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Glutamine Powder Reviews

By: Kaged Muscle

Glutamine Powder is a Glutamine Supplement manufactured by Kaged Muscle. It contains glutamine which is the most abundant amino acid found in muscle tissue; It helps support lean muscle gain.
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  January 24, 2017

  • Good Recovery
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value


    The other day I posted a review for BCAAs and noticed a lot of controversy about glutamine being in the product as well. I was very surprised because I think glutamine is a great thing to add to any stack, so I wanted to share my experienced with this one that I recently tried and am very pleased with. Kaged Muscle was a brand name I hadn't used before, but they heavily marketed both the quality of this product as MicroPure Quality Guaranteed, and also guaranteed it to be free of banned substances with a gold standard seal from the banned substance control group. For anyone who's playing NCAA sports in divisions 1 or 2, this is a very important thing to account for. Supplements aren't tested by the FDA, and the only thing preventing companies from spiking their supplements with unlabeled ingredients that can make you fail a drug test is their reputation. Obviously the demand for banned substances would make some think that it would also be cost prohibitive to do so, but when you consider that a large Dunkin's coffee will put you over the legal limit for caffeine in a NCAA banned substance test, you'll realize how easy it can be to find yourself in violation or for a company to go overboard with seemingly benign ingredients

    Glutamine is a non-stimulant conditionally essential amino acid, meaning that our body doesn't necessarily need help producing it-- it will occur naturally. However, athletes and weight lifters who are constantly pushing their limits every day will find that glutamine stores are rapidly depleted and supplementing can be the difference between sustaining a high level of performance versus peaking.

    I'll go over a host of benefits in the effectiveness section, as well as what makes this product supposedly unique in the ingredients.

    Ingredient Profile

    Straight up glutamine-- 5g per scoop. But not just any glutamine, this stuff is fermented, supposedly making it more digestible and more biologically available for absorption. It is also derived from vegan sources. Apparently (according to their marketing) most glutamine is synthetic or derived from duck feathers and human hair... of course this is according to the manufacturer and I doubt any other manufacturer is going to advertise these places as the source of their product, so there's no way to really verify that.

    It also claims to be the only glutamine manufactured in the USA... if that's true then big props to Kaged Muscle for that.

    A couple things I find a little cheesy about the labeling/ingredients... first is that it's labeled gluten free. That should be obvious, but I guess that's kind of a trend now and might help them edge out a competitor that doesn't bother saying so. The other is that they mark the product as fermaceutical grade... which is trademarked... so... not really a thing.

    Either way... it's good glutamine-- wherever it's from.


    Impressively tasteless. I mixed it in some juice the first time and tasted nothing, so for my second dose I mixed it in water and still tasted *almost* nothing. Just a little chalkiness.

    The powder will dissolve eventually, but it's a whole lot easier to get it suspended in liquid and wash it back. However when I mix it in with an intraworkout drink it eventually stops settling.

    Dosing is suggested at 3x daily. That would be about 15g per day which is a lot of glutamine... 2x is probably fine for just about everyone, but it's not terribly expensive, so you might want to just follow the label.


    There are a host of things that glutamine should do, but Kaged Muscle doesn't advertise anything on the label of this product. I actually give them credit for this. Sometimes manufacturers make over the top claims and it's kind of embarrassing if they under deliver IMO.

    Label aside, glutamine should help the body burn fat more effectively, support the natural production of human growth hormone, and to repair muscles-- among a trove of other benefits that aren't pertinent to my needs and which I therefore can't attest to(including fighting cancer, apparently). I'd say this product has certainly helped diminish soreness when taken as directed on the label, but if it burns fat it does so discretely. My strength has steadily gone up and my body fat has gone down, but not in a way that is by any means abrupt. It simply gives you the ability to push yourself day in and day out, without running into days where you feel like you took a step back. If it were more expensive it might not be worth the investment, but this is one of the more premium options available and still really doesn't cost much.


    On Amazon, $20 for 100 servings-- or approximately $20/month. Not bad.

    Side Effects



    You're not going to have blatantly noticeable benefits like you would from a PWO, creatine, or test booster, but you'll start to realize the workouts you did a day or two prior that normally leave you with agonizing DOMS start to become easy. This allows you to continually push the threshold of what your capable of day to day. So, while the effectiveness might not seem as readily apparent or indispensable as other common staples of your stack, for someone looking to get an edge in every possible way this is a key ingredient.

      January 9, 2017

    • Better Immune Health
    • Good Recovery
    • Increased Energy
    • Builds Muscle
    • Good Value
      I want to start off by thanking Kaged Muscle again for letting me have the chance to give this product a try. Glutamine has become a product I have found to be a must have in my supplement stack. I think glutamine is a lot more important than most people realize and feel more people should be using this. If your a more serious type lifter like I am this is a really big life safer on your body. This was another product from Kaged Muscle I was not disappointed with at all and proved to me why I love this company so much.

