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RapidDrive Post-Workout Amino Complex has been reported as discontinued.

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RapidDrive Post-Workout Amino Complex Reviews


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Amino Acids > Recovery
RapidDrive Post-Workout Amino Complex is a Recovery Product manufactured by GNC. It is an amino acid based product that is designed to assist in workout recovery.

RapidDrive Post-Workout Amino Complex has been reported as discontinued.

Check out the top-ranked products in Amino Acids > Recovery


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  January 17, 2011

  • Good Recovery
  • Mixes Poorly
  • Very Chalky
  • Not Enough Servings Per Container
  • Too Expensive
GNC's Post Workout Amino Complex is designed to help replenish muscles and help you recover after a long, hard workout. I took this product back when I was still a noob and didn't realize there was greener pastures out there as far as recovery products go. It performs well, but for results and for your money, there are definitely better options out there.

Profile: For an amino acid supplement, it actually has a pretty decent profile to it. One scoop contains 3 grams of glutamine, 7.1 grams of BCAA's, 1 gram of arginine, 500 mg of citrulline, and 35 mg of green tea and ALA. I think it could have a little bit more aminos in it considering there are only 20 servings (scoops) in a container, so doubling up the scoops wouldn't be very practical from a value standpoint.

Mixability: Like many other amino acid supplements it doesn't mix very well. It has a very chalky consistency in the container and sticks to your hands/side of container/anywhere in the immediate vicinity. I would also get the occasional "powder missiles" from this when scooping it to where it would shoot up into my face and I get to breath in its chalky, fruity greatness...was not a big fan of it in that regard. You would get a fairly large amount of unmixed powder in the bottom of your cup as well with this product, making the last few sips a rather unenjoyable experience.

Taste: Along with its chalky consistency, it has a chalky texture/taste to it. The taste of this product reminds me a lot of those "smartie" candies, which if you'll remember as a kid were also very powdery and chalky. The flavor on the outside of the container says "Fruit Punch", I'm kind of skeptical on that one...and as mentioned before, due to its poor mixability, the last few sips of this are filled with lovely unmixed powder.

Results: This is where this product performs best; you will definitely feel recovered after taking this. There was minimal to zero soreness the following day after taking this stuff. It's a good recovery product, but there are definitely better ones out there, there is no denying that this one works though. It's no SciVation Xtend, but it gets the job done.

Price: I would say this is the Ultimate downfall of this product. 35 dollars for 20 servings works out to $1.75 a serving. And because there are only 20 servings in a container it goes rather quickly, I burned through two containers before I knew what hit me. What ***ed me off the most about this was the containers were half full; they could have easily fit 10-15 more servings in a container. That combined with the fact that it's not as effective as other recovery products was enough to seal the deal that I would never use this again. This was my learning experience with smart consumer shopping.

Overall, this product does work and it does what it's set out to do. However I feel there are too many negatives, and to many other better products out there for me to recommend it. I would recommend either SciVation's Xtend or USP's Modern BCAA instead of this.

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