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Essential for Women Reviews

By: GoSimple

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Essential for Women is a Multi-Vitamin manufactured by GoSimple. It is designed to help provide the body with a wide array of micro nutrients that are vital for optimal health. It could be described as an 'insurance policy' to ensure that you're getting all of your vitamins and minerals but it is still crucial to eat a balanced diet.
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  August 21, 2017

  • Well Sourced Ingredients
  • High EPADHA
  • Too Expensive


I'm a competing powerlifter currently working through a back injury. I'm hoping to compete again in November, also am finishing up a long time cut.

Ingredient Profile

This is a combined multi-vitamin and fish oil duo. I will go through the ingredients for them separately.

Vitamins A, C, E, D, E, and K. We have a B-vitamin complex, and the following minerals, Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc, Iron, Chromium, and Selenium.

What I like about this product is that it uses high quality sources for its ingredients, the Vitamin D is D3 which is more available than the commonly found D2. The Vitamin E is naturally sourced, D-Alpha Tocopheryl Succinate. The form of B12 is superior as well, Methylcobalamin.

What I would change- I would add more Vitamin D and Magnesium. I use cronometer to track my micros/macros every day and Vit D and Magnesium usually came up short for me. There's 300IU Vit D in the product. I'd double it. There's 100mcg Magnesium in the product. I'd go up to 150mcg.

Other than that, very solid multi profile.

The Fish Oil

There's 700mg EPA/DHA combined which is more than enough for general health purposes. There are additional benefits (joint relief, improved DOMS) when you use higher doses, 2-3g EPA/DHA, so some people would want 3 capsules a day instead of one. I could not tell, however, if the fish oil in this product is natural triglyceride or synthetic. Natural is better as it is more bioavailable.


This is a capsule product, so there's no taste or mixability factor here.

The product is divided into individual serving packets (3 multi capsules and 1 fish oil capsule), which makes it easy to take the proscribed dose. If, however, you wanted flexibility with the dosing, e.g. take two multi capsules instead of three, it would be a bit messy.

I personally would rather have the flexibility of having the multi and the fish oil in separate containers and not have the packets. I like to freeze my fish oil and that's harder to do with a big container.


For me, this product was pretty effective. I try to get all of my nutrients from food, but I usually come up short in one thing or another. On my own, I reach about 80% of my nutritional targets. With Essential's multi and fish oil, I got to about 94% of my targets. More Vitamin D and Magnesium would have made this product a knockout for me


This product is a bit pricey. It's $49 a tub if you just buy one and $39 if you get a subscription. Keep in mind, that you are getting two supplements for this price, so it wouldn't be fair to compare it to just another multi.

Still, a bottle of TruMulti (from PES) along with one month's supply of Utzy would run me about $34, and I would be getting a similar profile/benefits. From what I can tell, GoSimple's product isn't sold in any other stores, which is probably why the price is a bit high. It would be nice to see them reach other retailers so the price can come down a bit.

Side Effects



This is a pretty decent multi/fish oil combo, and I'm sure there are plenty who would find the packets convenient. I personally was not the biggest fan, and this would probably not be my go to multi, but I could see it being apart of my rotation.


  • MarsheS
    Rep: +1,532
    August 21, 2017

    You meant 100mg of Magnesium and increase it to 150mg... not micrograms (mcg).

    Still nice review!

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