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PWR is a Pre-Workout manufactured by iSatori. It is designed to help provide a pre-training advantage by increasing mental focus, muscle performance, endurance and blood flow. This creates an environment optimal for increasing muscle mass and losing body fat.

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Rep: +2,000
Trust: 100%

  March 14, 2014

iSatori's PWR is an excellent pre-workout (PWO) drink that worked very well for me. Some PWO's can be hit or miss, other's just OK and others still go above and beyond to help you really get things done in the gym. I feel PWR is in that last category based on my positive experience with it.

Profile Overview

This is the newer, non-DMAA containing formula of PWR. Reinger outlined the formula in his review a while back so I am going to take the liberty to plagiarize what he wrote and cut and paste it here:

"Each serving of Isatori PWR contains:

* Ultra-Concentrated Power and Strength Blend 2600 mg
[Beta-alanine (as carnosyn), creatine monohydrate creatine magnapower(creatine magnesium chelate)]

* Ultra-Concentrated Pump Blend 510 mg
[L-arginine AKG 2:1 AminoShield (loquat extract (eriobotrya japonica)fruit and leaf) 6% maslinic acid)]

*Ultra-Concentrated Energy and Focus Blend 334 mg
[Caffeine anhydrous (source of methylxanthine), schisandra chinesis extract (fruit), advantra Z (citrus auratium L.extract(fruit) 50% synephrine alkaloids), red dralion sceletium tortuosum extract (tuber)(containing mesembrine), snake root(rauvolfia canescens L.)(contains alpha-yohimbine), huperzia serrata (whole plant) 1% extract(contrains huperzine A)]"

Please take a moment to read his review below as well.

I've never been overly concerned about proprietary blends and base my opinions more on how a product works for me. If it works, great - they must be doing something right! If it doesn't work, I do agree with the folks that have issues with them. PWR didn't fall into this category, but I will note the prop blend as a Con/Negative.


I kept this exceedingly simple and that's what I thought was one of the great things about PWR. One scoop about 15mins pre-workout and that was it. I never really deviated from this at all.
In the spirit of full disclosure however, I'm a prolific PWO user. I always have a bunch on hand and tend to cycle through on a regular basis. When I get one that works well, like PWR, I'll typically stick with it as my staple until it's gone.
For those interested, PWR has no dyes in it and mixes up as a hazy water with a decent flavor. Personally, I prefer to have no dyes because it's meaningless to me and I applaud iSatori for taking this route.

Effectiveness: 8/10

Good stuff. One scoop remained effective for me. Solid Beta-Alanine tingles every time I used it, very good energy and a level of focus that helped me get through my lifting session. I never got that "˜I feel like a machine!' effect from this that you'd often find with a DMAA containing product but it was still very effective. Again, while good, it also didn't reach the level of my current pinnacle PWO product, PNI's Prodigy. I have no problems falling back on PWR if I'm out of Prodigy, however.

Value: 8/10

PWR can be found anywhere from the low to high $20 range which I feel is right in line with other effective PWO supplements. I personally like to shop for the cheapest deals and would not hesitate to pick it up for $25 or under.

Overall: 8/10

PWR is a good, solid, effective and consistent pre-workout product that will keep making an appearance in my supplement cupboard. If you're looking for a new, different and/or functional pre-workout then PWR is worth considering.

Thank you to the folks at iSatori for allowing the Expert Reviewer Team to trial and review this product for them. I hope this helps you gain a better perspective of this product and assists in your decision to purchase.
  • Relatively Inexpensive
  • Good Focus
  • Increased Energy
  • Good Value
  • No Dyes
  • Prop Blend
Rep: +3,120
Trust: 100%
  February 17, 2014

First off, thanks to iSatori for letting me try out their preworkout PWR. I have tried out several of iSatori's products in the past and I've never had a bad experience with them as they have normally put out quality products. As far as preworkouts go, I have tried more than I can count-good ones bad ones, and everything in between. So with that, on to the review.

Ingredient Profile: 7/10

One major strike against them is the prop blend. I am not a fan of prop blends as I'd like to know how much of a particular ingredient I am taking. Reason being, is that most pre's don't have enough of certain ingredients, so I normally have to supplement. The normal shortfalls are creatine and beta alanine. This product was no different as it has a "strength blend" that consisted of 2.6g total between these two ingredients. That is not nearly enough for what I like, as I normally take in 4-6g beta, and 5g creatine.

