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Brute BCAA Reviews

By: Killer Labz

  October 18, 2018

  • Keeps Hunger Away
  • Improved Recovery
  • It HAD A Nice Label
  • Not Effective
  • Prop Blend
  • Too Expensive


Hey fam, back again with a review on killer labz brute bcaa which caught my eye as they included a few muscle building compounds. I always stick to the basics and bcaas/amino acids are part of the equation here! I am not gonna drag on but keep this really simple.

Ingredient Profile

Serving Size: 1 scoop(7.5g)
Servings per container: 60

Proprietary blend
BCAA - Recovery complex
Micronized L-leucine, L-isoleucine & L-valine
Anabolic- protein synthesis complex
Black pepper extract (95% pipeline)

I got nothing to say here but I decided to give this a go due to the simple fact that I will anything a chance... the idea and the thought is cool. But this isn't really even a bcaa but rather a amino acid product - so brute aminos would have been better lol. I really hate the fact that prop blends are still being used and with that being said cheapies are in there as well (glutamine and taurine) so what are you really getting? What dosages? It's wishful thinking to hope "okay this micronized leucine, isoleucine and valine is the top ingredients so it's gonna be the highest dosage ingredients here" but how do you know that it's not taurine and glutamine at the top per serving? You don't simply. This blend again has potential but no in a prop blend especially when you boast supposedly great natty muscle builders such as Epicatechin and
Laxogenin but with no clue at their dosage is it even worth it? Well I guess I found this out myself lol.


Cotton candy
I opted for cotton candy since I am a sweet tooth at heart, a lot of brands offer this flavor now compared to previous years.

The taste isn't bad at all, it's more of a strong cotton candy taste than sweet and sugar. I would prefer a sweeter twist but it's not a bad attempt being it has those muscle builders, but the grains at the end are bitter which overall doesn't do anything but drop the taste rating.


I was pretty much impressed with the ease of mixing apart from the frothiness that I experienced. It can be mixed with a teaspoon but I preferred it in a shaker bottle - it is slightly gritty as mentioned above.


I always do my own thang when it comes to amino acids/bcaas - I sometimes using it when I'm fasting in the am or more than not post workout. I generally used 2 scoops to try and get the most out of the product. Normally with 12-16oz of water I'd sip n sip...



Using this the way I did and with the full dosage I was able to assess that recovery in general was better. DOMS were reduced not drastically but compared to nothing at all - it was better than average this was especially apparent when hitting my weakness like chest and shoulders. I could say it could have been better of course but overall good.

Lean muscle mass
I was really disappointed with this aspect. I hardly noticed any change. It's very hard to judge a product when your diet is good and your using other supplements. But adding this I noticed very little, I would say maybe a bit more size in my shoulders and chest in the month of usage but no where near what the claims are nor what I expected. Not only that but my strength stayed the same as well

Appetite suppression
It worked really well when I would fast in the am. I didn't know it would work this well being that the whole goal of this product is to build muscle and improve recovery. I would actually fast an hour or 2 longer than I initially planned which was great. No doubt if your into cbl,IF, keto etc this would be great.

As you can tell I am really not too impressed by the effectiveness, I felt like there was so much room for improvement.


At around $33 for a true 30 servings it's a bit pricey, but being that it wasn't what I expected it's just too much money for a prop blend that's mediocre at best. This lasts around a month if you use 2 scoops per day but it felt like a long month if you know what I mean... But for real I'd love to have that full transparency where the customer knows exactly what's what. I feel no price can really justify a prop blend.

Side Effects




A very very mediocre product, I was expecting a whole lot more but unfortunately I was bitterly let down. I would like to point out the intent and the effort to make an amino acid supplement more anabolic is definitely welcome but not in a prop blend blend, that's like taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back no body gets far like that (that is a song,lmao) but no this one for me is a better recovery product than a muscle building recovery product as marketed. It's a far cry to what can and should be done, This is just a brual mediocre product I am afraid to say.



  • shae2311
    Rep: +1,323
    October 19, 2018

    Yeh, if they dosed those ingredients clinically this would be solid.

    Rep: +820
    October 20, 2018

    Definitely I am actually a fan of killer labz but this is a missed opportunity especially being a prop blend

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