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EatSmart is a Whey Protein Powder manufactured by iSatori. It is a dairy based protein that supports lean muscle gain by suppling additional protein to recovering muscles, which can also improve fat loss.

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  October 22, 2013

Well this will be my first of several reviews for Isatori, whom I have come to respect a great deal over the last couple of months. Eat Smart being no exception. To start I like to get most of my protein/carbs/fats from whole food, so MRP's are not a staple in my stack however when Isatori offered this to the ER team I decided to give it a go and put Eat Smart through its paces. So on to the review.


This has a pretty good ingredient blend that Isatori mixed up. At 2 scoops your looking at 8g fat, 15g carb and 38g protein which imo is a pretty good ratio, maybe with a higher addition of carbs it could be better but no biggie. I also like the fact that the first ingredient listed is whey protein isolate, which I like to get from all of my whey protein sources. You also get about 6g of healthy fats, which is a decent dose, and 5g of fiber, which is an easy way to help hit your fiber goal for the day. I also thought that the calories being at 280 were right on point, not too little, not too much. Overall this had a good profile, that if I had a choice I wouldn't change much of.


Eat Smart worked very well, just like they designed it to. I tried dosing it a couple different ways, first as they recommend an MRP and secondly post workout. That's how I came to the conclusion that this works much better as an MRP then as anything else. When I took this post workout it would sit to heavy on my stomach and sometimes made me sick, but when I took it in place of a meal I had no issues and stayed full for a couple hours or until my next meal. It is a thicker shake so it will defiantly fill you up and keep you full. So I would say, use this strictly as an MRP.


When I was sent this they also included a sample of the chocolate flavor, which tasted great, but the tub I was sent was vanilla, which tasted mediocre. It was just a strange vanilla/coconut flavor that I could not get used to. If you get this, get chocolate.


Now this is a flaw, at 2 scoops you get 15 servings and are looking at about $35 to $45 a tub. That's expensive, now you could probably find this on sale for cheaper or pick it up on BOGO but at just 1 tub, the value is not there. If you only did 1 scoop the value would raise considerably, however most gym rats will need 2 scoops. This is one of the only parts I did not like about Eat Smart, maybe at $28 I could justify but not $40, no way.


Would I recommend this, Yes, is this a staple in your stack, or mine No. I still prefer to eat all of my meals instead of supplementing them, but this is a very convenient form of a meal. This would work great for someone always on the go for work and not wanting to eat fast food or the standard chicken and sweet potato's (bro food) for every meal. Overall Isatori has a winner on their hands with Eat Smart, but it is not something you necessarily need.

  • Gluten Free
  • Lactose Free
  • Makes You Feel Full
  • Too Expensive
  • More Carbs
  • More Flavors
Rep: +5,734
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  August 25, 2013

Another big Review for the Isotari guys. Huge thanks to them again.

Fills you up for a while
Gluten and lactose free
A good mixture of proteins

Ingerdients 9
Contains High Quality Proteins(Including Whey Protein Hydrolysates), Low-Glycemic Carbs, and Essential Fats
No Aspertame, Maltodestrin, Sugar, or Unhealthy Trans Fats
Made With Enzymes & Probiotics, So You Won't Feel Bloated
Mix Easily & Instantly, a Meal In Less Than a Minute
Gluten Free & 97% Lactose Free
30 Servings per Tub

Per serving
Calories 140
Calories From Fat 25
Total Fat 3g
Saturated Fat 1g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 15mg
Sodium 190mg
Potassium 450mg
Total Carbohydrate 9g
Dietary Fiber 3g
Sugars 2g
Protein 19g

I would like to see the protein a bit higher but Overall its not bad, as it has the slow and fast digesting proteins in it. I like the Cholesterol being low also , as this is something I have to look at the older I get

Mixability and taste 9
Vanilla , was nothing to write home about but it was OK.
Mixed everytime great!. It is a bit think like Clipper says, and seemed that way with no matter what you mixed it with. I would sometimes use two scoops and It would be good and thick , and kinda foamy . It was nice to have this in the morning if I did not have time to eat, Or one scoop before bed.

Effectiveness 9
Well this is hard to gauge but I feel it did what I was using it for and that was basically a healthy substitute for me eating something in between meals.
When used in the morning with one - two scoops it would always fill me up and last for a good while. Also if I took this at night I would not wake up as hungry as normal. I also never had any issue with the stomach handling this either. All in all it was a nice change to what I normally use.

