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This product has been reported as discontinued.


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Halo-Plex is a Prohormone manufactured by Hard Rock Supplements. It is a synthetic version of hormones or hormone precursors that increase muscle strength, size and stamina, and can additionally aid in fat loss.

This product has been reported as discontinued.

See all 30 products in:
Growth Enhancers > Prohormones


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The supplement industry is notorious for agressive marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +22
Trust: 16%
  October 24, 2012

I completed a 6 week cycle of Halo-Plex and have to say, for a clone this PH is wonderful and works as it should.

I've been training for several years, but only the last 3 years did I start taking it serious. I've tried other PH's and injectables in the past.

Followed the recommendations at first, 1 cap twice a day. I took each tablet same time each day, one in the morning 60mins pre workout (empty stomach with water) and one 2hour / 3 hours before bed. Approx 12 hours apart.

As the weeks went by (approx week 3) I did increase my dosage to 3 a day, 2 pre workout and 1 at night, some days I took 2 before bed and 1 pre workout (by accident)

Train hard! Ate clean and got no less then 8 hours sleep at night. As for figures, I can't say how much my squats/ lunges etc. increased by but it all significantly went up after about 3 weeks, which was roughly when I increased the dosage to 3 caps (75mg).

I leaned out and put on noticeable size, completed 15min cardio after each gym day (normally 4 days of weights and 1 cardio only day) became VERY vascular and looked to be on the 'pump' all day. I ended up dropping approx 3% BF and put on approx 2.5kg (5lb) of mass.

During the cycle, I used other supplements, such as;

- Arimindex
- Liv52
- Multi-vitamin
- Protein blend
- Oxy elite pro (first 12days only)
- Craze
- Activate Extreme (natty test booster by DS)
- Bunch of other PCT related items (clomid, novadex etc)

Side effects:
Lost a bit of sex drive and got told by the GF im getting to 'big' haha

Given I used Oxy elite and Activate Extreme during the cycle, I can't say that 100% of the results gained were solely cause of Halo-Plex however I did get good strength gains and put on lean mass, so am I happy with this product? YES! Will I recommend this product? YES!
  • Strength Gains
  • Lean Mass Gains
  • Increased Vascularity
  • Dry Gains
  • Slightly Lower Sex-drive
Rep: +29
Trust: 43%
  August 29, 2012

I just want to start off by saying that I was very impressed with my first "true" Ph run of Halo-Plex. After about a year of daily research on this site I decided that Halo-Plex, Hard Rock's clone of Halodrol, was for me. I read several reviews on how others ran halodrol and tried to build a stack that would suit me. My goal this run was to put on about 8lbs of lean mass. And I have to say that I was on point with my goal.

Before Cycle Stats: 5'10/160lbs. I started this cycle at the end of a cut that I began over last summer. I wanted to get my body fat down as much as I could so I could jump into sort of a lean bulk.

Pre-cycle and Support Supps:
Milk Thistle-preloaded 2 weeks prior and throughout cycle
Cycle assist-preload 2 weeks prior and throughout cycle
Organ shield-preload 2 weeks prior and throughout cycle
Taurine-5 grams daily throughout cycle
Fish Oil-throughout cycle

50/75/75/100/100/125. I started out the first three days at 50mg. Day four and on to week four I ran it at 75mg. Weeks four and five I dosed at 100mg. On day three of week six I upped the dose to 125mg.
Week 1: I didn't expect much this week. However, knowing that I was on "something" made me really push hard this week. I wanted the cycle to start off great.

Week 2: The first part of the week was similar to week 1. By the middle of the week I started to feel Halo-Plex and see a difference. My lifts were gradually going up and I was pumping out more reps. I started to notice a difference in my shoulders. They seemed more vascular and were taking on a great shape. My traps as well seemed bigger than normal. The pumps were also more noticeable. I wasn't taking any pre-workout during the cycle. I maintained at 75mg for this week.

