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H+Blocker is a Pre-Workout manufactured by iSatori. It is designed to help provide a pre-training advantage by increasing mental focus, muscle performance, endurance and blood flow. This creates an environment optimal for increasing muscle mass and losing body fat.

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  May 4, 2014

Before 2013, I'd never heard of iSatori, or any of their products. Enter Bio-Gro, and that changed in a hurry. I was mightily impressed by Bio-Gro, and when the BOGO offers are on, I will be buying it as often as I can. For recovery, and increased protein synthesis, there really is nothing better, in my opinion. They really came through with a great product.

When the opportunity came up for the ER's to select a new product to review from them, I jumped at the chance to pick something else out of their line up, to see if there was something else they had to offer, or if they were just a one trick pony.

After finishing off a tub of H-Blocker, I don't think my face can take much more itching from the beta-alanine. Just how good of a product is H-Blocker?? I think that really depends on what you're looking for in a pre-workout.

H-Blocker was very effective in what it claims to do, from the Beta-Alanine perspective. As I mentioned, I got the itches and the flush immediately every time I took the product. This didn't diminish over the entire tub, which tells me it is a high quality BA product. The BA was mixed in completely throughout the tub, and even the final doses were laced with the goods. Energy from the BA was great, and very clean, with no jitters. For an energy product, it was great.

As a total pre-workout product, this was a bit lacking. Yes, energy was fantastic, and it gives good endurance during the whole time you're at the gym. It works very well with Creatine supplements, and really makes you feel like you have energy to burn, even when you get to the shower. Where it falls short, is that there's not much to write home about, in terms of pumps or even in terms of feeling like you can throw up a massive amount of weight.

Some of the best pre-workout products I've taken, make me want to rage at the gym. I feel like I want to throw the barbell up and catch it on bench days. I want to do full burpees with my deadlifts.....I'm there to work out, and no one is going to stop me. I never got that on H-Blocker. I also wasn't busting out of my shirts on arms days. I didn't feel like I had balloons on my arms or on my chest after pushing through those final reps on sets.

I also wasn't completely wasted by the time I got home, though.

So did iSatori make a good product?? Absolutely.

Did it do what it advertised?? Yes.

Was it a game changer?? No way.

I liked taking H-Blocker, and I really got some good quality workouts in while I was taking it. I did cardio, and felt fantastic, and less winded. Was that really what I wanted at the gym?? Not all the time.

So while I'm impressed at the quality of the Beta-Alanine in the product, and how well it performed all the way through till the last scoop, I can't say I would recommend it as your everyday pre-workout. If they through in some Agmatine, then I probably would have been in love. Then I would be blowing up during workouts, and feeling the tearing at my skin because the muscles underneath were just filled with what gasses were building up in there.

H-Blocker is a fine product, and if you're looking for the BA tingles, this will definitely do the trick. Just make sure you're adding to the profile, so that you get the complete pre-workout you're looking for.

Finally, I have to say thank you to iSatori for letting me try this, and I'm SUPER sorry for posting this review so late. I should have had it up months ago.
  • Increased Energy
  • Increased Endurance
  • Beta Alanine Tingles
  • Good To The Last Scoop
  • Not A Complete Pre-workout
  • No True Pump From The Product
  • Could Use Some Agmatine
Rep: +30
Trust: 45%
  March 2, 2010

I got a tub of this stuff for free on one of the sites when I ordered 3XL. iSatori recommends stacking with 3XL and Morph (another of their products) I was taking Jacked at the time so I did not stack it with 3XL. However I stopped using Jacked to cycle off it and started taking this one with Kre-Alkalyn. I really Like the results. I take it pre-work out (per directions) I get clean feel and study energy with this stuff, it's not as intense as Jacked, but effective. I had enough energy to complete my intense workout. I was able to train just as intense as with Jackd without having the feeling of being a little wired. I felt focused and got a good pump from it. I was able to push my body through those extra reps and sets for that extra intensity. I made steady strength gains with this. Directions say to take it once a day, I only took it on my workout days. I will use this product again, maybe next time I will follow their suggestions to see if I get better results. I may even try their stack. For now I will get back on Jackd and cycle it like I have been. VasoCharge from SciVation is also comparable to Jackd and H-blocker. I gave it all 8's due to price. it's about $10 more than Jackd and VasoCharge. I really like iSatori products they work well, but they are a little bit more expensive than other comparable products. They do back their products 100% If you buy them straight from them. If it's your first time buying iSatori I would buy straight off their site, (the first time) if doesn't work for you, you can return them and get your money back, no questions asked. That's what I did. Now that I know they work I shop around for the best deal. I do recommend this product if you are looking for a milder Jackd. Hope this helps.
  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Too Expensive

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