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Keep Dream-IN is a Nighttime Sleep Formula manufactured by Integrity Nutrition. It is designed to be used before bed time. It promotes restful sleep, increases REM sleep and helps the body attain an optimal state for muscle recovery and growth.

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Rep: +5,596
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 78

  March 8, 2017

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
(Thanks to Integrity Nutrition for sending it out!)
So the new rookie Integrity Nutrition steps up to the plate, looking pretty confident. He swings and boom this baby is out of here.. GOODNIGHT!
Man this is a wonderful sleep aid. The first night I slept so good I thought maybe it was a combination of tired and this. But after using a whole tub of this I now know this is not the case. It truly delivers every time I used it.

Profile A+
There is a few ingredients I want to talk about. One is L-Tryptophan , this is a wonderful ingredient for a sleep aid. It can be used for Insomnia sleep apnea, depression, anxiety, facial pain, a severe form of premenstrual syndrome called premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), smoking cessation, grinding teeth during sleep (bruxism), attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Tourette's syndrome. But the confusing part is this ingredient when ingested through food converts to 5-HTP , which is also another addition on the ingredients. I just found that strange. You also Have GABA and Phenibut , also Phenylalanine which I love, this can really improve your mood and relaxation . And to help round it out you have L- dopa which I find to be a great ingredient with the benefits it can help with parkinsons. Then to make sure you stay asleep the throw in some 8 grams of melatonin!.

I used a fork in a glass and never once had an issue with this. Mix it and throw it back. But if I used a blender bottle It would foam really bad. So just use a fork and get over it. Ha

I had Watermelon and it was okay at best. Not really what I want to taste before I head to bed to honest. The flavor was good, just not what I would pic for a bedtime flavor.

Like I mentioned the first night. BOOM , I felt the relaxation come on, then boom I was out. Slept almost all night, which is a miracle for me, I was slightly hungover but it went away after you actually get up and move around. The thing with this is you can actually feel the calming and relaxing mood kick in hard. It is pretty neat to be honest. But it still is able to make you feel like you are naturally tired and just gently fall asleep.
I did have some pretty big dreams while on this which is a good sign of deep sleep. I would also be less tired during the day after using this also.
Now with me using a PREworkout later in the evening ( around 630 ), this really would help on the nights I was a bit more wired than normal.
I did recover a bit better while using this as well it seemed.
Also I would take this sparingly , Sometimes 2 days on 2 off . Or 3 days on, 2 off. It lasted a good while while on this.

Value 9
As good as this worked I feel the price is still a good deal. Not widely available but I feel this will be a big hit soon , and that should change.
38- 40 bucks for a 30 serving tub, that using it with some days off in between days will last a good while.

Overall 9
I am very very please with this. Right now this is my top sleep aid choice. I would like to see or try a different flavor before bed instead of watermelon, but that is really about my only big complaint about this , and it truly is a small one. Also I want to point out the rep for this on this site is doing a fabulous job on this site and giving info on his product.
  • Deep Restful Sleep
  • Effective At Putting You Out
  • Good Value
  • Natural Sleep Feel
  • Melatonin Hangover Zombie Action
  • Watermelon: 7/10
Rep: +1,710
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 45
  March 6, 2017

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
(Thanks to Integrity Nutrition for sending it out!)

Back at it again today to write up my review for Integrity Nutrition's Sleep Aid Keep Dream-In. I really value good, deep sleep as I need it for my two jobs and working out. Muscle Recovery and gains are dependent on your body being able to rest, recover, and grow, and good sleep is vital. I have used a lot of great sleep aids in the past and was excited to give this product a try.

----Ingredient Profile----

100% fully disclosed and transparent, lots of very popular ingredients for sleep, and efficacious doses of the ingredients (some may even say too much). You receive full gram servings of L-Tryptophan and GABA, with another 500 mg of Phenibut the more pure form of GABA and also can be habit forming. More relaxation ingredients with Phenylalanine, Theanine, 5-HTP, and a whopping dose of Melatonin which has been down to give a sort of sleep hangover. We also have Mucuna Pureins, or L-Dopa, which used to be i a ton of sleep aids but has sort of went away. To my knowledge, L-DOPA was was used in sleep aids to help with HGH production and prolactin. I always had success with that ingredient so I was happy to see it in there, but at 150 mg, depending on the extract, it may be under dosed.

Overall, a transparent label with some good ingredients at big dosages. My only suggestions as others have said is lower the melatonin a bit, or maybe even replace with Valerian Root. Pretty happy with the profile though.


Taste was actually pretty good with watermelon. I use a little bit of water at night so I don't have to get up to use the bathroom a lot. Even with a little water the taste was too strong and went down easy. The mixability however was pretty bad, a lot of foaming and had to wait for that to die down some. Dosing is also a little difficult. 20-40 minutes before bed is no biggie, but because of the Phenibut you don't want to stay on too long. I used 5 days on, 2 days off for the week. On days I lifted I used it for sure, and on the weekends I might take it off as I was more able to sleep in. Phenibut works really well, but you have to play it safe.