      Nothing special here you get 5g of fermented glutamine. Here is why fermented glutamine is different than regular synthetic glutamine. Regular glutamine is made from shellfish, human hair and bird feathers which are not the cleanest form of glutamine. Fermented glutamine is the purest glutamine you can buy. It's all vegan, NON GMO, free from impurities, heavy metals, and hidden mirco toxins. I also like that there are no other ingredients added to this.

      I was sent the 60 serving container. They also make a 100 serving container. I was looking around to see what the 60 serving container was selling for and was able to find it on one site had it for $14.95 which I don't think is to bad for 60 servings. The 100 serving containers I was seeing go for around $20 give or take. For a few dollars more I would go with the 100 servings container instead.

      This only comes in unflavored powder. Really no taste to it. I would usually mix this with my protein or hydra-charge and never really noticed it at all which was nice. Usually when I mix some kind of unflavored powder I can still notice it some but not with this.

      Mixing was no issue at all. Mixed up right away. Dosing is pretty simple. I would usually take this in the morning with my hydra-charge and then take another scoop after my workout with my protein. A few times I would take this at night before bed for a little extra recovery with my Kasein protein.

      As of lately I have been really increasing my usage of glutamine a lot more. After doing some more research on what all the benefits are from this I have been starting to use it a lot more and will continue to keep using it. There are three main factors this helps with. This helps with muscles health, gastrointestinal health, and immune health. I found that in these three area this really helped me a lot. First off my muscles would usually feel a lot better when using this. I feel when using this my muscles seemed to recovery a lot faster and would feel a lot less soreness in this. I know my DOM'S were way less when I would take this. I know when I have not been on glutamine for awhile I can really notice a big difference once I start using it again. As soon as I started using this again I notice a little bit of an increase in my strength and was able to lift a little heavier and my workouts seem to go better. I felt I could go longer and push it a little harder which was nice to have happen. When using this it was nice to able to get some of those little strength gains and better overall feeling in my workouts.

      Second this helps with your gastrointestinal health. I have for awhile now been dealing with some issues with acid reflux, swallowing food, and some digestive issues with food. Since I starting taking this and using it a lot more I have noticed that a lot of the issues I was having with this has been a lot less lately. If you are someone that deals with acid reflux and having issues swallowing food at times you know this is not fun to deal with. I feel this really has helped me a bit with this issue and made it easier to swallow food and a lot less acid reflux problems. I still at times deal with this but it has seemed to be a lot less since I started taking this and feel this has helped me some with this issue. I had been noticing lately that my issues with this acid reflux stuff has been a lot less lately and since this is suppose to help with gastrointestinal health I feel this has been helping me with that a bit. I also feel that since this helps with GI issues that my trips to the bathroom has been a lot better. I feel that when I have bowl movements I seem to go a lot more because I am getting rid of more stuff which I think is good.

      Third this is suppose to help you with your immune system. Anything that can help with improving your immune is nice to have especially in the winter time. Since I started taking this I feel it has really helped my immune system a lot. A few weeks ago I was feeling like I was maybe starting to get a little bit of a cold wanting to set in. I upped my usage of this a bit and feel it really helped me at avoiding any kind of cold I might have gotten so far. I feel this has been a big life safer on me so far this winter at avoiding any kind of colds or from getting sick. I feel my immune system has been greatly improved from this. I was reading that when a person gets sick they can lose up to 58% plasma glutamine levels and these levels have shown to last up to three weeks. When this happens your muscle performance can really suffer from this and not perform at 100%.

      While taking this I felt a lot better overall and a little more healthy. I think this has really helped me a lot in all three of these area I talked about. I did notice as of lately I was starting to look a little more leaner and more muscular so I know this had to be helping some since that was one of the things this is suppose to help with. The reason I say that is because I was still keeping my same diet and not really changing anything up and noticed the difference and how I looked more leaner. I like that this is specially formulated for maximum absorption and bioavailability throughout your body. This means that scoop-for-scoop, more of the glutamine you consume will actually be processed and used by your body to help protect muscle and increase growth. I think by them doing that only helps make this that much better of a product.

      Side Effects:
      Nothing I noticed.

      This turned out for me to be another really solid product from Kaged Muscle. After doing my research on what fermented glutamine is it has really helped me in knowing that not all glutamine is the same which I thought it was. After finding this out I will be sticking with fermented glutamine from now on. In the three areas this is suppose to help you in I feel this really helped me a lot. If your someone that is not using glutamine I would highly recommend you start adding it. If you want a good effective glutamine that works I would recommend checking Kaged Muscle's glutamine. I know from now on I am going to try and keep this in my supplement stack. Again I want to give a big thank you to Kaged Muscle for letting me have the chance to try this.

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