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Kasein Reviews

By: Kaged Muscle


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Kasein is a Casein Protein Powder manufactured by Kaged Muscle. It utilizes the slowest digesting form of protein. Often used for a time released version of protein, it will help increase muscle recovery and strength.
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  July 19, 2017

  • 100% Micellar Casein
  • Taste Good
  • Good Profile
  • Good Ingredients
  • Bit Pricey


Kaged Muscle has become one of my favorite brands and I have consistently found myself purchasing their supplements over the past year or so.

Ingredient Profile

This was not the best ingredient profile I have seen, but that did not bother me too much. If you are that strict with your calories, it could be an issue, but I do not think most people will mind the extra 30 calories or so in here opposed to other proteins. In each serving, there is 150 calories, 2.5 g of fat (coconut oil included in the ingredients), 7 g of carbs (1 g fiber, 2 g sugar), and 25 g of cold-processed micellar casein isolate protein which is the highest-quality casein protein available. Kris Gethin states that he includes coconut oil powder in the ingredients because it further slows down the digestion of the protein. This powder is predominately sweetened with Stevia which is a plus for me, although there is a little bit of Sucralose. Always a plus when a supplement uses mostly natural ingredients for me that stay away from artificial flavors, colors, and a lot of sweeteners. I am not a fan of the carrageenan because it is a questionable additive in foods.


Taste 10/10: This tasted great in water and almond milk. Definitely one of the best proteins I have tried to date, especially it being an isolate. Would 100% recommend this flavor and would be interested in trying the vanilla in the future.

Mixability 8/10: This one was a bit hard to rate. Initially, the powder is very tough to mix. I guess the coconut oil powder makes it a bit tougher to mix in at first. The powder stays suspended on the liquid and you have to really give it a few shakes. However, after shaking it, it was the best mixing casein I have tried. There were no clumps and it did not have that gritty texture that you find with a lot of other casein powders.

Dosing 10/10: One scoop right before bed was how I dosed it.


I have incorporated casein proteins back into my supplements after not using them for a few years. I never really thought they made that much of a difference and were always out of my price range when I was younger. Now that I make a bit more money and more reputable companies are putting out high-quality caseins on the market, I have tried a couple different casein proteins the past few months. Kasein kept me full throughout the night and was like a dessert right before bed. It was always enjoyable to consume and it was a nice way to get an extra 25 g of protein in my diet. It never gave me any issues during the night as long as I did not use too much liquid.


$55 seems to be the going rate for this; just remember that it only comes in a four pound jug for whatever reason and that you get about 46 scoops a container. That comes out to be about $1.20 per serving before shipping. Not the worst value for this quality, but NutraBio has a comparable protein for cheaper. I got Kasein with a coupon or something a couple months ago on Suppz I believe.

Side Effects

None. Just be sure not to use too much liquid before bed otherwise you will have to use the bathroom during the night.


Definitely recommend this powder if you have the extra funds to buy it. I would definitely buy this again in the future and would recommend it to anyone wanting to purchase a casein protein. Try to find this when you have a coupon ready or look for any other Kaged's promotions.
  • Chocolate: 10/10

  December 21, 2016

  • Taste Good
  • 100% Micellar Casein
  • Versatile
  • Good Recovery
  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
    First I want to thank Kaged Muscle for letting me try their new Kasein protein. I have used a few of their products and have really liked them a lot. Kaged Muscle has become a company I have really started to like a lot with the products they have. When I heard they were coming out with a Kasein protein I knew I had to give this a try. From what I had been hearing about this product it sounded like it was going to be a pretty good product and it for sure did not disappoint at all.

    For those of you that don't know this Kasein protein is a slow digesting type protein that usually takes up to 7 hours to fully digest. It's nice there are no prop blends in this and everything is listed. I like that this is mircopure meaning it is third party tested for purity and potency. This is a cold pressed micellar casein isolate that is carefully manufactured from hormone and antibiotic free milk by an innovative microfiltration process. It does have a decent amount of proteins at 25g. I like that it is low in fat and carbs.
    Here are some of the key benefits they list on the label which I really like about this.
    100% Micellar Casein Isolate
    Lactose <1 gram per serving
    Banned Substance Free
    NO SOY Lecithin
    Tastes Amazing
    No Artificial Flavors
    Gluten Free
    NO Artificial Colors
    3rd Party Tested
    Sustained Release 7hr
    Overall a pretty well round ingredient profile.

