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AMP Amplified Muscle Igniter 4X Reviews



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AMP Amplified Muscle Igniter 4X is a Thermogenic Weight Loss Product manufactured by GNC. It increases the body's temperature and raises metabolism, helping to burn more calories and assist with fat loss.

See all 97 products in:
Weight Loss > Thermogenics


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The supplement industry is notorious for misleading marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +2
Trust: 0%
  May 13, 2012

I have trained all my life for Boxing and I train to the limit. So I was taking C-4 and loving it but, I was talked into taking AMP Muscle Igniter 4X. Sounds good enough I thought, so after doing the one thing I swore I would never do I listened to a GNC Employee and it cost me alot. First few times I took this garbage it worked great the first 2 times I took it. Then the third workout I noticed I was having joint pains and feeling sick and like everything I was lifting was heavier than normal. This on one of my outside heavy bag and endurance days. 90+ degrees it was and after 20 minutes I was soaked with sweat and cold at the same time. I thought this was very strange seeing as how it was 90+ degrees. I noticed I was getting much weaker and for the record I drink 2 gallons of water a day but, it felt like I was drained out. I started noticing my balance was WAY off and if I stood still I was wavering like I was drunk. That night I had alot of trouble sleeping and woke up the next morning vomiting and with a MAJOR dehydration headache. This sickness lasted two days. After not taking it I felt better and thought it was a Virus. Well my first day back I felt alittle woosy after taking it still and thought I was still alittle sick but, today I took it and within 5-10 minutes of training warm-up reps on wieghts I was sweating like I ran for 10 miles in the desert and was sick and felt like collapsing I pushed through it like always then read all the side-affects this stuff has and almost punched through my screen. GNC will be getting a visit from me and I know now what this stuff done and its DANGEROUS very much so. Stay away from it!! I also noticed a twinging tingle in the back of my jaw like right before you throw up that lingers and wont go away. My other supplements are Gold-Standard WHEY which is awesome 10-10, AMP Amplfied Creatine XXX which has been great 9-10 (I may switch now though), and I am going back to C-4 Extreme because well it works and it didnt about kill me!
    • Heart Races
    • Crash
    • Bad Taste
    • Heartburn
    • Price
    • Head Of The List Of Worst Tasting Supplements
    Rep: +171
    Trust: 100%
      May 9, 2012

    After being conned into buying this piece of nonsense by a funny looking GNC guy (I knew I shouldn't have trusted him) over a year ago, I also managed to accidentally throw out the receipt along with my graded mid-term papers. Hence I was stuck with this product, it's been in my cabinet and I have been slowly chipping away at it since March 2011.

    At the time I purchased this, I was relatively new to the world of supplements and hadn't been introduced to the SR fam yet. The powder form of this product was recommended and sold to me as a pre-workout supplement even though it was, legitimately, a thermogenic.

    -------Ingredients: 9/10 -------
    On paper the ingredients look impressive and incredibly comprehensive because there are over 22 individual ingredients contained in Muscle Igniter 4X. I will not go over every single one of them here, but some of the ones that stand out and that I look for in a stimulant based supplement are: caffeine-400mg per scoop, B-vitamins,-2mg, yohimbe-prop blend, beta-alanine-50mg and l-cartinine-25mg. Other ingredients include white willow bark and grape seed extract. Considering that GNC managed to cram almost everything except the kitchen sink into this tub of powder, one would think that this would be a very effective supplement.

    -------Dosing: 6/10 -------
    The instructions on the tub are to "take one scoop 30 mins prior to exercise, or on non training days one scoop in the morning after waking up." I personally never enjoyed a full dose either before training or after waking up because the 400mg of caffeine is, IMO, borderline toxic and always caused jitters, anxiety and dehydration.

    -------Taste 2/10 -------
    This product easily heads the list of "worst tasting supplements". One scoop mixed in a medium sized glass of water would produce an evil red liquid that severely irritated my throat when I drank it. This burning sensation would be so bad that it makes it difficult to talk few seconds after drinking it. To this day, I'm still not sure what ingredient exactly produced such a sensation. I have tried mixed more water with the scoop to dilute it, but that just leaves me with more of the evil liquid to conquer. Bottom line: I would rather drink vodka!

