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Maximum Greens Ultra Mega Green Vitapak Reviews



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Maximum Greens Ultra Mega Green Vitapak is a Health Product manufactured by GNC. It is meant to improve the health of the body at the micronutrient/mineral level.

See all 19 products in:
Health & Wellbeing > Other Vitamins


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The supplement industry is notorious for agressive marketing and misinformation.

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  January 16, 2011

This is my first review on this site so I decided to review my favorite supplement. Please be kind in your analysis of a first timer.

Let me begin by saying that I've taken many different supplements in all their different forms and with all of their different functions. I've taken many different pre-workout drinks with all of their crazy energy and all of their tingling effects. I've taken many different protein powders with all of their different flavors; some good, some bad, and some definitely ugly. Most of you have gone through what I have to find that perfect, personal supplement or to fight the boredom of taking the same thing over and over again. We try new things and stick with old. Some work, some don't, and some even hurt us. However, there is always that one supplement, that one product we hold onto no matter what. The one we feel never lets us down. It's different for each of us. Even if it's the same product by the same company, it's still different. For me its the Maximum Greens Multi-Vitamins from GNC.

I've been shopping at GNC for nearly 15 years and have tried all of their Multi-Vitamins. Now, while their multi vitamins are of good quality I was never truly satisfied with one formulation. Some had this and that, and I didn't always want this and that. Well sometimes I did, but not all the time. I guess that's why I tried so many of the different variations they had over the years. I tried every form of Mega Men, Ultra Mega Gold, etc. Trust me there are a lot of different formulations folks! While they were beneficial to me I never felt a real need for them, or a need to take the same ones over and over again. I even strayed from GNC and tried many other brands. I took them because common knowledge said too. So I did! Year after year, bottle after bottle, I took my multis. Then this green box appeared on the shelves in the Super Foods section of GNC. The box read 'Maximum Greens' multi vitamins. At first I thought it was one of those horrible 'lawn and garden' powders. I picked up the bottle and the sound of tablets shifting gave me some relief. I began to read what was in it. I was blown away by what I saw! This multi-vitamin had everything a healthy individual could possibly want.

It had all of the vitamins and minerals that every other multi vitamin had which made me start to feel disinterested. Then I proCEEded to read all the supplement facts. It had multiple fruit blends and multipile vegetable blends. It had an antioxidant blends, digestive enzyme blends, prebiotics, and probiotics. I read every little section and every little ingredient. I used to buy a lot of this stuff separately! I got excited, maybe too excited because I bought two bottles without any sale or gold card week discounts. I tried them the next morning and have been buying this product every since.

I sincerely felt different from that day forth. No other multi-vitamin, even other GNC brands have made me feel this good. Everything functions better, on all levels. I am more positive and energetic. I have more focus and memory. I sleep better, process food better, and cant remember being that sick at any point since taking them. I know this sounds corny but its true and I don't mind sharing it.

I believe anyone can benefit from this multi-vitamin. Whether you work out all the time, or not at all. Whether you have the hardest job, or the easiest. Whether you have the best diet or the worst. You can take this if you are young or old. It's even vegetarian approved, but I approve it for everyone!
  • Greatest Multi Vitamin I Have Ever Taken!
    Rep: +6
    Trust: 0%
      September 19, 2010

    I'm a vegetarian and have been taking these for a couple of weeks now and can really tell a different. It's not always easy finding a vegetarian multi that has so much to offer. The price is a bit high but so is everything else in the world today. All it needs now is more Omega-3 so I can be down to just these every day :)

    P.S. I buy mine when GNC is having their 9.99 sale online.
    • Good Profile
    • Increased Energy
    • Too Expensive
    Rep: +549
    Trust: 100%
      May 7, 2010

    Even though now I'm doing real diet, exercise, and nutrition, I've always taken multi's. But, recently, I've dropped the centrum and one-a-day business and went into some real multi's that actually have a profile. This one, quite possibly, is a keeper due it's great profile and evenness of vitamins. This also contains liver support, antioxident, digestive enzyme blends, which is why I picked it up. When I first started taking this, it took about a week and I noticed a huge difference in energy and slight alertness.

    It only cost 35 dollars for a 2 month supply, which, in my opinion for such a profile, is quite a deal. Now I use Opti-Men(which I don't think is as good as this product), but this multi will always be considered a buy.
    • Good Profile
    • Increased Energy
    • Good Value

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