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Allura Trim Weight Loss Stick Reviews

By: Herbal Nitro

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Allura Trim Weight Loss Stick is a Thermogenic Weight Loss Product manufactured by Herbal Nitro. It increases the body's temperature and raises metabolism, helping to burn more calories and assist with fat loss.
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  October 11, 2018

  • Decent Energy
  • Some Appetite Control
  • Not As Comprehensive As Other Fat Burners
  • Too Expensive

Quick Summary

Decent energy and some other weight loss support.


Hey SR, here today to review Herbal Nitro's weight loss thermogenic stick Allura Trim. I've been on a cut/athletic recomp for awhile now as I build back from my ACL reconstruction, and sit anywhere from 8-10% body fat and really only have the most stubborn fat left in the lower abs/love handle region. I've been doing the carb nite/ketosis protocol during most of my cut. What I look for in a good fat burner these days is decent energy and a thermo effect, but more importantly for me at this point appetite control and mood enhancement. I love to eat, and eat really bad stuff, so anything that can help kill those cravings and make it easier to keep the macros under control is what helps me the most.

Ingredient Profile

15 cals, 3 carbs from sugar, a big dose of 3300 mg of Garcinia yielding 1980 mg of HCA, 300 mg of african mango, and then 225 mg of a prop blend of caffeine and yohimbine. Overall, I like the profile, however being on a ketosis diet I didn't really like the sugar but it didn't make me change my diet too much. Garcinia is the main ingredient here, and they do give it a big dose which is nice. Garcinia, and more importantly the HCA that it provides, is supposed to regulate blood sugar, increase metabolism, and increase seratonin which makes you less hungry. At 225 mg of caffeine and yohimbine it should provide a decent boost of energy but I would like to know how much of each. I was excited to give this a try.


This comes in individually packaged sticks with power. There was some light foaming with this but mixed pretty easily. Dosing was to take either preworkout or when you need a boost of appetite control. I usually took this in the afternoon as a pick me up/appetite control aid. The taste wasn't great, a mixture of fruit/lemon flavors, but it did grow on me and I didn't mind it at the end.


So a pack of this comes with 12 sticks. Can you expect huge results in 12 days in terms of weight loss? No, not if you're doing it in a healthy and effective way. Did this provide good energy? Yes, I did like the energy it provided me in the afternoon when a lot of us are looking for a boost. This also did provide some mood enhancing and some slight appetite control, but not to the degree of the most effective thermogenic supplements. There was no real "thermogenic" effect as far as raise in body temperature even when taken before cardio. Overall, this better than your average pick me up and helped me stay away from cheating the afternoon but not as effective as a top tier fat burner.


$20 for 12 sticks is pretty steep. If you order 2 or more you do get a 10% discount which helps, and you would want to do that anyways to get more than a 12 day supply, but at this price point I would hesitate to buy again.

Side Effects



If you're looking for a better option for an afternoon pick me up this is it, but you can find better overall fat burner options.

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