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Advanced Yohimbe-Plus Reviews

By: Irwin Naturals

Advanced Yohimbe-Plus is an Energy Supplement manufactured by Irwin Naturals. It is designed to improve mental focus and energy.

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  August 24, 2011

This herb can be used for two different things mostly. One is for fat loss as it is suppoed to help lose fat from the lower body, esp for women. I dont take it for that since Im a guy. I have taken it to enhance sex.
Results - This stuff works. Basically you will have harder erections, more often and last longer during sex. As you get older that time in between sessions gets longer but this stuff makes you feel 19 again. You will be at work and the thought of sex or a hot co-worker will give you a chubby! Your girlfriend or wife will love you for it. It also helps with pumps at the gym, but thats not why i took it.

Taste- the capsule doesnt taste like anything. it has a smooth coating on the outside made of some kind of gel.

Side Effects - ok here is where some people may get discouraged. This stuff sucks for the first few days. You HAVE to take it in the morning until your body gets used to it or you will have trouble at night. If you have taken supps like Redline, this is going to feel just like that since Redline has Yohimbe in it. for those of you that have not, you will feel hot. You will feel like your ears are hot and your eyes have steam coming out of them. You will get some chills. You will salivate a little more, but you wont be drooling all over or anything. You will have to poop a little more than normal that day. You also want to drink more water as you may feel a little dehydrated. BUT remember this doesnt last. I got over it in about a day or two and have never heard of it lasting more than 2-3 days. If you have taken a strong fat burner and felt kinda jittery and off then this will feel like that, but go away.

Overall i think this product is awesome. I cant say anything about its fat loss because its not what I used it for, but I dont think it could hurt in that department since a lot of supps have it included. But as a sexual enhancer, it is awesome. I know people that have tried viagra, cialis, and levitra and said the side effects on those are worse but the results are really close!


  • Gkeezy
    Rep: +3,502
    August 24, 2011

    Good review... but you can also get Yohimbine HCL which is stronger and cheaper and have better results... just my opinion though

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