I also am not a fan of including yohimbine in a pre. Yes it is a great fat burner, but it does more to destroy energy than create it IMO.

I very much appreciate the no artificial coloring, but I wish the sweetener was natural.

They tout the Red Dralion highly in the advertisements for this product, but I was unable to decide if its inclusion made a difference.

Taste: 8.5/10

I was kinda disappointed that when my product arrived, that the flavor was Blue Raspbery. While this flavor is usually tolerable, its usually not my favorite. Shockingly, I really liked the flavor of this Blue Raspberry, and it is easily the best tasting Blue Raspberry sup I've tried.

Value: 6/10

This comes out to $1/serving. For comparison, Cellucor C4 is $1/serving, Assault is $1/serving, and Jack3d is .75/serving.

If I make my own pre, I can do so for between .30-.40/serving (beta alanine, creatine, and caffeine).

All in all, value is OK, but if I was on a budget, I might be picking a cheaper product

Effectiveness: 8/10

This is touted as the "new and improved" formula and is called "the true one scoop formula. iSatori also highly hypes the inclusion of Red Dralion as the difference maker in this formula.

If I had to rate this product during my first 2 weeks of using it, I would have rated it a 9/10. If I had to rate it my last few weeks, it would have gotten a 6/10.

In the beginning, I felt the energy flowing. I felt some pretty explosive energy and my endurance was quite a bit improved over normal as I found myself putting in more intensive sets and longer workouts.

I workout normally 3 days/week, so I don't normally have to cycle off preworkouts since I don't take in caffeine on my off days.

With that said, I felt this went from incredible, to just average as time went on. I did also get some mixed results as time went on as some workouts I felt more energized than others. I even tried 2 scoops despite the "warning" on the label and it didn't seem to do much of anything more for me.

I don't know that I have the answer for this one, could be my body adapting to this fast, could be product inconsistency-its hard to say.

Overall: 7/10

I was moderately happy with my run with this product as I consider a 7/10 like giving out a "B." It gave me enough in the beginning to recommend for others to give this a shot. I'm not a fan of the prop blend or artificial sweetener, but this has just enough going for it to give you some extra energy going in to your workouts.

  • Increased Energy
  • Clean Energy
  • No Artificial Dyes Or Colors
  • Best Tasting Blue Raspberry I've Tried
  • Hit And Miss.
  • Sucralose
Rep: +5,757
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 82

  January 28, 2014

Alright time for a review for the guys at iSatori.
Big thanks to the reps here on this as they have been generous to site here.

Ingredients. 7
Nothing really stands out here to me and others have broken down this a bit more than I will . Lava and Reinger have more info on the profile.
I will say they do have two types of creatine and one being, Magnapower . A lot of other products are starting to add this to their stuff.
Other than that its pretty much a standard Prop blend PWO.

Effectiveness 7-8
This was truly hit and miss for me, No matter what size scoop I took.
I do not really ever rate pump for a PWO as I feel like most of the ones I try never have enough of a pump ingredient to do anything for me. I usually just rate energy and focus.
So for me at first one scoop felt great but it quickly went away, I mean after about 30 mins. I was tired, not really a crash per say just, not feeling it all. Even at two scoops say effect. So taking two scoops seemed a waste so I left it at one after a few tries. I did have some good focus, and seemed to get a sweat going fairly fast. But I do feel like this was partly due to including Morph to this. (I will review it asap.) I did have some great workouts on this, but like I mentioned it wore off way before I was done.

Taste 8
Now I hate fruit punch on most any supp, Its overdone and most of the time , taste awful, this was actually pretty nice. No dyes also!!

Mixing. 9
Never a issue. Mixed great every time.

Value 7 - 8.5
For the most part this is going to run about 1.00$ a serving. 30 serving for about 29.99 on right now. I have found a few sites with it at around 25 bucks, I am sure with a little bit of hunting you could find some great deals. But if you use more than one scoop, the value drops rather fast.

Overall 7
I was a little let down on this.
At first it was really doing good, by the end of week one,, not so much. I even took a stim break prior to this so I do not think that was a issue, and stims usually hit me decent anyway. I was just to hit and miss for me to give a good rating. But as with any supplement, what works for me, might not work for you.

