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Lean PM Reviews

By: Jacked Factory

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Lean PM is a Stimulant Free Weight Loss Product manufactured by Jacked Factory. It can increase metabolic rate and fat loss without the use/inclusion of traditional stimulants.
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  November 19, 2018

  • Deep Sleep
  • No Sleep Hangover
  • Wake Up Energized
  • Expensive


Good sleep is important for everyone around the globe, but it becomes crucial when you have a very busy schedule and try to do lots of different things during the day. I've already consumed ordinary Melatonin spray from local pharmacy for several months, so finally decided to add some extra value to my supplements. After reading reviews of top five night time fat burners on, I decided to purchase Lean PM.

Ingredient Profile

Magnesium - 150 mg
EGCG - 300 mg (from Green Tea leaf extract)
L-Theanine - 200 mg
Melatonin - 5 mg
Bioperine - : 5 mg

Melatonin is sleeping hormone and most important ingredient for such supplements. Green Tea is well known for it's great antioxidant power, neutralizing free radicals and prevent body from getting harmed. L-Theanine is an amino acid, which can help with a variety of health concerns, such as anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, insomnia, and stress. Good levels of Vitamin B6 can help produce Serotonin, important chemical and neurotransmitter in the human body. It is believed to help regulate mood, appetite, digestion, sleep, memory and even sexual desire. Some studies report Insomnia is a common symptom of Magnesium deficiency and good levels of Magnesium can increase GABA. Bioperine is extracted from black pepper and has been used for many years to increase absorption of vitamins and nutrients.

Too much Melatonin can cause sleep hangover, so according to WebMD: "For sleeping problems in people with sleep-wake cycle disturbances 2-12 mg of Melatonin taken at bedtime for up to 4 weeks has been used", thus 5 mg is safe and effective dose. Daily dosage of L-Theanine is from 100 mg to 400 mg and 200 mg is also safe. Beware of other supplements that contain antioxidants, as too many of them can easily cause serious harm to your heart... The RDA for magnesium is 310-420 mg and those who follow healthy diet, already absorb it from different foods, so 150 mg is OK per serving. No relevant caution for 5 mg Bioperine. Thus, all ingredients have safe and efficient doses for everyone.


Lean PM is produced only with capsules and you have to drink only two veggie caps (1 Serving) 30-45 minutes before on an empty stomach. These pills don't have any taste or smell, making them very easy to swallow. I've been taking only standard dose for two months and never had a desire to increase dose.


I go to bad at 00:00 every day and wake up at 06:00. Usually for me 8-9 hours of sleep is enough to recover fully and wake up energized. After the first use of Lean PM I felt very well rested and recovered next morning, sleeping only 6 hours! Completely suitable for my schedule. Also, for some people (including me) it's difficult to eat breakfast, this can happen for number of reasons, but whenever I drink Lean PM I wake up hungry! This is the sign that my body has worked well during the night and now needs some fuel!
I did have a sleep hangover several times, but all of them happened when I had to work hard until 03:00 AM and slept 12 hours that day, so I can't say it was Lean PM's fault


On both Amazon and Lean PM costs $29.99, making it nearly $1 per serving. For me personally this price is absolutely acceptable, but Amazon's Choice Niteburn costs twice cheaper... I can't guarantee any results with Niteburn as appraisal of BPI Brand and especially Niteburn is relatively low on SR.

Side Effects

No side effects. Not even a sleep hangover.


If you are looking for product that can automatically burn fat while you sleep, then you still have to learn lots of things how fat burning is achieved. This isn't some kind of magic pill, this is great aid for people who restrict calories, eat healthy diet and exercise heavily. When you consume lean PM, your body burns more calories during sleep, helps you sleep deeper and recover fast. For me personally 6 hours of sleep with Lean PM is completely enough and I wake up 100% ready for new day!

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