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AMP Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60 Reviews


  December 5, 2012

  • Strength Increase
  • Amazing Recovery
  • Tastes Great
  • A Little Pricy But Worth It
  • Try To Get It At Gnc When Its On Sale Buy One Get One 50% Off!
after countless encounters with gnc clerks trying to persuade me to try this product i finally gave in and picked up a few tubs on bogo. before i get into the review i wanna suggest that you actually take 2 scoops post workout instead of 3 just so you dont go through the tub in a 10 daysand 40 g of protein is a pretty dam good amount but hey thats just me do what you gotta do haha.

mixability- alright so everyone loves a protein that mixes well and doesnt leave you with those clumps. if any of you have ever tried the ON gold standard whey protein i would compare it to the AMP due to the fact that it mixes efficiently and rather quick so i would rate this a 10 for mixability also keep in mind i did this with a blender.

effectiveness/ results- now on the tub it claims by taking this you will be/ feel 30% stronger after finsihing. for me i definately felt alittle stronger but with all honesty nothing completely major. what really shined about this product was the recovery time my muscles/body really loved this product after a good intense workout in the gym i would gulp down 2 scoops of this and feel pretty dam good in the morning with little to no soreness. for effectiveness i give it a 9 only because in my opinion nothing can be perfect.

taste- i grabbed the cookies n cream flavor and i have no complaints on its taste. with milk it tasted like a shake and even with water it wasnt that bad as opposed to other products i have tried.

final thoughts- definatelly will be buying again but make sure you get it either on gold card week or on a bogo deal unless you can afford it regulary.

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