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Boladrol has been reported as discontinued.

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Boladrol Reviews

By: Innovative Body Enhancement

  February 21, 2012

  • Gain Weight
  • Not A Gimmick
  • Solid Mass Gains
  • In 4 Weeks +10 Pds
  • Definite Strength Gains!
  • Workout Aggression.
  • Back Pumps.
  • Minor Back Pumps
  • Very Aggressive Mood.
I bought 2 packs of Boladrol, then came here and looked at the reviews - I was ***ed. Tried to get my money back due to the poor reviews. Was too late, rcv'd them, decided to do a 4 week cycle, 2 in AM; 2 in late afternoon. Only change in diet was an increase in protein. Due to being old, joints were killing me, could bench 225 maybe 7-8x.

Cycle: Three weeks in and did 225x20. Had hit 275 for a solid 8 reps. Body weight a solid +10 pds.

Post Cycle: Thus far no hard shut downs w/ PCT. Used good liver support and anastrozole throughout. Had no acne, but do tan 3x a week. No hair loss.

Thoughts: I would/will definitely hit the Boladrol again. I know PH's are hit and miss with each individual - but to me Boladrol was akin to Anadrol in both strength gains and the aggression. The only draw back to me was the aggression - seriously - the punching bag in my garage became a daily ritual.


  • FlashSunday
    Rep: +3,550
    February 21, 2012

    Anastrozole is just an aromatase inhibitor. Did you use a serm for pct?

  • February 21, 2012

    Hey Flash,

    Yes Sir .. I did/do regularly use both Nolva and Clomid, for PCT. Nolva for preventing gyno-like rebound; and Clomid for any fsh/lh issues - which IMHO is really what you are looking for in a pct. :-)

    Thanks !!

  • hulkish1
    Rep: +4,736
    February 21, 2012

    i ran a bola lmg cycle a year ago and i liked it. it can be hit or miss with it and there was bunk batch out there.

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