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TGrip 2.5 Reviews

By: Iron Bull Strength

  June 21, 2014

  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
  • Excellent Pumps
  • Increase Strength And Definition Of Forearm
  • Durable
  • Top Quality
  • Fairly Priced
  • But Not Cheap
Warski here to feed another review in order to keep the info appetite satisfied!!!

Today, I'd like to discuss my overall experience and impression with the weight lifting accessory knows as the Iron Bull Tgrips 2.5. Tgrips are specially designed to allow lifters to experience the benefits of thick bar/handle training. These benefits include enhanced grip strength and increased strength of the surrounding synergistic muscles involved with grip. Increased thickness encourages additional neuro-muscular activation generated by the increased stability and force demand created by the greater diameter of the handle.

From my experience I can say I am overly satisfied with the results I have obtained through Tgrip's usage. Now to explain the details..

Design (10): Tgrips come in three thickness dimensions; 2.0, 2.5, and 3.0. As noted by the heading of the review section, I am reviewing the 2.5 design. The overall design of the Tgrips is very durable and surprisingly comfortable to the hands. The one thing I especially like is that you can truly "feel" the thickness once grab the bar or handle the grips are attached to. The ridges around the grip also contour well with the anatomy of your hand and allow for a more sturdy grasp. One thing to note though, is that one's impression on the design may depend on the size of the user's hands. My hands are bit bigger than average, so the overall grip felt more secure since I was able to get a good length of my fingers and thumbs around the grips. In summary, the design is durable, comfortable, and well contoured.

Usage (9): I've read some other reviews both here and on other forums that most users tend to limit Tgrips' uses on only a handful of preferred exercises. To each their own, but personally I incorporated Tgrips on a large variety of my exercises movements both compound and isolation. I've used Tgrips of plenty of heavy compound movements including bench press, dead lifts, military presses (both barbell and dumbbell), and other variations of these lifts. I've also used them on isolation movements such as skull crushers, tricep pull downs (both with ropes and steel handles), bicep curls (barbells and dumbbells), and wrist curls. I would say that the only lifts I didn't really incorporate Tgrips was on a few back lifts such as rack pulls and a majority of my leg exercises such as squats. The Tgrips fit securely on most handles and barbells but they can be a bit stubborn to fit on some more loose attachments such as ropes. It depends on the model of handles your gym specifically has in most cases. A major key critical word of advice I will note is that you definitely want to ensure you are grasping the thickened handles, barbells, and dumbbells correctly. What I mean by this is, ensure that the center of your palm firmly wraps around the area directly opposite of the opening indentation. This needs to be done in order for the Tgrips to force maximum muscle activation within your hands and arms. This is also critical for safety because your wouldn't want the direction of force to cause the grip to slip off.

Effectiveness (10): I can honestly say that Iron Bull Tgrips truly do as advertised. Over the course of the time period I've used Tgrips, I've noticed much more definition in my forearms, increased vascularity in my arms overall, increased grip strength, and increased upper body strength overall thanks in part to my ability to incorporate my forearms more effectively as secondary targeted muscles on various lifts. Additionally, I've noticed more flexibility in my wrists and less tendon strain in my hands after big lifts. Lastly, I also get great pumps in my arms particularly on days where arms are the primary target. Overall, these babies work and work well!!!

Value (8): As good as they are, Tgrips aren't the cheapest thing out there. The price range depending on where yu get them and the model you purchase will range 38-42 dollars. This is on the expensive side, but for the results and benefits Tgrips provides, I think it is a worthy investment. Just make sure you do some shopping around.

Overall (9): Expensive?..Yes, but like I said Tgrips 2.5 are excellent for developing forearm and general upper body strength provided your training is both intense, continuous, and well performed. I would recommend you try to incorporate them in as many exercises as you may find comfortable, but definitely into your heavy compound movements when appropriate. Also, while I did review the 2.5 model, ensure you choose a model that suits you. I chose the 2.5 model primarily because I am not new to the concept of thick bar training as noted with my experiences and reviews of the Fat Gripz models. If you are a beginner to the concept, you may want to start with the 2.0 model first. You could always invest in a variety pack but that is your call.

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