So, this will KNOCK YOU OUT. When I would take this by itself, 40 minutes later I would be falling asleep on my couch. If I added AgmaPure to it, I would fall asleep in 20 minutes. I have used a lot of great sleep aids, but this put me out the fastest for sure. Once asleep, it was a good solid deep sleep with vivid dreams. I don't usually remember my dreams unless I have a good sleep aid so this is something I look forward to as I know my body is in that valuable stage of REM sleep where a lot of our recovery is happening. My muscle soreness was decreased and usually I was up and ready to face the day rested and recovered. Most of the time. If I went to bed a little later than normal and only got 6-7 hours of sleep, I definitely felt some sleep hangover effects. Usually, after my shower I feel totally awake. When using this sometimes I was a work for a little bit until I felt awake. Pretty strong stuff, make sure you have enough time to get those hours of sleep in.


At $38 for for 30 servings I think it is a good value. I really think people can get by even with less than a full scoop. Using a 5/2 protocol, this will last 6 weeks which I think it great.

----Side Effects----

Sleep hangover on days you don't get 8 hours.


A very strong sleep aid that knocked me out every time right away. Sometimes you just need to get to sleep and this will do it for sure. Just have to be careful with the dosing and planning and you'll be good to go.
  • Deep Restful Sleep
  • Effective At Putting You Out
  • Good Value
  • Melatonin Hangover Zombie Action
Rep: +1,591
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 35

  March 3, 2017

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
(Thanks to Integrity Nutrition for sending it out!)
Big thanks going out to Integrity Nutrition for providing this product up for review to the TROOPs. If you're like me, you love to sleep...and if you're like me, you don't always get as much, or as quality of sleep as you may like. Well this is where sleep aids can come in handy, quality sleep is one of the most vital things you can get for your recovery, and for your hormone productions. All kinds of great things happen when you fall into a nice REM sleep, and anything that can help you get there and stay there is a tremendous help.

Dosage: 1 scoop 30 minutes or so before bed.

Ingredient Profile (9/10)- This product has just about everything you can think of when it comes to sleep aids. First on the profile is 1 gram each of Tryptophan (aka the stuff that makes you feel sleepy after Thanksgiving Turkey) and GABA. Both of these ingredients are well known for their calming effects on the brain.

Next on the list is 500mg oh Phenibut, another well known calming product. When combined with GABA, it makes for a excellent combination for a nice soothing effect.

200mg of Theanine, PEA (Phenylethylamine), and Tyrosine each in this product, again great ingredients for mood enhancement and calming effects, the Theanine and PEA are in the scope of effective dosage, the Tyrosine seems a little low as 500mg seems to be the minimal effective dose to see significant effects.

Other notable ingredients are 150mg of 5-HTP for enhancement of Seratonin and natural Melatonin production in the brain, as well as a healthy dose of 8mg of Melatonin.

Overall, a very comprehensive and complete formula of just about every mood enhancing, calming, and soothing aid for the brain you can think of. Very impressive.

Mixture(8/10)- With all these ingredients, mixture was a concern for me when I started taking this. However it turned out not to be a huge issue as most of the powder dissolved when mixed in a regular shaker cup. Noticeable, but minimal foaming. Not much left at the bottom of your cup when you got to it, and overall mixed pretty well.

Taste (7/10)- I sampled the Watermelon flavor of this product. While it didn't really taste like watermelon to me, it wasn't horrible all things considered. That's about the best I can say for this. You could definitely tell there is some artificial flavors going on with this to likely mask the taste of all these ingredients you're consuming with this product. A little bit of an aftertaste and bitterness, but manageable. No plugging and chugging required.

Effectiveness (9/10)- Well with all these proven ingredients in this product, it definitely stood up to the expectations. The eyelids got heavy pretty quickly after taking this and I got 30 amazing, quality nights of sleep with this product. Nice deep REM cycles complete with vivid (and sometimes bizarre) dreams, with minimal tossing and turning. The only thing that brought me out of my sleep in the middle of the night while on this was when my 75 pound Lab/Sheppard/Pit Bull mixed dog started barking at something outside, other than that I was out like a light.

Side Effects: The one drawback with this product however is you do get some of the Melatonin hangover/zombie action in the morning when you wake up. I wasn't quite Walking Dead status, but it was a task to get up in the morning while on this. With 8 grams of Melatonin though, that's to be expected, those that are sensitive beware.

Value (9/10): This product is kind of difficult to find on the web, it doesn't look like any of the "major" supplement websites carry this. No joke the lowest price I found besides the companies own website was eBay for this. But for the best value, order this direct from Integrity Nutrition's website at $29.99 for 30 servings, essentially at $1 per serving. Considering everything you get with this tied up in a nice bow, it's a good deal. I hope to see some major retailers start to carry this though, I'd encourage any of the reps for retailers on here to give this product a good look.

Overall I'd have to say this is to date one of, if not the best sleep aids I have tried. As long as you can pull yourself out of bed in the morning, this product will give you that good quality sleep you seek. This gets the Shinndigg Seal of Approval!
  • Deep Restful Sleep
  • Effective At Putting You Out
  • Good Value
  • Melatonin Hangover Zombie Action
  • Watermelon: 7/10

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