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AMP Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60 Reviews


  April 12, 2012

  • Strength Increase
  • Muscle Size Increase
  • Amazing Recovery
  • Tastes Great
  • A Little Pricy But Worth It
I dont know if i have much to add to all the reviews already written on the wheybolic, but anyways,ill tell u how it went for me.

well taste was amazing at first, i only tried the strawberry, i'd throw in the 2 scoops with 9 oz of skimmed milk and just enjoy it. I'd give it a 10 outa 10 except that after three weeks, for some reason the smell and taste of the shake itself would make me sick, and i would just jug it as quickly as possible. so a 9/10 would be fair enough.

Mixability is a 9 as it mixed great but it just formed that thin cloudy white layer that formed at the top after stirring. Had a wierd taste to it.

Value mmmmm thats a problem coz i bought it here in kuwait for an equivalent of 58 us dollars with the gold premium card discount, making it 2.3 dollars per 2 scoops (like everyone said, ur body wont utilize more than 2 scoops after a workout) which is not cheap, AT for me value is a 7...and thats just the norm for GNC here in the middle east, and probably in the US too...they are just pricey

Effectiveness: What i really noticed was my fast recovery and how less sore i felt after my 2 hour workouts, thanks to the leucine. The increase in strength was clear as i steadily increased my weights through the 6 week period i was using wheybolic. My weight lifting workouts used to last for an hour and a half and i'd be dying at the end, but using this, i just added 6 more sets to my routines and i still had more energy at the end. To be honest, i ate madly during that period and that definitely helped. I couldnt say i got leaner as my diet wasnt that good, as i just ate what i want so i'd say i just got BULKIER.But for those who will keep a good diet, the carnitine will definitely get u lean if combined with a good routine, along with the arganine helping maintaining that muscle mass.

Overall, It's a solid 8, and definitely worth trying.


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