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Instaflex is a Joint Support Product manufactured by Instaflex. It is designed to improve and maintain the health of cartilage, tendons and joints in the body.

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The supplement industry is notorious for misleading marketing and misinformation.

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  October 17, 2012

First Review so please bear with me. I tried this product because i had really bad swelling and knee pain throughout the day and especially before bed. I went to Gnc and spoke to a worker there and they mentioned this product.

No side effects when taking, Very effective when taken on a constant basis. Swelling went down drastically and pain as well after the third time i took it. This was the only supplement i was taking for joint support.

I suggest this for anyone having joint pain it's pricey but seriously in life i Prefer quality and would pay for it if the supplement works and i can truly say it does!!!
  • Very Effective
  • Too Expensive
Rep: +4,721
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 59

  October 11, 2012

Sorry guy's for a slight delay on this review. When I first got this product it was right before my back surgery which kind of derailed my progress and supplementation for a little bit. Well here we are I was able to get back in the gym 4weeks after surgery on my back and I started using instaflex as soon as I could get back just to keep all the joints lubed up and reduce the wonderful joint discomfort that one gets when they get older.
I first want to thank my broski Petey for leading the ER crew and getting these great companies to throw out there swag for us to try and review. I also want to thank Instaflex for allowing us to give this a shot and compare it to the mainline bodybuilding supplements we take for joint health and care.

My issues are slightly different from most since I have been diagnosed with a degenerative disk disorder at a very young age. Sine the age of 21 I have been battling this bullpoo issue which causes my lower three lumbar disks to rapidly loose the fluid in the cartilage A.K.A disk which in turn causes them to rupture and crush easily. I have had 4 surgeries since 2004.2 minor, 1 moderate, and 1 major so I thought hey what the hell do I have to lose and I signed up to give this a run. I will never say a product is magical by any means but I will say that this flat out worked well for me.

------------- Pain and Discomfort 7.6/10-----

I will start this review with this category since I feel this is the one people care about most. I started using this product as soon as I got the green light to start my gym routines again and I have to say the first week of lifting after a month off was hell, everything hurt and it was very disheartening. By the 9th day or so my muscles still hurt ,but my joints such as shoulders, elbows, hips and even my back felt great. I would have to say that my pain and discomfort level was drastically cut in half by the middle of the second week. There was little morning stiffness and I could function at a very high level with out the mobility issues I knew I had. I feel medically this product is a great band-aid that helped with your everyday joint discomfort but this is not a fix. Once I came off the product with in a week I noticed the slight aches and mobility issues I had before my surgeries so this product would have to be a constant run since it aids worn joint and it does not repair worn joints.

------------------Content 9/10---------------

No blends!!!! This is already a big plus when I signed up for this trial I figured they would have a clever new blend name like joint juice blend or fountain of youth mobility complex. Well they didn't and I was kind of disappointed since I would have loved to poke fun at it, all seriousness this product contains a lists of well sought after and scientifically proven compounds. The main compound is Glucosamine sulfate at 1500 mgs per serving it also contains a pretty good list of others like MSM and Hyaluronic acid which has made a huge splash with its studies and claims. By placing all these compounds into one super capsule you do have a pretty good joint supplement.

---------------- Dose/Timing 9/10------------

Very simple 3 pills a day every day with water, it also request a sensible diet and light exercise for optimal performance. I started taking them right before my work out for the first two weeks and noticed a steady improvement with joint mobility so I wanted to change it to first thing in the morning with my protein shake and see if something would change and it didn't same results nice mobility all day long with out normal aches and pains. This product seems to be a basic as long as you get it into your system and keep it there it will work.

------------------Value 5.5/10---------------

This area is where the product loses some ground and starts to trail the other joint aids on the market. The only place I could find this was GNC and they have it for 70.00 for a month!?!?! My god for a product that only aids in joint lubrication and mobility and NOT REPAIR this is a steep price. I honestly don't see people running out to purchase this unless they have disposable income and don't care about price. Did it help my joint well on it; it sure did can't deny that. Can I go out and spend 35.00 dollars and stack up the three main compounds and save over 400.00 a year, yup. I can't trash the product it does have value I just wish the price was set for the average person that maybe doesn't have 70.00 dollars a month and needs a high end joint aid do to previous injuries. If Instaflex dropped the price of there supplement to 30-40.00 a bottle I bet it would sell more then 90% of the joint aids on the market, just a thought.

Overall I enjoyed the product and thought it worked well while I was on it, but it did not "repair" anything per say it just aided my joints with lubrication allowing for a more comfortable wake up and rest of the day. The content is spot on and they have no mystery blend which is a huge plus and I do respect a company who really shows what and how much they use. The biggest downfall and the Achilles heel for this product is the cost. If they could drop the cost into the realm of normalcy it may become a staple in every aged bodybuilder's gym bag. I can only give this product a half hulk seal of approval at this time and I hope Instaflex does something about their price so they can reach the whole market and not the higher income folks.

  • No More Joint Pain
  • Aids In The Relief Of Joint Pain And Discomfort
  • No Blends
  • Too Expensive
  • Not A Repair As Stated On Bottle
Rep: +2,584
Trust: 100%
  October 4, 2012

Instaflex Joint support. Thank you to Instaflex for participating in the ER program, and asking if some of the "older" members would be willing to give this a run.

