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Rep: +19

Stack question with test boost

November 7, 2012

Let me start with...I am a FNG here but have really enjoyed reading all of the post, reviews, and comments in this community. I originally came on here thinking I was gonna try a PH but I think I will wait till around 30 for something like that.

This is my first "stack" and my first question on here...and from everything I have read on here its a very cliche' one, but bare with me. I have recently got back to the gym for about a month after much down time and am wanting to try out these supplements. Ive done a lot of homework but have much to learn...
Heres the stack...

EFX Kre-Alkalyn

USPLabs PowerFull
Jacked 3d

SCI-FIT Nitrox 2
and then melitonin, multi vi's, and fish oil

I am just looking for some keep that, get rid of that, add this, ect, ect.

Thanks for your time all

Also does anyone think DAA would be a good addition to this...
And I have this under ISA TEST GF cause I am using this as my base for natty test booster, but move the question if nessisary


Rep: +4,726
Posted November 7, 2012

welcome to the site!! not a bad question everyone needs some help here and there.
you have a solid stack isa-tori is king for natty test booster adding daa might be an overkill since you just getting back into it. i would add a solid protein. im really feeling two proteins right now. MRM metabolic whey and next level formulations isolate. add these in there with an amino acid like body mortar or mbcaa.
Rep: +19
Posted November 7, 2012

I did forget to write in that I am trying Cyto Mass as well. I will check out both of those amino's that you recommend and order one tonight. I really appriciate the advise! Have you tried any weight gainers like cyto or?
Rep: +4,726
Posted November 7, 2012

i have been more of a lean bulker and haven't tried one yet. i plan on trying one this winter when i start bulking up. i have read and researched and the two im stuck between is mhp up your mass and ON pro-complex gainer.
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