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Matcha Tea Reviews

By: IdealRaw

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Matcha Tea is an Anti-Oxidant manufactured by IdealRaw. It helps prevent the harmful 'free-radicals' that can cause cell damage in the body.
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  July 22, 2017

  • Caffeine Content Listed
  • Scoop
  • Organic
  • Increased Energy
  • Expensive
  • Silicon Dioxide


One of the great things about the trooper program is the ability to try different and unique supplements. So, when IdealRaw (part of the Hut Group) put up their organic Matcha Tea I had to try it. I had heard about the unique benefits of matcha so I wanted to put it to the test. Here is the review.

Ingredient Profile

Each container of IdealRaw Matcha Tea comes in 30 servings at 2.5g each. In each scoop, there are 5 calories, 0 fat, 1 carbohydrate, 0 protein, and 70mg of caffeine. It is important to note that this product contains a scoop, as most other matcha products do not. In addition, some matchas do not make their caffeine content clear this one does. There are two ingredients and one is organic matcha green tea powder, which is culinary grade and silicone dioxcide. Before I go into the matcha I want to touch on the silicone dioxide. Silicone dioxcide is a natural compound of silicon and oxygen. It is present naturally in many foods we eat and is mostly used as a food additive. The primary purpose is to prevent clumping. I will note that studies on the safety of it show no health risk. I understand why IdealRaw put the silicone dioxide in the product but most other matcha products are pure with only one ingredient. I would have preferred a pure product.

Matcha tea is concentrated powdered green tealeaves rather than the loose green tea leaves in a bag like traditional tea. To my knowledge, there are two types of matcha tea they are ceremonial grade and culinary grade. IdealRaw uses culinary grade matcha tea. The major differences between them is ceremonial is strictly for drinking and has a sweeter mild flavor. Culinary grade can be used for drinking, cooking, and baking and has a less sweet taste. Matcha teas benefits are similar to that of green tea but is supposed to be enhanced since it is a concentrated version. It may help prevent certain cancers such as bladder, breast, and prostate. One example is a 22% lowered chance of breast cancer in women who drank green tea (1). Matcha tea can also aid in fat loss, recovery, energy booster and much more. I liked the ingredient profile especially the matcha tea as someone who regularly drinks regular green tea.


In terms of taste, you have to be aware that when you buy matcha it is going to taste slightly different from regular green tea. Matcha has a very earthy taste, as it is ground tealeaves so you get that tea taste along with that grass like taste. It also is a lot richer and thicker than regular tea from teabags. I personally prefer matcha tea. I was able to mix this in cold water but you really have to stir. I mostly would put it in a blender bottle with the whisk ball and it mixed fairly well. There was always some residue on the bottom but I would shake up the bottle and that mixed it back into the liquid. As far as dosing goes, I used this as a coffee alternative. I normally would do a scoop or two throughout the day.


It is hard to rate the effectiveness of this product since it does not really have a defined purpose as it has more general usage. So, I will rate it as a coffee alternative. Then I will talk about one aspect of the product that I felt over the course of the bottle. As a coffee alternative, I felt like this product was very effective. It gave me energy that lasted for several hours after taking it. The energy was not over the top as sometimes it is with coffee. Sometimes when I have coffee and espresso I will be hit with a caffeine rush and crash quickly. However, with the matcha tea it was a more stable energy that tapered off. I also used this before some cardio and I thought it was on par with coffee for that since my recent cardio has been more HIIT so it is shorter. Overall, matcha is something I would keep around to switch it up when I get bored of coffee on some days.

A major aspect of this I noticed was the energy I got from this was more calming in a sense. I was energized but it was much smoother. I think this had to do with the fact that there is high levels of theanine in matcha tea. You will see that in some energy supplements and nootropics they include theanine along with their caffeine. I find this to be preferred because it blunts the harshness of the caffeine and gives it a smooth feel.


IdealRaw Organic Matcha retails for $22.99 making it $.76 per scoop. However, you can buy three tubs for $59.99 making it $.66 per scoop. Comparing this to other Matcha Teas, Jade Leaf on Amazon goes for $18.95 and at a similar dosage to IdealRaw you are looking at $.37 per serving. I will note this comes in 100 1/2 tsp servings with each serving coming to $.18 but you need two servings to equal the amount in IdealRaw hence the $.37. Zen Spirit Matcha goes for $22.79 making it $.69 per serving. Ujido Matcha is $24.00 making it $.47 per serving. IdealRaw Matcha is more expensive than other Matcha Teas on the market. However, it does come with a scoop and most do not. I also noticed most other Matcha Teas do not have the food additive silicone dioxide while IdealRaw does. Overall, I think there are cheaper options and the scoop is not worth the extra price.

Quick comparison to coffee, I currently pay $.43 for coffee pods, which is cheaper than IdealRaw matcha. My Espresso pods are actually more expensive and they are $.80 per pod.

Side Effects

I had no side effects while taking this product.


Overall, I enjoyed idealRaw Matcha. I felt like it was an effective coffee alternative and gave me a smooth energy. This does contain a filler of silicone dioxide that I wish was not in the product, as other matcha teas do not include this. In addition, it is more expensive than other products but does include a scoop. The only reason I could see purchasing this over other matcha products is if you are invested in the IdealRaw brand and prefer a scoop. I would like to thank IdealRaw for sending the product and the Trooper Program for coordinating it.




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