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Fastin is a Thermogenic Weight Loss Product manufactured by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. It increases the body's temperature and raises metabolism, helping to burn more calories and assist with fat loss.

  January 22, 2012

  • Increased Energy
  • Its A 50/50 Shot It Works
  • Bad Taste
This is an interesting product to review, we started selling it at my grocery store so with my discount i got 2 bottles for around 35$ (30pills each)

Taste: 3/10 Some of you may wonder how to rate the taste of a pill but i go by how it tastes when you swallow it. these are not coated so if you cant swallow it within 5 seconds it will start to break apart and make you want to vomit. but the reason i gave it a 3 was because it has no aftertaste later on.

Value:7/10 i see it here advertised for 15$ so its farily cheap, just wish they made a bigger container (they might i just havent seen one yet)

Effectiveness: 6/10 This is a hard one because everyone reacts to it differently, i myself took 2 pills 2x daily and ill tell you the very first dose felt like i injected myself with speed. i was alert, hyper and felt like the hulk in the gym. But after that it was hit or miss, sometimes i would get hulk like but other times i got just like some of the other reviewers said, just tired and wanted to fall down and sleep. It was strange. So i guess its a hit or miss with the energy, but i did feel warmer and sweat more than usual with this, so i believe the thermogenic part was working and with my clean diet i did loose about 6lbs extra with this products help.

Overall: 6/10 I would say "eh" to this, it works kinda but there are more effective products out there, like OEP it or the redline products from VPX. I would personally say try OEP because you will get the same super hulk like energy (unless stims dont effect you) and loose the fat/weight

*Side note: As an EMT and seeing some of the bad effects abuse of some high stim supplements on people i want to say to those who have a high sensitivity to stims and products like that and/or medical probs to try other products that are stim free or if you must try things like this cut the first dose in half of what the bottle says if possible that way you minimize any adverse reactions you might have


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