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MNK (micro nutrient kick) Reviews

By: Its You Enterprises

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Its You Enterprises for sending it out!
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  June 25, 2018

    • Underdosed
    • Bad Taste

    MNK is an under-dosed multi-vitamin supplement that has some of the nutrients you'd want in a multi, but is by no means complete. The fact that I was not able to get any more information about It's You Enterprises than an under construction webpage, a dead facebook page and no communication from the rep on makes me nervous about this product and unable to recommend it. I couldn't find anyone who stocked MNK nor could I find a price.


    I picked up MNK through the TROOPS program so thanks for giving me the opportunity to log this product. I have for years put down Orange Triad from Controlled Labs as my top-tier multi. There have been a few others that have been as comprehensive as OT, but not many. MNK is not touted as being a total multi-vitamin replacement, but from what I can tell it's more of a 'kicker' in that you're doing pretty good with your diet and vitamin intake, but here's something just to kick you along a little bit. Personally, I didn't even consider taking MNK as a standalone multi-vitamin based on the label, so I took it alongside OT and looked for differences to my normal routine.


    The ingredient profile is not complete. I wont go into full detail, as all the standard Vit A, B, C, D, E are present, along with Folate, Calcium, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Selenium and Zinc are there, but they are all under-dosed, either by the RDI % or under-dosed compared to the market leader multis. I know MNK is trying to be an addition to your daily routine, but I feel like if you're going to put something in make sure you put it in so that it does something. I feel the same about most supplements, from pre workouts to sleep aids, don't half-ass something if you're going to do it. There's a sticker on the label that says 'naturally derived' but no mention of being made in a GMP/accredited facility, or any sort of certification like that which you pretty much need to have if you want to be taken seriously these days.

    TASTE - 5/10

    When I opened up the can there was a nice smell, kinda like a musk stick and I thought OK, this could taste good. But it didn't. It was a washed out musky kind of clayey taste and texture, and it didn't matter how much I varied the amount of water, I couldn't get it to taste good. I tried to take it straight to the dome, but it's too powdery and I ended up having a coughing fit. I really did not enjoy taking MNK.

    MIXABILITY - 8/10

    Mixed up pretty good, some grit in the bottom that you had to swirl to get up, but not too bad.


    Immediately I knew the profile was not going to give me anything really meaningful from 1 serve, so from the outset I was taking double servings (12g) to try and get something out of it. Towards the end really I just wanted to finish the tub so I was plonking it in.


    To be perfectly honest MNK just didn't do anything for me. Not only was it not easy to drink down, but the under-dosed profile made me sceptical that it would do anything from the outset. I know it's touted as being a 'kick' more than a complete multi supplement, but you would still want to see something from it, especially when you are comparing it to your standard multi you know gives you positive benefits. I didn't feel more rested when taking MNK, nor did I feel I was any more or less 'healthier' IE not sick, mentally 'there' or otherwise, and that was at double the recommended dose. A good multi with well-dosed ingredients usually does 3 things for me; fluoro pee a few hours after taking, a consistent dump at least once a day and a general feeling of wellness where I don't get sick, don't get sniffles etc. I didn't feel like MNK hit the mark on any of those. Perhaps if it tasted good it would be a nice thing to mix up and drink instead of a Gatorade and get some nutrients in at the same time, but it didn't taste good enough for that.

    VALUE - N/A

    OK, so here's where it gets a little weird. I google searched, FB search etc and could find no information on MNK. Nothing on who stocks it/where to buy it, a RRP or even an ingredient label/nutritional facts, apart from what was on the label on the tub I have. In fact, I could find very little information on the supp company at all, 1 broken webpage and a FB page that hasn't been updated for a while. So if I cant buy this anywhere, and don't know how much it costs, I cant really give it a value rating. If this changes in the future I'll put in a value addition in the comments. Based on all of this, how much would I be willing to pay? Well considering you can get a top-tier multi for $1 or under a day, I'd be saying half that. So you're talking $10-15max for a months supply. If it's not in that ballpark I wouldn't bother. I'm going to put value at 5 for the purpose of submitting the review, and because there's no N/A option.

    CONCLUSION - 6/10

    Micro Nutrient Kick could be a good product, but it isn't. It's under-dosed, under-ingrediented (new word?) and most important unavailable to buy anywhere. Based on these things I cannot recommend this product to anyone at this stage. I hate writing overly negative reviews but this one just didn't have much going for it. Perhaps if this becomes available and the price is in the ballpark I've suggested it may be a more desirable product, but at the time of this review I cannot say that it is.

    COMMENTS (3)

    • MMAFreak
      Rep: +2,469
      June 25, 2018

      Seems like maybe they are a startup or something. But in this day and age to not have a website and not have a single place where one can obtain your product is really weird. I could have a squarespace site up in half a day that is ready to start selling. Maybe they're trying to get legitimate feedback before going all the way to market? I don't know but I agree that this is a very odd situation.

    • shae2311
      Rep: +1,323
      June 26, 2018

      Yeh in this day and age to not be able to find anything is strange. Did you try contacting the rep?

    • davidian
      Rep: +1,050
      June 26, 2018

      Yes I left some dialogue in the comments section of the TROOP CP, so both Tommy and the rep could see that I was trying to get some information out of them. I gave them I think 11 days after I clicked 'finished' the product to respond, but I dont have time to wait forever and I wanted to post the review. I think almost 2 weeks is reasonable, especially when I didnt get a response at all.

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