Overview: Joint supplementation is something that should not be taken for granted. The wear and tear on one's joints from heavy lifting, or excessive repetitive motion from athletics can and will take a toll. Even if your not feeling pain, or the wear and tear, it is still important to take care of your joints for preventative maintenance. As for myself, I am 33, with a few aches and pains, but a particular weakness is my shoulder. I suffer from slight degeneration in a rehabbed AC joint in which I blew out almost three years ago. Although I will always feel some pain and discomfort, I always have a joint supplement on hand to protect, and alleviate the pain from the damage. I also supplement with joint support regularly to prevent any further issues, and to promote healthy joint function in my old self.

Effectiveness: 8

Overall this product works. No matter what type of support I take I will always feel the pain in my right shoulder, this product did however seem to lube it up, and prevent any major discomfort during lifts. After chest day I usually feel a twinge for a few hours or even a day, but after a week straight with Instaflex, the majority of the discomfort subsided. I didn't notice any additional pain or discomfort for the month that I used this either.

Profile: 9

*1,500mg Glucosamine sulfate
*500mg MSM
*250mg Ginger root
*125mg Boswelia extract
*250mg White willow bark
*50mg Turmeric extract
*50mg Cayenne Pepper
*4mg Hyaluronic acid

Proven and effective ingredients.

Dosing, three caps a day.
One bottle provides a one month supply.

Value: 5

I was only able to find a price at GNC, $69.99. Which seems astronomical to me. It may be worth it to those who suffer greatly from arthritis, and have difficulty even moving parts of their body. But even at the level of discomfort I experience from time to time, more than two dollars a day for a joint support seems a little much. A portion of the price helps support the arthritis foundation which is great, but to supplement with this monthly would be quite costly. If there were larger bottles which were more than a one months supply, or there were more retailers to carry this other than GNC, than the value could be remedied. But I have found a few other supplements as, or nearly as effective as this for about half the price.

Overall: 7

The product works, with effective, non prop blend, adequate doses of ingredients. I simply can not get past the price tag. But again the value may depend upon the severity of your joint pain and limitation. I can only speak for my experience, and for that, $70 dollars for a one month supply is simply to high. If I found this on sale, or was able to get more than a months supply from a bottle, I would use it again. Until then I will look elsewhere for my joint supplementation.
  • Aids In The Relief Of Joint Pain And Discomfort
  • Too Expensive
Rep: +626
Trust: 100%
  November 25, 2011

I decided to take this because i had several joint problems. i've had runners knee, small popping in my elbow, but more recently i started having really bad inflammation in the top of my foot/ankle area. i dealt with the problem for a very long time and never decided to do anything about it til recently when i started having really bad pain in my ankle. i went from running about 5 miles a day to barely being able to do half a mile without having this throbbing pain. i felt my ankle and could feel a pop whenever i moved my foot around. i knew this had to be dealt with right away.

i decided to try this out and WOW without the first week i felt a difference. by the end of the bottle (30 days) i didnt have any more pain. the popping in my elbow was gone, the runners knee went from a crunching to a small vibration and the ankle pain was gone completely.

TASTE 10/10: they're capsules, small capsules too.

VALUE 8/10: i give it an 8 because its not the cheapest thing on the market. its $70 bucks in store and its a month supply. comes to $2.33/day, which is pretty high. i personally didnt mind the price because of the severity of the issue. so if your price conscious, you may not like it. but if you want something with good quality and are willing to pay to make sure the problem will be taken cared of then hands down this product is amazing.


*1,500mg of glucosamine sulfate

*500mg of MSM (there is where it loses .5, could have put more MSM in)

*250mg of ginger root

*125mg of boswelia extract

*250mg of white willow bark

*50mg of turmeric extract

*50mg of cayenne

*4mg of hyaluronic acid (i believe this may be part of the price issue, hyaluronic acid isnt the cheapest product)

My favorite part about instaflex is the fact that they dont hide the ingredients in a proprietary blend. its upfront and tells you how much of every ingredient you are going to get.

EFFECTIVENESS: 10/10... like i said above, i went from doing 5 miles a day on the track to not being able to even complete 1 mile. within 4 days of taking instaflex i felt a lot better. i didnt put myself to 5 miles again right away but i was able to push to 1 mile at least. i noticed the pain slowly started to go away. the ankle did not burn as much as it did, this could be do to the white willow bark, but the fact is that it was working. by the end of the 2nd week. pain in my ankle was completely gone. i didnt have anymore popping in my elbow and the crunching in my knee went down significantly. i finished the bottle though to ensure this wouldnt happen again.

SIDE EFFECTS 10/10.. there were no side effects.

OVERALL 9/10... i would definetly recommend it to anyone that says they area having joint pain. it worked wonders for me. i take a fish oil every day now since being off instaflex and i havent had any issues since and its been about a month since finishing my bottle and im back to running 5 miles a day. a lot of joint supps are usually "eh kinda worked" or "didnt do a thing" and i was skeptical taking this, but it really was worth every penny to me because it worked that good.
  • No More Joint Pain
  • No More Inflammation
  • Too Expensive

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