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HydroxyElite Reviews

By: Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

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  February 14, 2018

  • Has DMAA
  • Mild Appetite Suppression
  • Increased Energy
  • Blends
  • Dwindling Supply
  • Not As Good As OEP


This product gets quite a number of searches, and it's pretty easy to see why. We all know the infamous OxyElite Pro, which made DMAA famous, with Jack3d of course. While those were some fun days, the market has shifted to some safer supplements. Believe it or not, OEP still gets searches on here, which is quite funny.

You may not see this product anymore, as DMAA is well on its way out, but it is still available at many retail stores I've seen. I'm mainly reviewing this for fun actually, as I may soon have to mark this as discontinued.

Ingredient Profile

The profile is not the same as OEP, but still has some similarities. Same amount of caffeine(100mg) per pill, and DMAA in a blend. I've used both DMAA and DMHA. I can say I got better mental focus out of DMHA, but DMAA gave me more of a euphoric feeling.

The first ingredient in the blend is Bauhinia Purpurea. All I could find on this ingredient is that it may help with your thyroid, however, the only study I was able to find was one on rats.

Next we have Bacopa. I actually really like bacopa, mainly as a brain function supplement. I've used it in the past and loved the anxiety/mental clarity effects I got from it. It's in a blend here, and I highly doubt it is dosed high enough, as I didn't notice any effects I have received in the past.

Cirsium Oligophyllym has some studies on rats, all I could find there. May help with fat loss, but nothing conclusive. Last ingredient in this blend is alpha-yohimbine. This is actually a solid ingredient for fat loss, however, I have a big issue with not knowing how much is in this blend. With the high risk of side effects from yohimbine, especially alpha-yohimbine, I see no reason to ever keep the amount hidden.

Lastly, we have Garcinia, that Dr. Oz product that seems to have died out over the past couple of years. Standardized for 60% hydroxy citric acid, which is on par with many other ingredients on the market.


Pills so there is no taste or mixability.

Dosing is exactly like OEP, which is 1-2 pills in the morning, and 1 later on in the day. I typically just took 2 caps in the morning, as I like to enjoy an energy drink midday as opposed to just popping a pill. Caps are slightly big, which some may have trouble taking.


I'll break this up into categories.


With DMAA, I had high hopes for this product. I was a bit disappointed to be honest. I got a mild energy boost at best, nothing compared to OEP. Almost feels like there maybe a sprinkle of DMAA in here. No real rush of euphoria like I wanted, but still better than a cup of coffee to get my day rolling.

Appetite Suppression:(7.5/10)

Not bad here, I typically fasted until around noon while on this, maybe a protein shake in the AM from time to time. I never had an issue waiting until noon or so to eat my real first meal of the day. It wasn't great appetite suppression, as it didn't last any longer than lunch, still being able to wait until 1pm some days before eating without struggling isn't bad either. In the words of Jim Carey, "I've had better".

Thermo Effect:(5/10)

There wasn't a big thermo effect with this. Some days I may have had a slight amount of sweat under my armpits, but nothing compared to other good fat burners I've used in the past. I added ThyroTwin to this one day, and noticed a big increase in sweat, so I was disappointed in this category as well.

As for results, that always comes down to diet. Fat burners are only supposed to help you reach your goals, not do the work for you. I dropped 5 lbs at one point while running this, but that was during keto, where losing that amount is normal. Now that I'm not on a ketogenic diet anymore, I am about 3lbs down from where I started, which isn't bad, but nothing close to some other products I've used in the past.


You can find this product for around $34.99. This price will go up, due to the availability of this product dwindling. (I am basing this value off of the price I got it at, now you'd probably have to pay a bit more for it due to it becoming less available)

For a 30-45 day supply, this is on par with many other fat burners on the market. Issue it, it does not work as well as many other products out there (which don't hide behind blends) at the same price, so I'm marking it down.

Side Effects

I didn't experience any, but some may be sensitive to DMAA or caffeine.


Well, this review is kind of bittersweet. The era of DMAA is coming to an end, which is both good and bad in my opinion. HydroxyElite was a great way to get my memberberries in before this too fades away from the market. It really wasn't that great of a thermogenic, I myself have had much better results with other fat burners, but it is still was pretty fun to run. I may actually pick up a bottle if I can find one and keep it for the distant future, if I ever need a DMAA fix. I just won't expect great results.

If you can find this, I'd recommend picking it up simply to keep around since DMAA is getting scarce.


  • Wis3guy
    Rep: +3,099
    February 14, 2018

    I miss the original as well........ Good stuff,........

  • Clipper83
    Rep: +4,424
    February 14, 2018


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