Week 3: This was a great week for me. My shoulders and traps looked huge. I was up about 15lbs on every lift which made want to push myself even harder. I didn't wanna leave the gym. My focus this cycle was to gain some mass in my legs. I killed it on leg days. Shoulder and trap days seemed to be my favorite though. The vascularity in my shoulders was amazing. And my traps continued to look huge.

Week 4: I upped the dose to 100mg here and between week 3 and 4, this was the "sweet spot". I felt like a beast in the gym. I was throwing 275 pretty easy for about 6 reps. The back pumps were also very noticeable here. I increased my taurine intake a bit and it helped but back days were rough.

Week 5: This week was pretty similar to week 4. The back pumps remained but I was still killing it in the gym. I was curling the 60lb dumbells with good form. I'm not one of those guys that swings his whole body to do a curl. I'd rather curl a 15lb dumbbell with good form then swing around a 45lb one. I was up to 176lb and looking a lot leaner. I also incorporated crossfit during weeks 3-6. I went to crossfit about 3 times a week in the mornings. Hitting the gym about 5 times a week in the evenings.

Week 6: I decided to up the dose to 125mg the last week. Sides were pretty much non-existent other than back pumps. I didn't feel much shutdown until this week. All cycle I had been horny as hell and wanted to foo everything in sight. But, this week I felt libido come down. I also started dpol this week.

PCT: I ran Chlomid at 120 for a few days and the proceeded with 90/60/30/30. I also added Animal Stak with Dpol during PCT. I looooved Dpol and Stak together. On my off days I would run regular DAA. I also add Green Mag and Craze during PCT. Craze is amazing but that's a review on all it's own.

Overall: I had a great run with Halo-Plex. The sides were minimal and very controllable. I ended PCT at 171lbs lean. Which is a bit more than my goal and I'm very pleased about that. My avatar is me at week 5 I believe. The price is great, the results are awesome if you put in the hard work. I ate clean for the most part and had cheat days on Sundays. I ate around 3500-4000 calories to compensate for doing crossfit. Most would say this is a great beginner PH but I would call it a great all around PH if you're willing to put in the work and make a specific goal. My goal was to lean bulk adding about 8lbs and I slightly exceeded that. Thanks to the site for providing all the reviews and logs and tools I needed. Everything was just a search bar away.
  • Strength Gains
  • Lean Mass Gains
  • Increased Vascularity
  • Back Pumps
Rep: +215
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 5
  April 22, 2012

After finishing up my first PH cycle of Hard Rock's Halo-Plex here's my review. Because this was my first experience with PH's I'm going to try and keep my review in perspective due to the fact that the results for a more experienced individual probably wouldn't match up with my experience.

Halo-Plex is Hard Rock's clone of Halodrol; it's dosed at 25mg/pill. I can't remember the exact price but I ordered off for about $25-28 a bottle so total cost for the PH part of my cycle was $75-$85; I have seen similar products like CEL's discontinued H-Drol at $60-$65 a bottle. So getting my entire cycle for close to the price of 1 bottle really improves my value rating.
Value: (9/10)

Before Cycle Stats:
Height/BW: 5'11"/195lbs
BF%: 14%
Bench: 275lbs/3reps
Squat: 365lbs/6reps
Dead: 315lbs/2reps
Hang Clean: 275lbs/4reps
(Because I focused mainly on volume increases during training for this cycle I figured showing the increases in reps with weight that I struggled with would better depict the gains I was targeting as opposed to 1RM #'s)

50/75/75/100/100/100. I was going to stick at 75mg for a longer period of time but after talking to more experienced members on this site I chose to up it to 100mg for the last 3 weeks.