Thanks for letting me give this a go iSatori.
  • Increased Energy
  • Tunnel Vision
  • Clean Energy
  • Hit And Miss.
Rep: +2,615
Trust: 100%
  September 8, 2013

I will keep this short because it is just another Pre-workout, they even did it with the name PWR. The market is flooded with them it just about our experiences with these supplements now. We know they don't build muscle, we just energy, endurance, focus and no crash and PWR achieved them all.

Profile (7/10): Nothing impressive, but a good amount of Beta Alanine at 2600 mg. A questionable pump blend and a balanced energy blend with caffeine, alpha-yohimbine, huperzine-A. I was not really impressed by this ingredient profile, but I did like that it has a much higher amount of Beta-A per scoop, compared to other pre-workouts. The pump blend seems underdosed, but I will discuss how this really didn't seem to have an impact on its effectiveness.

Effectiveness (8/10): I liked it a lot, simple like that. The tingles from beta-a are obnoxious just how I liked it. I felt them everywhere, even on my butt cheeks and I am not kidding about that. The last pwo that gave me that sensation was the discontinued Speed Xtreme UC.

This higher dosage of beta-a definitely gave me serious endurance in the gym; muscle fatigue took a couple of more sets and I was able to combine two compound exercises per workout without bi.ching out.

Although the pump blend seems underdosed, I actually get a pretty decent pump from this pwo. I was surprised to be honest because I usually don't get pumps from any pwo, even less the ones made with L-Arginine AKG.

Also, the energy was really clean and it kicked in fast. I loved the focus on this supplement. It cleared up my mind and helped me concentrate on my workout. i felt mentally energized which is very important for me because I barely get any sleep and I started working out in the morning again since my boy started school.

Taste (8/10): I had fruit punch and I don't ever expect them to be tasty. I only want something that is not going to stick in my mouth for the entire workout or make me sick everytime I drink it. This achieved that and I was pleased.

Mixability (8/10): mixes fast, no clumps. Some sandy residue at the bottom, but extra water or some extra shakes and it disappears.

Value (9/10): About $29+/- plus S&H on the intrawebz for 30 real servings is a good deal for me. Most companies trick you with "45 servings" at one scoop and on the suggested dosage it says you need two... *cough* Cellucor *cough* USP labs.

Overall (8/10): I liked it bros and I think it is a great prw-workout. It is nothing groundbreaking, but I get everything I expected from a PWO and even more, a pump. The product delivers with clean energy and focus, muscle endurance and 30 real servings. Even if you only buy it once and go back to your favorite, I still think you cannot say anything bad about this one.

  • Relatively Inexpensive
  • Good Focus
  • Increased Energy
  • Good Value
  • Long-lasting
  • Great Pumps
  • Clean Energy
  • Under Dosed
Rep: +6,974
Trust: 100%

  August 31, 2013

Thanks to Isatori for letting me try this through the ER program. This review is for the new formula of PWR, Isatori's pre workout product. I will say that the original formula PWR was my all-time favorite pwo and I looked forward to seeing if the new one held up to the old one. Alas, for me, it did not. It is still a solid product offering but not one that turned my world upside down like the original.

Profile: 7/10
Isatori chose to use 3 prop blends:

Strength/Power Blend: Beta Alanine, creatine (mono and MagnaPower)

Pump Blend: Arg AKG, Amino Shield (loquat extract)

Energy/Focus Blend: caffeine, Schisandra, Red Drallion, Snake Root, Huperzia

As I always say, I am not a fan of prop blends but in the past I have given some companies a pass because of a track record of success and overall effectiveness. I am not going to do so here. For example the Strength/Power Blend comes in at 2600mg; given the clinical doses of both beta Alanine and creatine is at least 3g each, this is greatly under-dosed at 1 scoop and even a little under dosed at 2. Likewise I'm pretty "meh" on the use of arginine AKG as a pump ingredient but when I've taken it in bulk form, I normally used 3-5g, so again, seriously less than I'm used to seeing. I had no problems with the energy blend. And yes, while Isatori used top quality ingredients, I feel they were provided in amounts that would at the bottom range (or below) to be effective.

Taste & Mixing: 8/10
PWR mixed fine with no clumping and no grittiness. Like the original PWR it has a unique flavor that isn't going to set the world on fire but is more than adequate for a pwo. (I actually kind of like it) For the record, I had the blue raspberry. It's kind of milky when mixed but overall both taste and mixing were above average.

