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Total Lean Waterex Reviews


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Total Lean Waterex is a Diuretic manufactured by GNC. It helps decreasing water retention, eliminating bloating and increasing definition. It is important to make sure you stay adequatley hydrated while using It.

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  February 23, 2013

  • Decent Value
  • No Increase In Urination
  • Very Slight Increase In Definition
  • Electrolytes
  • Not Worth It In The Long Run
  • Decrease In Sodium Intake Will Yield Same Results
  • Makes You Feel Better About Yourself
Hey guys, today was my last day at GNC, that means I can finally review their products. I have used many of their products over the last year and a half, and since few of their products have been reviewed by the ER team, I might as well take one for the team.... that, and I am stuck recovering inside my friends house on a Saturday night and have nothing better to do. This will probably be the most random review I ever write.

Waterex is supposed to help regulate water. It's not really a diuretic, and it sure doesn't work like one. When working at GNC, they had me push this product because it is so cheap, plus it works fast. I buy this every once in a while due to the price.

2 pills. I take of one point every time I have to take more than one pill.

Ingredient Profile:
I'm not going to list them all, just mention a few. I'm trying to keep this review short and simple.

Electrolytes are a given. Juniper berries, parsley herb powder, garlic clove, and corn silk. Nothing really stands out, just ingredients that might have some effect on water weight. All under dosed.

In all honesty, I'm surprised I am giving this a 4. Every time I use this, I notice slightly more definition in my abs, shoulders, and even my salami arms seem a bit more defined. Nothing that makes me want to continue using Waterex, yet still slightly noticeable. It makes me look like I have lowered my sodium intake, nothing more.

I may lose 1-2lb when I take this, but even that is being generous. I have never noticed an increase in urination either, which I find good/bad for a product that is supposed to regulate water. Pretty much good for just giving you extra confidence because of the extra definition. It takes a day or 2 to kick in.

This is the one reason why I am giving this a maybe. Waterex can be bought pretty cheap. It's normally around $12, yet on sale you can get it as low as $5(half off with GC discount). At $12, I wouldn't buy this, at $5, I wouldn't mind picking up a few bottles to keep a slight bit of water off of me.

I am giving this a 4/10 for the sole reason that it is pretty useless when you can simply get the same results by slightly reducing your sodium intake. You will notice a slight increase in definition at a very small price. Pick some up if it's half price on a GC week, if you don't feel like reducing your sodium intake, other than that, avoid the sales pitch by the clerk at GNC.

  August 23, 2011

    • Not Effective
    So I saw this at GNC as I was buying some OEP, and one of the reps convinced me (usually does not happen) to try it out. Said it will help with the water weight retention. I was afraid to try AtroPhex so I figured this could be a good way to start on a dieuretic.

    Ingredient List: Vitamin B-6 50mg, Magnesium 50mg, Potassium 50mg, and proprietary blend of (Garlic Glove, Parsley Herb Powder, Eldelberry Fruit, Horsetail Rush, Corn Silk, Hydrangea Root Powder, Juniper Berries Extract 100mg total)

    Taste: 9/10 - Pills so really had no taste.

    Effectiveness: 2/10 - Honestly I did not see any difference in taking this product. I felt the same. I did not feel like my skin was tightening. I still felt bloated, even though the rep promised me (or lied to me) that it would make me feel less bloated.

    Overall: 3/10 - Its cheap, it made me feel a little less bloated then I usually was, but it did not really do anything towards the dieuretic point. The only positive funny thing to taking this was that there were no negative adverse side effects.

    I would not recommend this product to anyone. It does nothing. Just make GNC a little bit richer.

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