Value 6
The only reason I think it is a bit lower is due to the lower protein count. Also its a bit high for what you are getting. Most places I seen it was around 39 bucks plus tax and shipping so say around 45 bucks you get 30 servings and if like me and take 2 servings a day .. you get the picture.

Overall 8
Its not bad,, but It could be great. It will fill even a big guy like me up for a while, but still yet I would like to see a higher protein number in this. Also It is gluten and lactose free so for those looking for something in that dept, this maybe a good option. Thanks again for letting me try this.
  • Thick Shake
  • Tastes Good
  • Gluten Free
  • Lactose Free
  • Makes You Feel Full
  • Added Vitamins
  • Too Expensive
  • Needs More Protein.
Rep: +3,120
Trust: 100%
  August 17, 2013

First off, thank you to iSatori for letting me try this product out.

This product is marketed as a healthy meal replacement, but they also claim it can be used as a pre workout shake, or after workout recovery. With that in mind, on to the review:

Mixability: 7/10

As with any protein blend, the Casein makes it thick, and it never mixes nearly as well as a typical whey product. The problem is that this blends so thick that 1.5 servings is basically a very thick goop and about as thick as one can go. My single serve blender wouldn't be able to handle 2 servings at once.

Digestion: 10/10

Probiotics & Enzymes were added to this mix, no issues such as bloating or bad gas.


With Water: 7/10
With Almond Milk: 8.5/10

A very good taste for Vanilla-one of the better vanilla flavors I've tried.

Ingredient Profile: 9/10

One serving (notables)

Protein: 19g
Carbs: 7g
Fiber: 2.5g
Fat: 4g
Proteins-Whey Isolate, Whey Concentrate, Whey Hydrolysate, Casein

Vitamins & Minerals 10% DV of 23 different ones along with 15% DV Calcium. Like this as its marked as a meal replacement.

It is also Lactose & Gluten Free, and unlike many other proteins is not loaded with garbage ingredients. My only complaint is I'd MUCH rather the sweetener be Stevia instead of Sucralose.

Value: 5/10

The cost of this is $1.40 per serving. To get a full meal replacement, you'd likely have to do a double serving which would make it $2.80/serving, or eat a small amount of food beside it as its only 140 calories.

In comparing it to similar products, Dymatize Elite XT is .60/serving, Gaspari Myofusion is .90/serving, 1/2 serving of Optimum Pro Complex (I used 1/2 serving to have the protein/serving equal out) is about .90/serving, and Optimum Oats N Whey is around 1.05/serving.

In fairness, iSatori brings the extra vitamins & minerals that these others don't, but I don't think 10%DV justifies that much of a mark up.

Value in my opinion is the most disappointing part of this product, it needs to be more competitive with its peers.

Effectiveness: 9/10

Use as a Meal Replacement: 9.5/10
Use as a Post Workout: 6/10
Use as a Pre Workout Shake: 5/10

As a post workout, I took this and the recovery was OK. Science has proven that a Whey + Casein is likely superior to Whey alone which is a positive. The negative is that the extra fat & fiber will slow absorption.

As a pre workout, I don't like this. The negative is it is very slow absorbing (ironically this is also the positive as a meal replacement). You don't want your body digesting too much in the middle of a workout, which is why I would find this not ideal for a pre workout shake.

As a meal replacement, which is what iSatori primarily markets it as, this product shines. It keeps you full for quite awhile which is exactly what you want. It is also ideal if you're on a reduced carb diet, as the majority of its calories are from protein and fats.

Overall: 8/10

This product is definitely worth a look as a meal replacement. It keeps you full for awhile and gives you a small shot of vitamins, fiber, and even a little flaxseed thrown in there for good measure.

As far as improvements, the price is a little steep, not terrible though. I'd also much prefer a natural sweetener instead of an artificial one.

Give this a try as a meal replacement, but if you can find a sale on it, wait for that.

  • Thick Shake
  • Tastes Good
  • Gluten Free
  • Lactose Free
  • Makes You Feel Full
  • Added Vitamins
  • Too Expensive
  • Sucralose
Rep: +3,308
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 55
  August 15, 2013

A big shout out to iSatori for letting me try Eat-Smart, their MRP. I'll keep this review short and simple.



