tighter while waist size was maintained. I actually lost a notch on my belt, but was also taking OxyElite Pro as well so it could be attributed to that. Looked noticeably leaner and more defined throughout upper body as well. Day 25, wished I had gotten a second bottle so I could have done this for 6 weeks total.

Throughout the cycle I experienced minimal effects. My libido actually increased and morning wood became a daily issue. It this issue continued throughout the day at random times on days 15-30. Began having mild joint pain and dryness at about day 15 but began supplemented with glucosamine and the issue went away that day. On days I didn't take the glucosamine, the issue would creep back up. On cycle therapy consisted of Competitive Edge Labs Cycle Assist as well as additional Saw Palmetto. PCT was I FORCE Reversitol which I swear actually resulted in additional leanness and strength gains in week 2-4. (will be separate review)

The only other experiences that top this for me was real gear or M1T. I will definitely do this again and will need to remind myself to not push the issue and stop and cycle off after 4-6 weeks. Value was only an 8 as it seems since this is in rare supply and the price seems to be getting jacked up after the new laws passed. Thanks Washington!

  • Best Stuff You Can Get Legally
  • Builds Muscle
  • People Will Ask You What You Are On
  • Feel Like A Beast In The Gym
  • People Will Ask What You Are On.
Rep: 0
Trust: 0%
  January 8, 2010

Yes Trenadrol is strong, but you better pre load some Hawthorn berry 2 weeks before cycle for blood pressure. You will need high doses of milk Thistle before and after cycle along with a good PCT. Strength gains are awesome on Trenadrol but the fat gains will come as well, you will be hungry like a Wolf on this stuff. You will build both Muscle gain fat on Trenadrol period. You rep range won't go up much, I notice my low rep strength being insane but rep/muscle endurance sucked on this stuff.. In otherwards I have used better pro hormones than Trenadrol overall. If looking good is important to you Trenadrol might not be the way to go, it will bulk you up yes but as soon as you come off cycle you will shrink up and you will still be fat. Better product I have used is Methyl XT by EST. I reviewed it on this site and it's alot better than Trenadrol. My strength gains were as good on Methyl XT and my rep/endurance was high it leaned me out while building muscle and I looked much better and kept alot of my gains. Look elsewhere if you want a good pro hormone Trenadrol didn't make me a believer
  • Builds Muscle
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Fat Gain

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