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Lean Shake is an Alternative Weight Loss Product manufactured by GNC. It can help assist in the loss of body fat, working in different pathways that traditional thermogenics.

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  May 22, 2013

Our fearless leader Petey has asked me to share my experiences with this product. Before I get into it, I will be full disclosure and say that I am an active GNC associate, so take that however you want to. This review will be about the Lean Shake RTD, as opposed to the powdered form.

I took this product mostly as a meal replacement or snack in between meals, mostly while I was at work at GNC since it was readily available.

Profile(9/10): As a meal replacement shake, this is actually a very decent nutrition profile. Only 170 calories per shake. 6 grams of fat, only 1.5 grams of which are saturated fats. 6 grams of carbs with only 2 grams of sugar and 3 grams of fiber. 25 grams of protein from a blend of milk protein concentrate, whey protein concentrate, and calcium caseinate. Fairly low quality protein sources, so it wouldn't be ideal as a post workout option or something to take over a prolonged period.

Taste(9/10): Another good aspect of this product is the flavors. This product comes in chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. All three of which taste surprisingly great. The texture of this is rather thick but isn't clumpy, overall a pleasant product to drink.

Effectiveness(9/10): This product does well to hold you over when you can't have a meal or you need something quick and effective when you're on the go. Taking this in between meals always helped me to feel satisfied until I could actually sit down to a good meal.

Value(8/10): A 4 pack of these will run you about 10 bucks. So $2.50 a pop is a fairly decent value when it comes to RTD protein shakes, and considering the profile you get with this against other RTD's makes it a good value.

Overall, this isn't a product I would suggest to use over a long period of time. But if you have a crammed schedule or need a quick, healthy, snack in a pinch this product will do. I know everyone likes to crap can GNC, but this is one of their decent product in my opinion. I give this the thumbs up.
  • Tastes Absolutely Delicious
  • Fills You Up
  • Satisfies Cravings
  • Good Value
  • Gnc Stigma
  • Low Quality Protein
Rep: +19
Trust: 5%
  April 14, 2011

First off, I'd like to say that I'm very surprised that there aren't more reviews on this product! I thought it was pretty popular. I've been using it for about two years and I haven't found another protein shake quite like it. It's low in calories and high in protein, which is Ultimately what most women are looking for. The vanilla is delicious. I like it because you can blend it with fresh fruit for a change of taste. :) The blueberry is pretty good too. It's a great meal replacement for when you're on the go and need something quick and healthy. It's definitely the best-tasting protein shake I've ever had and it keeps me full for a good 3-4 hours. If you have two a day in replacement of meals, you will lose weight for sure. The price isn't too bad either. I hope that somebody found this review to be helpful. I know I personally rely on reviews and read them thoroughly before I'll buy a product. I absolutely recommend this product.
  • Tastes Absolutely Delicious
  • Fills You Up
  • Satisfies Cravings
  • Good Value
    Rep: 0
    Trust: 0%
      February 2, 2011

    These are the best tasting meal replacements I have ever had in my life! They are only 180 calories with 8 grams of fiber and low in fat and sugar. Absolutely perfect when I do not have time to eat my usual meal or I just find myself hungrier than usual. This is an oat based protein so it does not effect the fact I am lactose intolerant and it really does satisfy my sugar cravings. Vanilla is my favorite flavor with cookies and cream behind that and chocolate is good. Strawberry kind of tastes like medicine...not a fan. They are 2 for $34 which gives you 32 servings! Yum
    • Tastes Absolutely Delicious
    • Fills You Up
    • Satisfies Cravings
    • Good Value

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