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Triple Strength Fish Oil Questions


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GNC's Triple Strength Fish Oil vs. Optimum's Fish Oil

September 8, 2013

I would like to know the difference between the two products as well as which once is more effective.


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Posted September 8, 2013

the amount of Omegas in a serving is whats different really. You get more bang for your buck with GNC brand i feel
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Posted September 8, 2013

When looking for a quality fish oil choose the one with the most DHA & EPA per dollar.
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Posted September 8, 2013

Normal strength = 300 mg of EPA/DHA per serving
Double Strength = 600 mg of EPA/DHA per serving(obviously)
Triple Strength = 900 mg of EPA/DHA per serving(also obv)

now the tricky part is the 'per serving'. some companies make you take 3 caps for even the normal strength. thats fckd up! you maybe taking in toxins and unwanted calories along with it. this one (GNC triple) is a good product. i use Jarrows formula(also good, thats 600 mg)

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