The profile is fine and has a nice amount of vitamins/minerals in there. iSatori was nice enough to throw in some probiotics+enzymes.


It's very thick, no matter what you mix it with. I personally like that, but others may not. It would stick to the sides of my shaker cup every time(although nothing horrible), which also made waiting for the last few drops to fall out suck as well.


I got a tub of vanilla and a sample of the chocolate. My jimmies are actually quite russled because it should have been the other way around. The chocolate sample packet was just awesome. It tasted EXACTLY like chocolate pudding.

The vanilla was enjoyable, but it was nothing special. I might be the only one who noticed this, but it had a slight hint of coconut to it. Doesn't hold a candle to RCSS Vanilla or OEProtein Vanilla.


Yeah this part of the review.... I'll just point out the positives.

-The extra fiber and thickness kept me full and helped me while cutting.

-No digestive issues.

-Solid macros at 1 or 2 scoops.

-Tastes good in both Almond Milk and Water


Here is where Eat-Smart takes a dive. This is not cheap. I just took a quick look at and 30 servings(15 if you use 2 scoops) go for $40+! Allstarhealth has it at around $37 I believe, it's still overpriced.


Eat-Smart is a nice MRP. The thickness/taste is nice and the fiber to keep you full between meals is good as well. The price is keeping me from giving this a thumbs up however.
  • Thick Shake
  • Tastes Good
  • Too Expensive
Rep: +4,689
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 58

  August 11, 2013

Special thanks to iSatori board reps for sending out a bunch of products to the ERs, including Eat Smart. I'm always down to try some proteinz.


The ingredient profile is basic, but good. It's not heavy by any means, & has a decent amount of fat & carbohydrates per serving. Unless you're ultra carbohydrate conscious & like to keep your daily intake as close to zero as possible, I really don't think the profile would pose a problem for anyone.

The thing that jumped out at me initially was the lack of gluten & lactose. One area I am constantly working to improve on is my diet & quality of food. Lactose does not like me in the least bit, & gluten seems to be on the way out for me as well.

The protein is primarily derived from whey concentrates, isolates, & hydrolyzed whey protein concentrate. The label claims that the protein is powered by whey hydrolysates, but I really don't see any mention of them specifically in the ingredient list.

In addition, the label claims eat Smart contains 4g of EAAs per one scoop, but I don't see any mentioned on the nutrition label.

It should also be noted that the glutamine used in Eat Smart is Glutacelâ„¢.

Some odd labeling, but maybe I'm just reading it wrong. It's happened before, & probably will happen again. Aside from that, it's a good ingredient profile.


I usually used a shaker cup, with around 8-12oz of water. At those levels, I never had any troubles getting Eat Smart to mix. Only in almond milk did I experience issue mixing, & it was kind of frustrating. The powder would collect in the lid & simply refuse to "let go". In short, in almond milk it took more effort than I really cared to give...but, patience is not my strongest virtue.


I received the "double vanilla ice cream" flavour, which featured a picture of vanilla ice cream with some vanilla wafers. Some of the other ERs mentioned some coconut-iness to the taste, but I never got that. It did taste like an artificial vanilla flavour, but I did feel like it tasted a bit like Nilla Wafers (which I love). So, that's a win for me.


Yeah, um...yeah.

No digestion issue to speak of, gas or others. I used Eat Smart post-workout, as part of a meal (snack), & on a few occasions as part of a breakfast smoothie.

There you have it.


Eat Smart seems to range in price from around $37 ( to as high up as $44 ( for a 2lb tub. Each tub contains roughly 30 one-scoop servings, which works out to roughly $1.24-$1.47 per serving.

I'm not a big fan of that, but there are worse buys out there. Eat Smart didn't grab me enough to make those prices agreeable, so it's hard to like it a whole helluva lot.


Eat Smart is a good protein, though somewhat overpriced as far as I'm concerned. There's the issue with the label, but I'm not exactly up in arms over it. It's a protein powder, so I really don't expect a whole lot from it.

Overall Eat Smart is alright by me. However, I'm not quite ready to give it a green light.
  • Tastes Good
  • Gluten Free
  • Lactose Free
  • Too Expensive

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