Effectiveness: 7/10
Isatori says that this is a "true" one scoop pwo with no fillers that delivers power, energy, focus and pump. Unfortunately I didn't think that it really stood out in any single area and I question the 1 scoop claim. Pump was pretty non-existent with this, energy and strength minor, focus and energy was good, though. Clean energy with no jitters and moderately good focus. This is at one scoop – I also experimented with 2 scoops and interestingly enough did not see a significant difference, which could lead me to believe that I just didn't respond well to this product, personally. I also had some headache issues at the beginning but after increasing my water consumption I was fine. All in all, PWR provided a middle of the road performance benefit to my training – nothing too terrible but nothing really spectacular, either; in a world glutted with great pwo products, that's kind of the kiss of death.

Value: 7/10
This can be found online right under $30.00 so that equates to $1.00 per serving. That's a bit on the high side – especially given the fact that something like Muscle Marinade is only a few cents more per serving. I will say that it often goes on sale for the low to mid $20's so that would improve the value but given the fact that it didn't provide the effectiveness that I was looking for, value will be mediocre at any price for me.

Overall: 7/10
I do love Isatori as a company and this is the first of their products that has not performed up to my expectations. And please keep in mind that we all respond very differently to supplements, especially pwo products, so that could just be a personal issue that I had with this product. However, I found the new formula of PWR to be far below the intense drive and focus that I received when using the original (DMAA) formula. I will rate this "maybe" with the caveat that I will not be purchasing this in the future, however, Isatori is one of the top companies in the industry and I would certainly say that if you wanted to give this a try based on the other stellar reviews, then please do not let my experience prevent that. Sorry guys – I wanted to love this like I loved the original but it just didn't measure up.
  • No Crash
  • Clean Energy
  • Under Dosed
Rep: +2,585
Trust: 100%
  August 26, 2013

iSatori's PWR. Thanks to iSatori for participating in the ER program and allowing a few of us to review their Pre-Workout, PWR.


Although this is the "reformulated" version and I did not get to try the original, my anticipation for a let down was quite high due to all the good things that I had heard about the O.G. This was settled on the first dose. This is a clean solid Pre-Workout. In the vast market of PWO, there is a lot to choose from. I have had my share and more than I can even remember. When I am searching for a PWO, I look for a solid profile, a quality VS quantity serving size, and most importantly results. PWR delivered on all aspects of my search, and has snuck into my top 3 PWO list.

Effectiveness: 9

This flat out works. All the time, every time, without having to vary the dosage. 20 min before my workout about an hour and a half after my pre-workout meal, or empty stomach I would take 1 scoop slightly above level. I love a PWO with a small serving size that can still pack a punch.
Never overly stimmed out, and never let down by a crash, this steady stream of clean energy did the trick for me every time. The focus was there, but not so intense that I lost track or felt out of it at any pint in time.

Profile: 9

Each serving of Isatori PWR contains:

* Ultra-Concentrated Power and Strength Blend 2600 mg
[Beta-alanine (as carnosyn), creatine monohydrate creatine magnapower(creatine magnesium chelate)]

* Ultra-Concentrated Pump Blend 510 mg
[L-arginine AKG 2:1 AminoShield (loquat extract (eriobotrya japonica)fruit and leaf) 6% maslinic acid)]

*Ultra-Concentrated Energy and Focus Blend 334 mg
[Caffeine anhydrous (source of methylxanthine), schisandra chinesis extract (fruit), advantra Z (citrus auratium L.extract(fruit) 50% synephrine alkaloids), red dralion sceletium tortuosum extract (tuber)(containing mesembrine), snake root(rauvolfia canescens L.)(contains alpha-yohimbine), huperzia serrata (whole plant) 1% extract(contrains huperzine A)]

Using a nice creatine blend, and proven ingrediants such as Beta- alinine and L-arginine, supplemented with a great energy and focus blend, the profile is solid. The addition of Red Dralion intrigued me greatly. The addition is to not only help increase energy and focus, but to relieve or help ease anxiety and elevate mood. There are a few PWO that when taken in large quantities have taken my anxiety level past the point of comfort. This was never the case with PWR.

Plus no dyes... big plus in my book.

Taste: 8

Blue Raspberry, one of my personal flavors. The taste was actually pretty decent. Not as tart as I would have liked, but subtle and sweet, with a slight chemical taste. In 6oz of cold water, it mixed easily with a little settlement and a few flakes of what I believed to be the Red Dralion. But all in all it went down smooth, with very little after taste.

