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By: International Protein

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to International Protein for sending it out!
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  January 21, 2018

  • Reduced Muscle Soreness
  • Recovery
  • Great Taste
  • PeptoPro
  • Too Expensive


First off, thanks again to International Protein for sending out their Amino Recovery to the Troops! This is my second product review for this company. Amino Recovery was a little different form what I've had in the past when looking at its ingredients, but I enjoyed it! Interested in what it was? Scroll on down and dive into this review!

Ingredient Profile

The main ingredient that stood out to me was without a doubt the 8g of their PeptoPro hydrolyzed casein. What?! Casein in an amino product? Seriously, never before have I seen this, but never mind an extra little something in there. It's only 8g, which isn't a substantial amount, but will still aid in recovery, a nice little one-two punch with the BCAAs and 3g of glutamine. The three big aminos are L-Leucine (954mg), L-Isoleucin (477mg), and L-Valine (550mg).


Taste: I received the lemonade flavor. Have you ever had a lemon head candy? I literally felt like I had one in my mouth every time I drank this, incredible taste! Not too sweet at all, loved sipping on it during workouts.

Mixability: Mixed well. No clumps, residue or foaming. Digested well.

Dosing: I dosed this at 1 scoop during workouts as an intraworkout. On non-workout days I dumped a scoop in my jug and sipped it throughout the day. Delicious either way.


This product did what is was supposed to do, aid in my daily recovery and propel me during workouts. I've been doing more running than lifting as of late. During runs I would typically get burned out, depending what I was doing. By no means is this a miracle drink, but it helped in keeping me hydrated and replenished during my three weekly runs. Most likely due to a combination of the casein and aminos. With my 2-3 lifts per week, I never felt sluggish or over the top soreness in the days to follow.


You can pick this up for $39.99 on their website. Pricey, I know. Comes out to approximately 30 servings at around $1.34 per serving.

Side Effects

No side effects.


Did I enjoy this incredible lemon head flavored drink? Hell yeah I did! Am I going to dish out $40 a month for it? Hard pass on my part. The effect was there, it's just too pricey for me. Still love the company though!
  • Lemonade: 8/10

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