Support Supps: (Pre-load for 2 weeks and run all the way through PCT)
CEL Cycle-Support
Fish Oils
Glucosamine (joint support)
Taurine: 5g daily, upped to 10g wk 5&6

Week 1:
I didn't notice anything this week in regards to results or side effects. I maybe had a little bit more focus and intensity during my training but I'm pretty sure it was just a placebo effect of knowing what I'm on.
Dosed 50mg (25mg AM/25mg 12 hr later).
0lbs Gained

Week 2:
The effects of the Halo-Plex kicked in towards the end of this week. I remember a shoulder workout and I was doing dumbbell shoulder press and I grabbed the 65's and that's normally a good weight for 8 reps and I easily completed 12reps, that was the day that it kind of hit me that this stuff was really starting to work. In terms of recovery I felt like my recovery time was beginning to decrease quite drastically while the intensity of my workouts was at an all-time high. Obvious side-effects were still not apparent this week.
Dosed 75mg (50mg am/ 25mg 12hr later).
2lbs Total Weight Gain

Week 3:
This was when I really began to feel the effects of the Halo-Plex. Every workout was better than the one before it and I could push myself harder than I ever had before. Because of this and the from the advice of senior members I chose to stick to volume increases to help prevent injuries and would only bump the weight up after I could perform 10-12 reps of a weight. This week was also when I began to experience the obvious sides of PH usage; the worst were the back pumps that seemed to come out of nowhere, the Taurine did help though I did notice minor lethargy but nothing that affected my daily activities significantly.
Dosed 75mg (50mg am/ 25mg 12hr later).
5lbs Total Weight Gain

Week 4:
The feeling of being "on" continued to become more and more apparent, my workouts continued to be some of the best I had experienced. This week was the first I began to notice a major increase in vascularity and separation in muscle groups; I was only doing minimal cardio and my diet was more in line with a lean bulk but I continued to experience a drier and harder physique. One major issue I had at this point in my cycle was lethargy or motivation because I had to do some major pumping up to go to the gym. I had no noticeable BP issues so far in the cycle so I decided to try 1 scoop of Jack3d PWO. I experienced no issues with this addition and for the remainder of the cycle I used Jacked 2-3 days a week. Back pumps were still an issue this week but maintained by the Taurine.
Dosed 100mg (50am/ 25mg PWO/ 25mg 12hr later).
9lbs Total Weight Gain

Week 5 &6:
I lumped these two weeks together because they were almost identical. The benefits of the Halo-Plex were obviously still in effect and I continued to have great results in the gym. Side effects at this point began to become bothersome but not unbearable; it was almost a guarantee that I would get really painful back pumps after my dead lift sets. I increased my daily Taurine intake to 10g and this seemed to help slightly. On my last day I finished with a Back workout that I will remember for a long time where I was just crushing weight I used to struggle with. One major issue I experienced during these weeks was a much lower sex drive, It was still there but not at the fore-front of my mind like it normally is.
14lbs Total Weight Gain

Immediately After Cycle Stats:
Height/BW: 5'11"/209lbs
BF%: 12%
Bench: 275lbs/8reps
Squat: 365lbs/12reps
Dead: 315lbs/7reps
Hang Clean: 275lbs/8reps

Torem: 60/30/30/30
Dpol: 3 caps daily W1-4
AI PCT Support W1-4
Animal Stak W3-5
Lean Extreme W3-5
All additional support supps run through cycle
I'm a week and ½ into PCT and have only lost 2lbs and have maintained all strength increases. I feel like the torem/dpol combo has really kick started my natty test production again as the minor shrinkage I did experience is gone and my sex drive is already back on the incline.

This was a great first PH run, the quality of the clone that Hard Rock made is top notch and I had great results. 14lbs of muscle in 6 weeks was great but where this product really shined for me was in the strength gains, adding 4-5 reps with weight that I was struggling to get 3-4 times before the cycle. Maybe it was just because it was my first run of this type of product but I highly recommend this clone to anyone considering a lower cost option for a Halodrol run.
  • Strength Gains
  • Lean Mass Gains
  • Increased Vascularity
  • Dry Gains
  • Back Pumps
  • Lethargy
  • Slightly Lower Sex-drive

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