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DVST8 White Cut Reviews

By: Inspired Nutraceuticals

  May 8, 2017

  • Increased Energy
  • Tunnel Vision
  • Increased Performance
  • Increased Sweat
  • 40 Serving Container
  • Consistent
  • Pricey Depending On Dosage


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Just a little introduction to myself here. Been a fan of SR for years now and has always been my go to resource for non biased reviews. Having worked in the supplement retail industry for several years now and at several different retailers I figured it was time that I made my knowledge of some use to the world. Currently I don't have a direct fitness goal, My weight training is definitely bodybuilding/ hypertrophy workouts but Im also heavily involved in combat sports (Boxing, Muay Thai and Jiu jitsu), so i do consider myself moderately an athlete. My favourite products are pre workouts and I am also big into niche and new styles of products.

Ingredient Profile

Right out of the gate Inspired impressed me with the non proprietary blend formula, the label even does the user the favour of having the dosages listed for both a one scoop and a two scoop serving. I'm just going to stick to the cliffnotes here:

The Truth Matrix: This is White Cut's muscle endurance blend which delivers 4G L-Citrulline per scoop (8G for 2 scoops for those playing along at home), 1600mg of Beta Alanine (3,200mg x 2 scoops), 2G Betaine Anhydrous (4G x 2 scoops), 1G taurine (2G x 2 scoops) and Raw Coconut Water Concentrate in a 250mg dosage. Right off the bat I was super impressed with the Citrulline and the Betaine dosages, clearly not skimping in either of those departments

Max Vo2:
Here we have the nitric oxide based portion of the White Cut, which gives us: 50mg Theobromine (100mg x 2 scoops), 20mg Higenamine Hydrochloride (40mg x 2 scoops) and 7.5mg of Cocoa extract, specifically the trademarked Cocobuterol version.

Thermofocus blast:
Now this is the fun part, whats a good pre without the stimulants that make you question what you ever did before taking pre workout. This is where we get introduced to a blend of: AdvantraZ, Caffeine Anhydrous (100mg), 2-Aminoisoheptane, Caffeine Citrate (50mg), Di-Caffeine Malate (50mg), Alpha Yohimbine and Black pepper extract (specifically bioperine)


DVTS8 White Cut is currently available in 3 flavours: California gold (a mango/ summer flavour), Galaxy Pop (a rocket popsicle based flavour) and Pacific crush (unsure, but a blue raspberry type flavour).
i personally have tried the California gold and the galaxy pop, both of which I can say are very solid flavours, sweet but not over powering which leads me to recommend going with at least a half a shaker cups worth of water (per scoop). Mixability is perfect, very few floaters or sinkers, I always keep shaking my pre workouts out of habit so I cant speak to any issues regarding the settling of the powder.


Now here is the real reason we all buy a pre workout, you can break down the ingredients all day long and rave or hate the flavouring system, but if it works, then everything else gets thrown out the window. I'll keep it simple and break it down based on the major categories
Endurance: Had zero issues with muscular endurance while on DVST8, my workouts are pretty intense and I found myself needing shorter rest periods then if I had been training on no pre/ stims.

Pumps: The pumps from DVST8 were okay, nothing super significant, but I know that personally I respond better to Agmatine Sulfate then Citrulline, however there were still evident pumps.

Energy: Now this is where this product really shines. Right out of the gate I took a 2 scoop serving (bold move I know), holy did that ever take me for a ride. i was buzzing around the gym, it was a weird sense of jittery where I was concerned about how strong I was going to be, but when it came time to lift I smashed multiple PR's on several of my lifts (this was a chest workout). Perhaps the most surprising was that I didn't experience any sort of significant crash, more of a gentle let down after a few hours. That being said this is the kind of pre workout that takes some experimenting to find your preferred intake level. For me personally its perfect at 1.5 scoops, just enough of the stims to really get me going, but not enough to push me overboard. Start small and work your way up with the dosages.

Overall Effects:
In terms of muscle building, Id say its hard to gauge with pre workouts, I have set multiple PR's since starting White Cut (increased strength) and have gained muscle without gaining fat, as well as improvements in my athletic performance. However its far to hard to tie that to a pre workout, considering my diet and training were on point while taking it. Fantastic energy, gets you going and locks you in mentally for the workout.


The value on this product is not ideal when paying full price, Inspired retails it for $55.99 for a 40 scoop tub (based on a 1 scoop serving, therefore 20 servings if taking 2 scoops). That places this well over $1.00 per serving and over $2.00 per serving if doubling up the dosage. However some ground is gained here because if you keep an eye out Inspired is constantly running different promotions and discounts where you can get much better pricing (currently for their spring sale its $39.99 a tub).

Side Effects

No side effects other then the standards for pre workouts, don't take too close to bed time (obviously)


In conclusion this is simply one of the best dosed and most effective pre workouts on the market. Covers all of the bases one would like to see in a pre workout and will deliver even on a single scoop serving, if you can afford the somewhat steep price or can hold out until it goes on sale, I'd highly recommend giving DVST8 White Cut a try, even for the most stim tolerant of folks.
  • California Gold: 8/10
  • Galaxy Pop: 8/10


  • Admin_
    Rep: +4,815
    May 8, 2017

    Great first review! Welcome to the site.

  • medinacirilo
    Rep: +1,095
    May 10, 2017

    Solid review! And yup, this stuff is NO JOKE so even stim junkies need to find their optimum dose

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