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DVST8 White Cut Reviews

By: Inspired Nutraceuticals

  November 24, 2016

  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Face Tingles
  • Tunnel Vision
  • Increased Performance
  • Pricey Depending On Dosage
  • Limited Availability


When looking for a new pre-workout I came across DVST8. With all of the hype about this product I had to jump into the waters and test it out. I was really excited to give this one a try. I would count down the days until I finished my previous PWO so I could rip into this one.

Ingredient Profile

I am not going to list them all. I will talk about the ingredients I liked the most. This is per one scoop serving. There are four blends. Three show full disclosure but the ThermoFocus Blast blend is not fully disclosed. Niacin-10mg (B3) which is believed to be a mood enhancer along with the energy benefits of the B vitamin family. Citrulline-4g reduces fatigue. Beta Alanine-1.6g raises muscle carnosine and provides the Tingles. Raw Coconut Water Concentrate-250mg-Keeps you hydrated. Theobromine-50mg which gives you an alert factor. This will keep you on your toes. Higenamine Hydrochloride-20mg which has fat burning and stimulant properties. Also used as substitute for DMAA.


Taste was very good. I had the Galaxy Pop flavor. The taste was not very strong or sweet. It mixed well in the shaker cup. I dosed with one scoop for the first week and a half. I felt really good on one scoop so I figured I would feel great on two scoops. I was right. I felt fantastic on two scoops. I finished the bottle using two scoops.


Focus was good at one scoop but when I went to two scoops it was intense. My energy levels kicked into high gear. It was a different type of energy. I didn't find myself pacing between sets, I found myself almost relaxed between sets while looking at the weights while thinking "I'm gonna come over there in 46 seconds, pick you up, lift you and there is nothing you are going to do about it". I felt the energy but it wasn't that same energy where I felt I always needed to be moving. I know, it sounds odd. The confidence I had during my workouts while taking this PWO was amazing. After the focus factor kicked in I felt I could lift anything. I had to remind myself I couldn't a few times when I thought I would do something stupid and add an incredible amount of weight and really feel it the next morning. The tingles were there but not the strongest that I have had which is fine. As long as I can feel them I am happy. I also feel this product did a good job hydrating me before my workouts. I continued to trend in all of the right directions in my workouts so I would say this product does everything I wanted it to do.


I paid $59.99 on Inspired Nutraceuticals website. This gives you 40 servings at 1 scoop. This comes out to $1.49 per serving. The Nutraceuticals website has it for $55.99 currently. As good as this makes you feel, it is worth the price.

Side Effects



This is a very good pre-workout. I believe this is the best one I have used to date. The focus is intense and the feeling of confidence I had was amazing. It's a good thing Lincoln Hawk wasn't around or I would have challenged him to an arm wrestling match (for you Over the Top fans). I really felt my mood change when this kicked in. This product put me in a very positive mood and mindset and ready to lift any weight that came my way. If you like good clean energy and focus this is the product for you.
  • Galaxy Pop: 8/10


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