Value: 9

As a personal rule of thumb when purchasing a PWO, I prefer not to pay more than a dollar per serving. Where most PWO lose their place on the value scale, is the need to take two or three scoops which cuts the amount of servings in a container greatly. PWR falls right in line with my price guide and then some. The average seems to be around $25. I have even seen this for $18.99, at that price point it is a must try. I will admit that some of my scoops were slightly heaping, for I am a stim junkie, but I never needed or used more than that. At 30 serving per container, I highly suggest giving this a shot and it may just creep into one of your new favorites.

  • Good Focus
  • Increased Energy
  • Good Value
  • No Crash
    Rep: +802
    Trust: 100%
    TROOPer Level: 25
      April 21, 2013

    Hi Guys,

    I must be on a roll here tonight, 2 reviews in the one night. Well I guess I did finish a cycle on some new supps so I best do my bit and chuck in a few reviews.

    The product i'm going to review now is Isatori's newish PWO, PWR. I was given this as a gift free from the guys at muscleandstrength, so it's a nice bonus to get a freebie that actually does something good for you/works. Anyway, on to the review>

    Ingredient profile:

    I couldnt find any of the expert reviewers putting in the ingredient profile, so i'll do it below:

    Beta-Alanine (as Carnosyn®), Creatine Monohydrate, Creatine MagnaPower® (Creatine Magnesium Chelate) 2,600 mg **

    L-Arginine AKG 2:1
    AminoShield® (Loquat extract (Eriobotrya japonica)(fruit and leaf) 6% Maslinic Acid) 510 mg **

    Caffeine Anhydrous (source of Methylxanthine)
    Schisandra chinesis extract (fruit)
    Advantra Z® (Citrus aurantium L. extract (fruit) 50% synephrine alkaloids)
    Red Dralionâ„¢ Sceletium tortuosum extract (Tuber)(containing Mesembrine)
    Snake Root (Rauvolfia canescens L.)(contains Alpha-yohimbine)
    Huperzia serrata (whole plant) 1% extract (contains Huperzine A) 334 mg **

    As you can see, pretty standard PWO ingredients. I'm a bit bummed on prop blends, but what can you do? The only modification I made to this PWO was to add 2g of pure beta-alanine and 500mg of Agmatine Sulfate. I like to take the clinical dose of Beta-Alanine (3.2g) so I always bump that up. I took a bit of a stab with this one being a prop blend, but I figured there couldnt be more than 1g in that 2600mg blend of Beta-Alanine+Creatine. The Agmatine was to get some pumps going, and it works bloody good, so i'll leave the pump component out of my review.


    You put this stuff in the blender and then you drink it. It takes 5 seconds. Taste shouldnt come into the equation. For the record I had the Fruit Punch flavour. It tasted a bit like Fruit Punch. It all mixed in really easily, no bit of grit down the bottom of the cup. I took 1 scoop from the start and didnt find the need to really increase the dosage. The few times I did I felt light-headed, so I was probably right on with 1 scoop.


    I quickly found the preferred dosing for me was 20mins before workout. The energy hit was within 10mins and it was clean and jitter-free. I did take it a couple of times without Agmatine and Beta-Alanine, and I still got tingles (after about 10mins) so there is some effectiveness there. The energy was clean throughout my workout (up to 90mins). I also do cardio after workout (200cals+ at 130bpm heart rate sustained) and I did not feel racing heart or light headedness when I took PWR before gym. I didnt feel any crash out of this product either. I normally work out around 530pm and go to bed around 10-1030pm and I had no problem getting to sleep after taking PWR, although I am quite stim tolerant. Normally after a workout I get home and put dinner on while I do my cardio, and I felt like I really had more energy than normal left to go and hit that cardio, which is another plus.

    I did feel this product lose its effectiveness after about 10 days, but it wasnt a cliff-like drop off like some product i've taken (Razor 8 comes to mind). I would say the effectiveness dropped around 10%, which is still good for a stimmed PWO. Energy remained clean and long-lasting through the whole tub.


    Nothing much to report here. One whinge i'd have to Isatori is that this stuff is light and powders up heaps, you end up breathing in a bit if you shake this up then open it up and get your scoop out.

    In this day and age you really need to not put prop blends in your products and use the clinically recommended doses of ingredients. I'd like to see the prop blend removed and the beta-alanine pushed up to 3.2g.