    Pretty much standard price I am seeing this for is $54.99. This comes in one size tub 4lb and you get 46 servings. For a casein protein I think this is maybe just a little on the high side. This comes out to about $1.19 per serving. I know casein protein is usually a little more expensive in general than regular protein.

    This comes in two flavors vanilla and chocolate. I was sent the chocolate flavor. WOW this stuff tasted really good. A lot of the time when you drink casein it has a real sandy/gritty texture to it. I was really surprised this was really smooth tasting and it did not have that sandy/gritty texture to it at all. This has that really good smooth milkshake taste to it and is naturally flavored. This tasted really good in both water or milk. Very impressed how they were able to get rid of that sandy/gritty taste.

    Usually when I have used casein protein in the past I have issues with it not mixing up very well. With this I was really surprised how well it mixed. This has to be the best mixing casein I have ever used. Had no issues at all with it mixing and never had any left over powder stuck to the bottom of my shaker cup like I have had with other casein products. It seemed like as soon as I started to shake this up it dissolved right away in water. This I would mainly take at night before bed. 1 scoop is all you need. There were a few times when I was not able to take this at night because of eating a late super to close to bed time so instead I would wait till morning and take it right away before I headed to work.

    I use to never think that casein protein was that important to have until I started using it. When I heard Kaged Muscle was planning to release this I knew I had to give it a try. It had been awhile since I used a straight up casein protein for at night and felt it was time to do it again. I really like the idea of getting those proteins into your system at night and work in you while you sleep. With Casein being a slow digesting protein this is great to use at night. I would like to keep using casein protein more often but it can get rather pricey if your having to buy it all the time along with your other protein and supplements. If you can afford it then I would highly recommend using it all the time.

    I was dealing with some issues with some stress and not eating very well and my weight had gone down some which I was not to happy about since I am trying to bulk right now. I used this mainly at night for the extra recovery and hopefully help me build a little more muscle mass and keep my weight up since I was down a little. I feel this helped me at gaining some of that weight back and helped me maintain my body weight more and not lose any extra weight. I also felt like this helped me gain a little more lean muscle mass and helped me put on a little more size. My recovery from this always felt way better. I know this really helped cut down on any DOMs I might have especially after leg day. I would not be nearly as sore the next day and just felt better all around and had more energy in the morning. I noticed that every morning when I would wake up I always felt more full and not as hungry which was kind nice. This will for sure help you stay more full and not as hungry. I think this helped me at getting some better sleep at night because it made me feel better. This gave me no digestive or stomach issues at all which was nice. I never noticed any unwanted bloated feeling after using this for awhile which was nice. There were a few times I took this in the morning but only if I had not been able to take it the night before. When I would take this in the morning I felt it really helped me a lot. I felt I got a little more energy and helped me feel better and more full so I could make it till lunch time. I would say taking this at night is best but could be taken in the morning or any time during the day you know you won't be able to eat a regular meal for a long period of time. I think this did a really good job at helping to refuel and recharge my body. With how clean and natural this ingredient profile is and still be a very effective product really made me like this product even more. This pretty much did everything I look for in a casein protein. By no means does this casein protein disappoint at all.

    Side Effects:
    The only little issue I had is that when you take this before bed and then wake up in the morning you really have to use the bathroom badly.

    This I feel has to be one of the best casein proteins I have ever used. I was really happy with this and how effective it was for me. Usually casein protein is so hard to mix and has that real sandy/gritty texture to it but not with this product. You will get one of the most smooth tasting and best mixing casein you will fine. I also like that they stick with going more natural with this product. If you are looking for an effective and clean casein I would high recommend giving this a try. I would like to see the price on this drop a little but I am not going to let that bother me to much just because of how good of a product this really is. I know for sure I would be more than happy to give this another try and would like to try the vanilla next. Again thanks Kaged Muscle for making such a great casein protein and for letting me be able to try it.
    • Chocolate: 9/10

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