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Hangover Secret - 6 Pack Reviews

By: Hangover Secret

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Hangover Secret - 6 Pack is an Anti-Oxidant manufactured by Hangover Secret. It helps prevent the harmful 'free-radicals' that can cause cell damage in the body.
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  October 12, 2018

  • Helps Hangovers
  • Hydration
  • Mental Clarity
  • Bad Taste
  • Too Expensive
  • 6 Servings

Quick Summary

It will help with your hangovers but wont prevent then completely


I don't always drink but when I do it might be once a month for a party. I'm not a heavy drinker when I do drink alcohol. One glass of wine will get me drunk. I saw this product when I was planning to go to a party the next week so I decided to grab it. During my run of this I was only drinking one day. The other days I was just using it just to see how it makes me feel.

Ingredient Profile

It contains a prop blend of 870 mg of the ingredients I copied from the hangover secrets website below.

Milk Thistle
When the body metabolizes alcohol, it releases toxins which you can feel even hours after you've sobered up. This ancient herb helps protect the liver from these toxins while supporting its healthy function.

This bodyguard is able to boost your liver's storage of glutathione (a.k.a. toxin eraser). In fact, even though it's natural, it's so strong that doctors regularly uses NAC to aid the liver in removing toxic substances quickly.

Thiamine (B1)
Contributing to the foggy feeling after social gatherings is depletion of B vitamins which are lost and used in liver metabolism. Thiamine is one of our favorites to refuel your body and make sure a great night doesn't ruin a productive morning.

Pyridoxine (B6)
This vitamin is regularly used to ease stomach problems in patients. B6 also supports immune function which is part of the reason why we included a high dose within our secret formula.

Our scientifically calibrated blend of electrolytes was created with the drinker in mind. Feelings of fuzziness in your brain and weak muscles can be associated with low Potassium, while stiff muscles, anxiety and general dehydration can be connected with an imbalance of magnesium and sodium.

Antioxidant Superblend
Alpha Lipoic Acid, Ascorbic Acid and Vitamin E are strong shields for our body against the damage done from alcohol. It helps retain the youthful looks of living like a nun, even if reality is a little different.

These ingredients seem promising but I just dont like that they use a prop blend. I like to know how much of everything I am getting but overall this seems like a great profile.


The flavor they have is not named so I'm gonna assume it unflavored. The taste is awful if you mix it with water. It almost tastes like vomit. It hides the taste when mixed with wine though.
I had no problems mixing it. Just a couple stirs and it was done. Nothing would settle ti the bottom.
I would take 1 packet with water on most days but one day I mixed it with wine.


The first thing I would like to say is do not use this as an excuse to keep drinking alcohol. I think this stuff did a good job working for me. I wasn't acting bad at all when I was drinking but I felt slightly lightheaded. I normally will do something bad and feel lightheaded when I drink so I think it did a good job here. I felt a little more hydrated from this which might be from the electrolytes in here. When I woke up the next morning I felt almost normal. I felt slightly groggy but nothing else. On days I was not drinking I felt like I could think better. I was able to respond to things faster than normal to almost anything. I didn't feel too much else outside of what I said.


The only place I can find this is amazon for $20 which is too much for me. That is $3.32 a serving. I would consider if I happened to have extra money around and was going to go out drinking.

Side Effects



I think this is a good product and would recommend it to people with extra money that drink alcohol and get hangovers. I dont see much use outside of drinking alcohol for this product.


  • SDS1582
    Rep: +144
    October 15, 2018

    Good review, thanks! I've always wondered how well these types of supps work, although my heavy drinking/partying days are pretty much gone, I do occasionally overdo it. I imagine that you still have to drink a lot of water and eat food if you use this and don't want any semblance of a hangover.

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