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Green Tea Complex Reviews



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Green Tea Complex is an Herbal Product manufactured by GNC. It is a naturally occuring substance that is derived from natural elements/plants in nature.

  January 20, 2011

  • Natural Energizer
  • Various Health Benefits
  • 1 Capsule Dosage
    benefits of Green Tea include: helps against formation of cancer, controls diabetes, helps prevent heart disease, makes your complexion acne-free, raise the metabolism and increase fat oxidation. , calms your digestion, helps with your bowel problems, natural energizer.

    each capsule is 500mg and i dosed this product just 1 capsule daily. it's kinda hard to judge if it really worked for me or not; maybe i could of tried upping the dosage? but i didn't want to because i'm actually trying to bulk and i wanted to see how this would effect me.

    so i tried several different methods; taking with/without food and with different meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner. i would have to say it wasn't a major difference, but i think it worked slightly better when i took it at breakfast with food; seemed to be just a little easier on the stomach.

    results i noticed from it was a slight increase in natural energy, not jittery but a little more energized; i think that it did also help keep down body fat a little while trying to bulk. when taking it with my pre workout meal(usually just breakfast around 1.5-2 hours before i lift)then taking my pre workout drink(currently Cellucor C4 Extreme) i think it did add a slight boost there. again no major results but i did notice some what of a difference.

    for value you can get 100 count for around $19.99 & 200 count for $37.99. this is also going to depend on if you have a Gold Card or not and if they're running any kind of promotional deals at the time. i had a 100 count bottle and the way that chose to dose it, it lasted me around 3 months.

    over-all it was an okay product, i don't mind taking the capsules; but i like drinking green tea also hot/cold. i might buy this again in future just for the health benefits it provides. give it a try and see how it works for you.

    COMMENTS (3)

    • Cray
      Rep: +3,509
      January 20, 2011

      Pretty sure green tea is helpful for appetite suppression. I ran it on my last cut and really liked it. Dosed it 1000mg twice a day. Nice review.

    • venom434
      Rep: +1,187
      January 20, 2011

      Thanks Cray. Yeah I'm sure there's other benefits I could of missed, I just named a few I was aware of.

    • kevO
      Rep: +4,293
      January 20, 2011

      Good review. Im definitely a fan of green tea supps. Cray i totally agree, when taken in the higher doses it does seem to have that effect, its slight but it helps.

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