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Power 7 Reviews

By: GTN® Fuel Your Performance.

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to GTN® Fuel Your Performance. for sending it out!
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  December 1, 2015

  • Taste Is Great
  • 7 Sources Of Protein
  • Good Value
    I would like to thank GT Nutrition and the SR TROOPS program for making this product available for review. GT Nutrition also threw in a nifty shaker cup, which is now one of my favorites second only to my SR shaker, which is a prized possession of mine of course. They also sent a sample of each of their other flavors, which I thought his was a classy move as well. Although I did receive this free of charge, this will still be my honest review for Power 7.

    Ingredient Profile

    Lately, I've been really enjoying the blended proteins over straight whey. I think it makes it a more practical, and versatile product. This is a blend of seven different sources of protein, hence the name, including whey, casein, egg white, and soy. I like the fact that it has a few grams of fat, which I assume are from the sunflower oil, and I also enjoy that there are some carbs and decent amount of fiber as well. This all to me, lends it to a more versatile product, and more practical as an anytime protein supplement to do just that, supplement your protein intake for your diet.


    I had the strawberry cake flavor, which was delicious in my opinion. Mixed in water, it was a great creamy consistency, and a really nice change from the hum-drum of chocolate flavored proteins. I was also sent a free sample of each of the other flavors as mentioned earlier. The chocolate was great, vanilla was decent, and the banana flavor was meh. I could see someone who likes banana flavors really like that one though.
    Where this product shines the most for me, was when I drank it. I will go into more detail about this in the effectiveness section, but I dosed this first thing in the morning, and post workout when necessary.
    Mix ability was also perfect, just a few shakes and it was ready to go, every time. No clumps or anything weird like that.
    Only thing I find weird, one serving is two scoops. This makes no sense to me, just make the scooper big and make it one scoop. Maybe it saves money or something idk, not a deal breaker or anything, just a note.


    I wake up pretty early for work, driving a truck. I can't eat first thing when I wake up,my stomach just won't take it, so I usually don't eat anything until after I get to my first stop of the day, which is close to two hours after I wake up. A protein shake however, I can manage to chug down on my morning commute. The fact that this is a blend, and even has some healthy fats, and carbs makes this much more practical as a first breakfast than plain whey. It also kept me somewhat full until I got to eat real breakfast at my first stop. This to me was huge, and changed my morning routine forever.
    Same for post workout. I gave up the idea of needing a shake right after a workout nowadays, I just pound a big meal, but sometimes if dinner isn't ready I'll drink the shake, and it works well for this too. I won't lie, I do often drink the shake with dinner because it was delicious, and I'm a fat powerlifter that likes protein.
    No GI distress or protein farts to speak of, and made in the good old U.S. of A.
    A+ from me here.


    This is the only spot where I have a bit of a gripe. This is only available in a 30 (actually ~31) serving tub. You can get it for anywhere from 32-35 bucks, making this slightly above a dollar a serving. To me is neither expensive nor cheap. What I really would like to see is a 5lb or even 10lb tub to bring the cost per serving down. Either way this is a quality product, which as become a new favorite of mine, and is in my opinion worth the money.

    Side Effects

    No sides to mention.


    Overall, this really is my new favorites, and I will be using this for the foreseeable future. I already ordered a tub, and am getting two more as Christmas goodies. It taste great, and is a great alternative to straight whey protein products. If your tired of usual protein, give the strawberry a go, you will enjoy it.
    • Strawberry Cake: 9/10

    COMMENTS (2)

    • mhseaver670
      Rep: +6,692
      December 1, 2015

      Did not know you drove a truck too. It is tough to have anything close to a diet doing that job.

    • killaz5
      Rep: +402
      December 2, 2015

      Yeah it's definitely not easy denying all the donuts and candy all day. I just make sure to pack a cooler with a solid lunch, and it helps. I get eggs everymorning. I was a fattass for a while but I've learned to make it work

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