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This product has been reported as discontinued.


Only 4 Reviews - Waiting for more trustworthy reviews

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Boladrol is a Prohormone manufactured by Innovative Body Enhancement. It is a synthetic version of hormones or hormone precursors that increase muscle strength, size and stamina, and can additionally aid in fat loss.

This product has been reported as discontinued.

See all 30 products in:
Growth Enhancers > Prohormones


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The supplement industry is notorious for misleading marketing and misinformation.

Rep: 0
Trust: 0%
  February 21, 2012

I bought 2 packs of Boladrol, then came here and looked at the reviews - I was ***ed. Tried to get my money back due to the poor reviews. Was too late, rcv'd them, decided to do a 4 week cycle, 2 in AM; 2 in late afternoon. Only change in diet was an increase in protein. Due to being old, joints were killing me, could bench 225 maybe 7-8x.

Cycle: Three weeks in and did 225x20. Had hit 275 for a solid 8 reps. Body weight a solid +10 pds.

Post Cycle: Thus far no hard shut downs w/ PCT. Used good liver support and anastrozole throughout. Had no acne, but do tan 3x a week. No hair loss.

Thoughts: I would/will definitely hit the Boladrol again. I know PH's are hit and miss with each individual - but to me Boladrol was akin to Anadrol in both strength gains and the aggression. The only draw back to me was the aggression - seriously - the punching bag in my garage became a daily ritual.
  • Gain Weight
  • Not A Gimmick
  • Solid Mass Gains
  • In 4 Weeks +10 Pds
  • Definite Strength Gains!
  • Workout Aggression.
  • Back Pumps.
  • Minor Back Pumps
  • Very Aggressive Mood.
Rep: +13
Trust: 4%
  August 30, 2011

This product is bunk, its been claimed to be like Superdrol, or dbol, but it is not, it says it kicks in in 3 days, well I took it for a week, and I know what I'm doing I might add, all this did was make me horribly depressed, I lost 3lbs, and was eating tons of food, the second day I developed the worst acne I have ever had, all over my arms, shoulders kneck and face, I felt unmotivated in the gym, and usually left early cuz I had no energy, I discontinued use, and began tomax, and test pro for PCT, Boladrol is crap, I still have the acne a week later !!!!!! I suggest that newbies don't be fooled, u can find clones of REAL ph online, Superdrol, hdrol, P-Plex, all quality products, do your homework, just cuz it looks good on paper, don't make it effective. Boladrol appears to be very strong chemically, but it is Garbage, stay away, I get more out of the test pro than I did on this junk
    • Not Effective
    • Shoulder Acne
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • No Pumps
    • No Gym Energy
    Rep: +791
    Trust: 10%
      June 1, 2011

    Here is a full write up on Boladrol by ibe. Lets start by saying this pro-hormone has received a horrible rap as being a dud. This is far from the truth in my case and opinion. Boladrol was not as strong as I thought, but still produced good gains when dosed right. Quick background on myself with pro-hormones. I have used many pro-hormones stacked and by themselves and have had some trial and errors as well. As I have grown more accustom to the world of designer steroids and pro-hormones my knowledge has grown. Here comes the shout out to make his ego grow some more BIG WORM has really pointed me in the right direction and his expertise has rubbed off on me helping me become much wiser in my cycles. Now for the skinny on the one they call Boladrol!

    ------------------------ Effectiveness 7/10------------------------------------------------------
    Boladrol was a better than avg pro-hormone with a pre-cursor of a classic anabolic steroid bolasterone. Pre-cursor main compound is(7,17a-dimethyl-androsten-3,17-diol) that produced a solid gain rather then a reported wet gain. I started my dosing protocol at 2mg (1 pill) for the first day and 4mg (2pill) for the rest of the week. Week 2 was 6mg a day at 2 pills after A.M workout and 1 8hrs later. Week 3-5 I used 8mg a day dosed 2 after work out and 2 8 hrs later. Week 5 is when I started noticing some huge gains in my lifts and my tone. My back, shoulders and chest blew up!! My final dose was an abnormal one at 10mg week 6-7 and it was 3 after and 2 8 hrs later. My final numbers are as follows: chest was 48" now 52" bicep was down from my last cycle was 16.5" now up to 18" down from 19" but more cut up. Bf was 17.8% now 16.2% calipers used after guess before. Waist was 35" now 33". The only reason the Boladrol got a seven was for how long it took to kick in. my weight was 197 and now 215.

    -------------------------Value 8.5/10----------------------------------------------
    To properly dose the Boladrol it can be very pricey but all ph cycles are. You will need 2-3 bottles of Cycle Assist, Milk Thistle, multi-vitamin, Fish Oil, cholesterol support, and the ph. PCT is an absolute must in this cycle p.c.t consists of toremifene, p.c.t assist, natty test booster, Arom-X, and I'm still running all my Cycle Support supplements as well. This is a typical ph cycle properly stacked for the best results IMO. If you plan on running a ph cycle plan to spend all your money in the PCT and support supplements not the ph itself.

    ------------------------------Side effects 5/10-----------------------------------------------------
    The side effects of Boladrol where moderate. The first week you feel very fatigued and do not panic if you get a cold or two in the first week or two your body is run down with this strong hormone in your system. Acne was mild mainly on chest and upper back area hunger was unreal. And the aggression was hulk-like to say the least. I did notice I was much more irritable then ever before while on the higher doses of Boladrol so this may be something to consider if you have little kids around you all the time. All and all the sides are not that bad as long as you take the proper supplements along with the ph. My liver test came back great with the only very small issue being my bilorubin count was slightly raised normal is .5-1.5 and mine was 2.0 my cholesterol was in the normal range as well total was 5.2 normal is between 4.5-6.0 blood pressure was always in check at 121/79 the whole cycle.
    -------------------------------- Overall 8/10----------------------------------------------------------
    Boladrol is a good intermediate to advanced pro-hormone that can be stacked like I did it with a non-methylated compound for increased gains and results. I would have liked it better if the results happened in the 2-3rd week rather then 5th but with all the fda regulations on ph's now it is tough to sift thru it and find a newer better compound that's not a clone of an old ph. Form what I have seen and gained thru all my hard work and diet this is not a gimmick ph but a pretty good one.
    • Gain Weight
    • Not A Gimmick
    • Solid Mass Gains
    • Shoulder Acne
    Rep: +8
    Trust: 26%
      April 7, 2011

    So I ran this stuff up to 8mg a day right, and yeah I got a little stronger and I gained around ten pounds. However my body fat went up around 4% in the short time I took the stuff, I was eating about 4500 calories daily on a good 3-2-1 ratio, all clean stuff with 1 cheat day the exact same time consistently. I lifted 5x a week with moderate cardio (500 reps jump rope, 1 mile run under 12min, stair intervals). I had shoulder acne like a mother Fue*!, gained bf%, and overall mood was crapy. As soon as I was done with it I jumped on to H Drol, which I love. I just finished it and the weight I did gain with Bola I have gained 2 lbs and droped 2% bf :) I would say that the hype is just that hype, get yourself some M drol if you want sh#! done.
    • Gain Weight
    • Shoulder Acne

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