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Calibrate V2 Reviews

By: HD Labs Nutrition

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to HD Labs Nutrition for sending it out!
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  July 12, 2018

  • Increased Energy
  • Too Expensive

Quick Summary

A well-dosed preworkout product using patented ingredients that when double-scooped gives reliable results in the gym.


Good evening SR community, tonight I will be putting down my review for HD Labs preworkout product, Calibrate V2. A big shout out to HD Labs for participating in the TROOPs program, and for shipping this product to me on the other side of the world. I have been taking quite a few full-spectrum preworkouts lately, so when the chance to log Calibrate V2 came up, I was interested to see how it would stack up. Let's get down to it.

Ingredient Profile


A first look at the ingredient profile sees 3 individual profiles essentially promoting the different aspects of the product, Strength, Vasodilation/pump and energy. There's a splattering of other bits and pieces too, with a little bit of Niacin the only one worth mentioning. While the profiles are divided in 3 sections, all the ingredient amounts are listed, which I'd like to say is a breath of fresh air, but really this should just be the standard. Well done HD Labs.

Strength Profile - Patented Beta-Alanine is good, but dosed at 1.6g per scoop leads you towards dropping 2 scoops per serving. 2.5g of creatine sources is included, which again leads you towards double-scooping, as does the 1g of trimethylglycine (better known as betaine), which is about half the dose you would consider 'clinical'. A double scooper from the looks of this blend.

Vasodilation/Pump Profile - This profile is really under-dosed at 1 scoop, and still underdosed at 2 scoops in my opinion. 500mg of Cit Mal is nowhere near enough, and even 1g at 2 scoops is not enough to induce a pump in most people. 125mg of Hydromax, despite the fact I like they've used a patented form of glyercol, is not enough to really be effective in my opinion.

Energy Matrix - Solid amount of caffeine is included in Calibrate V2, especially if you double scoop, then you're looking at close enough to 400mg, which will wake you up. The 12.5g of Citcoline is a bit of a strange one, considering the effective doses I found online range from 250-2000mg.

All in all a pretty solid ingredient profile using patented ingredients when dosed at 2 scoops. At 1 scoop it's well underdosed in pretty much every area (strength/pump/energy).


I received the raspberry punch flavor and it was quite enjoyable to drink down, although with a hint of chemical aftertaste. I was able to get through the entire tub without dreading taking it, which is a good sign as some preworkouts packed with ingredients do have a tendency to taste a bit bleah.

Mixability was excellent, only a swirl or 2 in the shaker required to completely dissolve the ingredient. No residue was recorded.

Initially I dosed at 1 scoop about 20 minutes before my workout, but aside from a slight tingle from the CarnoSyn, I didn't feel much out of it. When I upped the dose to 2 scoops I really felt the energy jolt as well as the other ingredients working in my workout. Unfortunately the caffeine was a bit much for me so I ended up settling at about 1.5 scoops.



I'll divide this section up into the categories listed on the front of the label, Strength, Energy, Endurance.

Strength - When dosed at 1.5/2 scoops I felt that the energy punch from Calibrate V2 gave me great focus in the gym to be able to lift the weights I needed to lift. It's winter here at the moment, so I'm looking to build up some size and lifting heavy as often as I can, so a good focusing preworkout that gives me strength gains is just what im looking for. With around 5g of creatine and a good whack of caffeine you should see strength gains, and I certainly did. I cant quantify exactly what my gains were, as I did not do any 1RM days whilst on Calibrate V2, but I did notice that from week to week I was always increasing either my weight or my reps.

Energy - Well at 2 scoops you're getting close to 400mg of caffeine and if that doesn't do it for you then not much will aside from meth. 400mg ended up being too much for me so I settled somewhere around 300-350mg caffeine and that gave me a good jolt 20mins after ingesting that lasted a 2 hour workout no worries. The energy was not the fully zoned in on rails effect some preworkouts can do, but it was acceptable nonetheless. I did not note much of a crash either.

Endurance - Not really sure which ingredients apart from CarnoSyn are going to help with endurance in this product, but I did not really notice an improvement in endurance. Having said that, it's quite cold here at the moment, so you're not blasting workouts full of sweat like you do in summer. It would be interesting to give Calibrate V2 a run in the middle of summer when your energy is sapped by the weather as well as the weights, to see how it would stack up.

I should also note that as predicted by the ingredient profile, I did not notice great pumps or vasodilation whilst taking Calibrate V2.



Calibrate takes a hit here. The new formulation V2 is not widely available, in fact I was only able to find it on the HD Labs site, where it sells for $50 for 30 servings. Considering I needed to dose at 1.5/2 scoops, you're going back to 15-20odd servings per $50. Only the very best preworkouts can command that price and still be considered good value. If the price could be in that $30-40 mark, then the value would be improved for sure.

Side Effects

None to report here.



I thoroughly enjoyed my time taking Calibrate V2, which gave me great energy and some strength gains. If I had to sum up Calibrate V2 as a preworkout in 1 word, it would be reliable. I knew what I was getting every time I took it. I knew what I'd get from 1 scoop, 1.5 scoops and 2 scoops. There were no surprises, which is refreshing in a supplement. However, there are some shortcomings, namely the pump/vasodilation package, and the price/value. If those could be adjusted then HD Labs would have a really solid preworkout, up there with the top stuff. Would I buy Calibrate V2 with my own money? I have to be honest here and say for that price and the fact I'd be dosing it at 1.5/scoops, I'd be looking elsewhere. Would I recommend Calibrate V2 to others? As a beginning or casual gym goer, It's not a bad (albeit expensive) preworkout using proven ingredients. But for anyone other than that I'd probably suggest better value preworkouts. Thanks to HD Labs once again for allowing me to log this product.
  • Raspberry Punch : 8/10

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