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TGrip 2.5 Reviews

By: Iron Bull Strength

  April 27, 2013

  • Excellent Pumps
  • Increase Strength And Definition Of Forearm
  • Durable
  • Top Quality
    Two words: They work!

    I personally never thought about getting one of these TGRIP's because I just saw them as unnecessary accessories. I did not see the value in them, but after using them for more than a month I can state that they are a great addition to your gymbag supplies.

    I am not going to break down the review on this product like I sually do because it is not a supplement. I will just describe my overall experience in regards to usage, comfort, effectiveness and durability.

    Usage (10/10): Every time I saw the picture of one of these TGRIPs, I thought they were made of some soft foam-like material just to add extra thickness on the bar. However, they are made of a special polymer, according to the manufacturer, that allows them to easily be manipulated to put on a regular bar, while maintaining its shape. Regardless of what is made, that is exactly how it works. They are strong, hard and somewhat hard to place on a bar, specially when they are first used. After a few uses, they get a lot easier to place on the bar, but they are still sturdy. You can pretty much use them on any barbell, dumbell (if it fits) and some machines or small bars. They are definitely a versatile product

    One thing I liked about them is that you can tell they are top quality, after more than one month of constant usage, they still look new. The only thing that has changed is that it is easier to place them on the bar, but the texture and original look has not.

    Comfort (7.8/10): Well, this is relative to the size of your hand and the strength of your grip. I got the 2.5 and they are thicker than 2.0 obviously, but that extra thickness makes a difference. They are not comfortable per se, I don't have a small hand, but is not big either. I can tell you is above average.

    It may take a little bit to get used to the way they feel on your hand. They make everything feel freaking heavy and they really make your grip and forearm work twice if not three times as hard. Also, the TGRIPs are not soft in any way; It is a little hard ot describe IMO.

    They do not feel like hard plastic in any way, but neither like a thick piece of rubber. They are firm, sturdy and have little indentations that are probably to not make them feel slick.

    One thing worth noting is that the TGRIPs add a level of comfort with closegrip bench press that makes them feel easy. Pressure onyour wrist is substantially reduced with the tgrips and this actually made it easier for me to do heavy weigths on Closegrip bench. However, when I did DB rows they made my wrist hurt a little bit, so the comfort definitely can vary from exercise to exercise.

    Effectiveness (9/10): They work perfect. Since I added the TGRIPs to my routines of pulling and some pushing exercises, I have noticed my forearms got ripped as hell. One thing I liked about them, is that they make they alway give you a forearm pump. It did not matter if it was a pulling or pushing exercises, the forearm pump was present.

    In addition, arms day was superb. The best ***ing pumps I ever had on arms day have been with the TGRIPs. The arm/forearm pumps you get plus the nasty vascularity you seem to develop even further on your forearms, are comparable to the pump of Superdrol on 3rd week. Swolle would be an understatement, is more like engorged.

    My grip definitely improved and it was noticeable during deadlifts, rack pulls and barbell shrugs. My grip simply did not give up at all with my regular weight and when I moved up to heavier weigths, I was able to hold on to it for much longer.

    Durability(8/10): they seem like they will last forever, they are very well made. I was affraid that after constant usage of widening the TGRIPs to be placed on the bar was actually going to cause a tear in the middle. Nonetheless, it has not happened and I can attribute this to way they are made. They are not different pieces or two halves put together, they are one whole piece.

    Overall/Value (9/10): well they are seemingly expensive, around 40-49 on different online retailers (currently 04/26, 41 on their site) but take in consideration that just like we buy a good pair of shoes because we know they will last, the same concept applies here. This is not like a proteins that we have to buy every 4-6 weeks or like some of our staple supplements. The TGRIPs are a one time investment. The only way you will get to buy another pair is if you need to move up in grip difficulty. I definitely recommend this to every bodybuilder or gymrat in here. I think power-lifters will definitely feel the benefits of improving grip, but even if you are not a PL, get some TGRIPs, you will not regret it.

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