    A worthwhile PWO, up there with some of the best i've taken. The fact I did not get too tolerant to it through the whole tub is a big plus. I didnt get great pumps from this product but I did get really good, clean energy. As much as I dont like super-concentrated PWOs, this one was pretty good.
    • Good Focus
    • Increased Energy
    • Long-lasting
      Rep: +20
      Trust: 3%
        January 28, 2013

      Isatori's PWR is an ultra-concentrated pre-workout formula containing creatine, pump inducing Arginine and an energy booster in the form of synephrine alkaloids. I took this product during the easter period of 2012. I know this was a while ago but I kept a training log during this time and saw that my results while using this supplement were very good. I was using a stronglifts style 5x5 routine and was able to improve my squat from 140 for 5 to 162.5 for 5 within the month of using this product. My deadlift also rocketed from 150 for 5 to 170 for 5. I know I was using a different training regime to my usual however I feel this supplement had a big effect on my progress. So here is my review of this product

      Taste – 7/10
      This gets a solid score in the taste department, like blue raspberry sweets is what I found the taste to be like. Quite artificial with a strong smell, but when its diluted down with the suggested amount of water the taste was fine. There was also no problem with the mixing and no bits were left behind.

      Effectiveness – 8/10
      I liken this product to BSN's Hyper FX in the type of energy you get. Its a lot different to the smack in the face energy of some of the more popular products, but the endurance it gives seems to last forever. The thermogenic effect I got from it was great too, not as full on as Hyper FX but still got me sweating more than without it.
      I can't really comment too much on the pump aspect of this product because I was very much concentrating on the lower rep end of the scale, however it does seem a bit light on the pump inducing ingredients.
      It does lose points for the tolerance effect I found with this supplement, I remember having to use 2 scoops by the end of the tub to get any effect from it, this despite it saying it was a true one scoop formula. I am very unsensitive to stimulants so for those who are sensitive you might not feel the same way as I felt.

      Ingredients – 6/10
      This supplement has quite a strong supplement profile in my opinion but I think it lacks a bit in a few areas. 2.6 grams of creatine and beta alanine seems very low without additional supplementation and with only 0.5grams of arginine it doesn't seem enough to give a skin tearing pump. If these figures were doubled for one serving this i think would be more close to what is needed. I found the beta alanine tingles were gone by the middle of the first week using this supplement.

      Value – 7/10
      I don't give this supp a good score here because of the tolerance issue. As many users of pre-workouts on this site I am not stim sensitive and I think alot of users would end up needing 2 scoops about 2 weeks in. This halfs the serving numbers so for approximately 20 servings at £28 its quite steep really

      Overall – 7
      I think for the hardcore, seasoned stim veteran this isn't probably the best addition to your gym bag but for those who get a kick from a cup of coffee I can see this as being a good addition to your supplementation regime. If anyone has tried this on a higher rep routine I'd love to hear how you got on with it????
      • Increased Energy
      • Good Value
      • Long-lasting
      • Tolerance Increased
      Rep: +227
      Trust: 100%
        November 20, 2012

      What's up SR brothers, I am proud to bring you the latest review by yours truly dknight. So I decided to give PWR a run after reading the review put up by hulk. He pretty much sold the product to me, which is good because I have been looking for a new PWO of choice. So lets begin shall we?

      Ingredients (9): I have been told that PWR has recently been reformulated with the DMMA which I could take or leave. I have had both good and bad experiences with DMMA. I however did purchase the old formula so it contained 40mg DMMA. Other then that PWR had a pretty basic formula 300mg of Caffiene, 1600mg Beta-Alanine, a pump blend mostly containing AAKG (which I respond to very well)and a few other goodies but that is the basics of it.

      Dosing (10): Very simple dosing here just a scoop about 15min before your workout as with most PWO. The difference here is they mean one scoop. It was rare that I went over one scoop, I had to be really dragging arse to go scoop and a half or more.

      Taste/Mixability (7): I got the blue raspberry and it was ok tasting, slightly metallic aftertaste and a little grittyness towards the bottom of the shaker but honestly who cares? Taste and mixablilty is not what sells me on a PWO and if is a make or break category for you then grow up.

