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Amentoflavone is a relatively unknown bioflavonoid that has been shown to directly increase strength, improve fat loss, and generate fantastic pumps!

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What is Amentoflavone?

Amentoflavone is a naturally occurring plant alkaloid found in a number of different plants, most notably Gingko biloba and St John's Wort. Early studies have shown that this compound possesses a plethora of benefits ranging from improving overall health to combating disease. It also has demonstrated a number of benefits for exercise, leading it to garner attention from trainers, athletes and supplement manufacturers, particularly those in the pre workout and fat burner market.

Where Does It Come From?

Amentoflavone is found in a variety of plants in the wild, with St. Johns Wort and Ginkgo Biloba being the most notable. However, youre most likely to see it appearing as an extract titled Selaginella tamariscina. This is a proprietary extract called AmentoMAX which contains 20% amentoflavone by weight and is sold as part of a pre workout or as a standalone supplement.

What does it do?

The key to a full and complete muscular contraction is the release of calcium into the muscle cells. A lack of sufficient calcium ions in the cell prohibits the muscle from fully contracting, leading to a missed or incomplete rep (i.e. lack of gains). Amentoflavone possesses the unique ability to increase calcium release in the muscle, the only other compound found to accomplish this same feat is caffeine. Unlike caffeine though, amentoflavone is 20 times more effective at raising calcium concentrations than that of its stimulating counterpart. This is just scratching the surface of amentoflavones ergogenic (performance enhancing) attributes.

Amentoflavone is also a Phosphodiesterase (PDE) inhibitor. If you have any experience with forskolin, you are well aware of what PDE inhibitors do. Basically, it indirectly increases cAMP levels in adipose (fat) tissues which subsequently activates a variety of transcription factors and other enzymes in the RNA. This chain reaction results in greater lipolysis, the breakdown and release of stored fat from those pesky trouble spots.

As we just mentioned, amentoflavone inhibits PDE, and PDE is responsible for the breakdown of cAMP in a cell. Thus, by blocking PDE with amentoflavone, we indirectly increase cAMP and ultimately increase fat loss as well.

Another perk of being a PDE inhibitor, specifically PDE-5, is that amentoflavone increases vasodilation which results in bigger and badder pumps during training due to the increased blood flow reaching the muscles. More blood flow also means more nutrients are shuttled to the muscle allowing you to workout for longer periods of time.

Finally, amentoflavone inhibits the enzyme PTP1B. This enzyme is heavily involved in insulin signaling. Research has recently been undertaken to examine whether inhibiting it will lead to a possible treatment or cure for obesity and diabetes. In terms of workout performance, PTP1B inhibition leads to improved insulin sensitivity. In tandem with this, amentoflavone reduces circulating lipids (triglycerides) furthering its potential use in fighting metabolic syndrome, obesity and diabetes.

Benefits of Amentoflavone

  • Increase Nitric Oxide production

  • Enhanced strength

  • Bigger pumps

  • Improved fat loss

  • Boost overall mood

  • Heightened insulin sensitivity

  • Increased power output

  • Greater vasodilation

  • Reduce circulating lipid concentrations


There is no established on dosage of amentoflavone. Individual doses range from 50mg to 1000mg per day. However, most pre workouts and fat burners on the market contain a 100-200mg dose. Based on your reaction to this amount, you can either decrease or increase to get the desired effect. Amentoflavone stacks well with most pre workouts and fat burner currently on the market, just be sure to check the ingredient label to see if the product already contains amentoflavone before adding more.


From increased pumps to enhanced fat loss to better overall mood, Amentoflavone seems to cover all the bases in what you would want in a supplement. More research is still to come on this potent compound, but the early prognosis looks rather enticing. Whether youre an athlete or bodybuilder, Amentoflavone provides too many benefits for you to leave it by the wayside.

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