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Essential for Men Reviews

By: GoSimple

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Essential for Men is a Multi-Vitamin manufactured by GoSimple. It is designed to help provide the body with a wide array of micro nutrients that are vital for optimal health. It could be described as an 'insurance policy' to ensure that you're getting all of your vitamins and minerals but it is still crucial to eat a balanced diet.
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  October 2, 2017

  • Once A Day Dosing
  • Bad Smell
  • Low Doses
  • Bad Taste


Hey SR, here today to review Go Simple's multivitamin called Essential for Men. Multivitamins are crucial for me as I have been on a constant cutting routine for awhile now, so I know I am not getting every vitamin and mineral from whole food sources. To add to that, I am a Dean of Students at a school so constantly being around 850 kids I need to give my immune system a little more of an edge, so multis are a staple for me. There is a wide range of multis out there with different benefits so let's see how this stacks up to some of the rest I have taken.

Ingredient Profile

As with most multis, there's a ton of ingredients, I'll hit the highlights and dosages but I have attached the facts for you to view as well. So all the major vitamins are included (A, B, C, D, etc) but in much lower dosages than most of the multis advertised for athletics. For example, Vitamin D comes in at a pretty low 75% where most serious gym goers most likely need more than that, especially men. The rest of the vitamins hit around the 150% mark which isn't too bad, except a pretty big B12 dose of 41,000%! The extras in this multi I REALLY like, but unfortunately they are also in some pretty low doses. MSM for joints at only 150 mcg, Carnitine at 100 mg, and an ingredient I love in phosphatidylserine for cortisol control but only at 50 mg which is no where close to the recommended level. This also includes one softgel of fish oil with 1200 mg. So, I love the ingredients and extras, just wish they were at a higher dosage.


Some pros and cons for this product here as well. You only have to take this one time per day with food, which is better than a multi time a day that a lot of multis recommend. I took this with dinner every night. No mixability, this comes in packets similar to Vital4U with 3 veggie capsules and one softgel with the fish oil. Only other gripe is that these smell like garlic and have a slight taste of garlic as well even though it's in capsule form. It does have 100 mg of New-Gar, a garlic extract. Wasn't necessarily a deal breaker, and I didn't have any unpleasant herbal burps or anything, but definitely noticeable.


As well all type when reviewing a multi, it's pretty hard to have concrete evidence that a multi "works." During my run I didn't get sick which is a plus, but I did feel pretty run down some days. I can't attribute this to the multi specifically, as I am working a lot, working out, and on a very low carb diet but when I am taking my usual multi (Opti-men or Rainbow Light) I don't normally feel that way. A lot of factors that could play into this though. My urine didn't turn bright yellow either, which tells me the dosages of the vitamins are not nearly as high as other vitamins either. I know that those are extras that my body didn't use so not a big deal but worth mentioning. Overall, I just feel this would be good for a person who still gets a lot of vitamins from food, not dieting or weight training a lot. I think those who have a stricter diet, work out a lot, need a vitamin that provides the higher dosages and probably left me feeling a little more tired than usual.


Value is ok here, although a little on the high side. You can make a one time purchase of $35 or get a monthly subscription for $29. There are 30 packets in each container so you're looking at a $1 a serving at the cheapest. This is more expensive than the most popular multis like Opti-men, but this does include fish oil as well. Overall, I think the value is pretty fair but doesn't have the dosages to justify the price.

Side Effects

Some garlic smell and taste.


I don't think this multi is terrible, but I don't think it's the best either. For a lot of us who workout a lot and have a strenuous diet, I think you would do better elsewhere.

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