      Effectiveness (10): This stuff was off the hook!!! With out a doubt the best PWO that I have tried to date. The beta-alanine tingles set in almost the second you are finished drinking. About 15 min later extreme tunnel vision kicks in so you better hope that you are near some weights that you can destroy because that is all I was thinking about. As for enegy I never felt cracked out like I have with other DMMA containing PWOs but I did fell like I had the energy to lift all day and night. All I wanted to do was lift, lift, lift and lift some more. Did I mention that I wanted to lift?

      As for pumps I saw some pretty decent pumps from this product, nothing crazy like Nitrox or yok3d when properly dosed but they were pretty solid for a PWO. The effect I was most surprised with was my vascularity, PWR made me extremely vascular more so then any other pre that I have tried. I believe it has to do with the AAKG because I have responded well to it before when I have added it myself but I guess I just wasn't expecting the level that I actually achieved. So yay for unexpected results!

      Value (9): I paid around $23 dollars for a 30 serving tub, and with using only one scoop per workout it truly is a full month supply. Great deal in my eyes.

      Overall (9): So overall this is probably one of the best bang for your buck PWOs you can get, if not the best. I had great focus, great vascularity, and still enough money in my pocket to buy a $5 footlong. I have found my new PWO of choice.

      • Good Focus
      • Increased Energy
      • Good Value
      • Tunnel Vision
      • Decent Pumps
      • Cheap
      • Increase Vascularity
        Rep: +360
        Trust: 100%
          September 25, 2012

        PWR: Ultra Concentrated PWO Revolution

        In Short:

        I love PWR. I feel that it's consistency and value help separate it in a very cluttered PWO market.


        I first tried PWR by Isatori late last winter. It had been on sale at Vitamin Shoppe (Back when I bought anything besides protein in brick and mortar stores) for 19.99. I was mainly drawn to it based on price. At that time there were not many reviews on it that I was able to find and I had never used an Isatori product before.

        Once I tried PWR, I loved it's smooth and very consistent energy blend. This product effects me more or less the same every time I take it though sometimes I dose 1 scoop sometimes a bit more but never 2 full scoops.

        I didn't make PWR a staple after my first tub and I more or less forgot it as I got swept up in the hype of Craze and Muscle Marinade last spring.

        I recently went back to PWR after exhausting my immediate interest in Craze (though crazolade excites me), stocking up on more Muscle Marinade, and more or less being dissapointed by Condense.


        Pre-workouts can be difficult to review simply because they effect everyone a little bit differently. I can tell you that for me, PWR offers very clean-feeling energy which never rapidly plummets for me and I would generally describe as being very smooth. Along comes very excellent focus. It's hard for me to discuss endurance in regards to PWR becuase I supplement with many supplements which contribute to this. I can say that while using PWR I have had continuous and amazing gains. This again can be tied to my nutrition and training routine just as much as my support supplements and PWO.

        I really enjoy this product and it has not yet let me down. The pump aspect for me is not eye-popping but I'm not overly concerned about pumps of that magnitude because I'm able to pump myself up pretty well supplements or not by using creative set formations and rest/pauses.

        I don't really see any negative aspects to the way PWR has effected my training. I believe it ranks up there for me with Craze and Muscle Marinade as my favorite pre-workout supplements. Bare in mind that I enjoy that each of these products works very well for me if not in exactly the same way. They each have pretty stim-heavy formulas which allow me to dial in and they all promote earth shattering workouts and intensity for me.

        PWR for those that are interested tastes fine to me. It's pretty sweet. I've had Blue-Raspberry and Fruit Punch I believe and think of them both as being similar. Taste does not factor too much for me as I'm very often combining nasty combinations of PWO's with various other flavored or unflavored powders and dusts.


        I think PWR still does excellent on value for the effects it produces. 1 scoop will be enough for most people and the effects last long and are very consistent. It can be found for very reasonable prices ($20 or less give or take $5) at most places.

        In Closing:

        I stand by this product and reccomend it to anyone seeking a focus driven PWO that will help intensify training sessions in a very powerful (had to be done) and reliable way. If your curious try it out because it's much less expensive then many other far less effective products.

        Oh yeah I forgot to mention unlike some other PWO's containing DMAA (Jacked leaps to mind), I have never had issues with my battleship due to my usage of PWR. This is a major benefit to me as I enjoy what this product does for training but not how it can negatively effect my favorite night time training rituals.
        • Good Focus
        • Good Value
        • Tunnel Vision
        • Long-lasting
        • Decent Pumps

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