    -------Effectiveness as a PWO: 3/10 -------
    I experienced poor results when I took this and hit the weights; the main problem was that this product gave me none of the things that I would expect from a good PWO such as sharp mental focus, ambitious drive, tunnel vision or improved strength and endurance. Instead, all I got from taking this was a jittery, anxious and unfocused energy that actually distracted me from having good workouts. The full scoop with 400mg of caffeine not only caused an unwanted restless instead of a smooth clean energy, but also and dehydrated me and seemed weaken muscle strength and endurance. I did not feel the endurance effects of the beta-alanine at all and the pumps were non-existent. I did not have much luck with lower dosages as well, just more or less of the same feeling with the other ingredients under dosed. I have honestly gotten better result just popping a 200mg caffeine pill and hitting the weights.

    -------Effectiveness as a thermogenic: 5/10 -------
    I've taken many thermogenics; some of my favorites include OEP, Yohimbine hcl and Cellucor's Super HD. What I particularly enjoyed about these was that they gave me an euphoric, Zen-like feeling along with a heightened awareness. I did not experience any of these positive effects with AMP Muscle Igniter; the experience was limited jitters, anxiety and restlessness that resulted in me pacing up and down my home and workplace. One area where this product did do well in was appetite suppression, but it was a type of uncomfortable appetite suppression where I felt borderline sick and queasy in the stomach. In the end, I don't care how much fat this can burn, because non of the good feelings that I experience after taking a thermogenic comes along with it!

    -------Value: 7/10
    I bought this for around $35 dollars, and each tub has 45 full scoops, so this brings the value to under a dollar per serving. This is actually, objectively speaking great value, however, I still cannot score this product very high here because it is IMO not a great product.

    -------Overall: 5/10
    AMP Muscle Igniter 4X did not produce good results for me in either the pre-workout or thermogenic departments and was a huge disappointment. Half a scoop as replacement for morning coffee, this could perhaps earn a thumbs sideways, but as a pre-workout or thermogenic, it definitely deserves a thumbs down! As far as I know, as of May 2012 GNC no longer sells this product in the powder form and have instead replaced it with the pills. However, I would still advise the SR fam to stay clear of this product.

    • Powder Form No Longer Available; Great Value For Amount Of Caffeine You Get
    • Great Soft Drink For Sadists
    • Head Of The List Of Worst Tasting Supplements
    • Not Effective As A Pwo Or Thermogenic
    • Dehydration From 400mg Of Caffeine
    • Anxiety And Restlessness
    Rep: 0
    Trust: 0%
      May 2, 2011

    Ok so with this product I took about two monthes ago and decided to write a review about everthing I have taken so far. This product was just terrible for me yeah the taste was awful but who cares about the taste. My first day on it was good. I got a lot of pumps, energy, and I felt like I had a great workout.

    But, the more I used it the worse I felt. It started giving me stomach problems and I was in the bathroom constantly about 3-5 times a day. I took it a few more times after to see if it still contined to do that to and it did so I stopped taking it. It also made me pass in and out eventhough I was drinking a gallon of water a day. Also I dont know if this had anything to do with it but I had a lot of trouble sleeping. I feel like it was from this because right after i stopped taking it I could sleep again, better then I had been while being on this. Personally this is the worse product I have ever taken and will not take anythign again of the brand AMP.

    The only good thing was the price which wasnt that bad other than that bad product. Also I am not a big guy in anyway but I have been using products for the whole 2 and a half years I been working out. Of course with month breaks in between each suppliments but overall this product was just downhill for me.

    • Engergy
    • Focus
    • As Expected
    • Crash
    • Bad Taste
    Rep: +1,081
    Trust: 100%
      July 20, 2010

    I got this in the AMP stack that GNC sells for $120. I used this along with NO Maxertion and they were the first pre workout supplements I've taken. I quickly built a tolerance to them but the first few times I took them I was bouncing off the walls. I would definitely say it was bit too much caffeine. I didn't really get the pump that I've gotten from other supplements I've taken since then. I did like the fact that I sweated like I was in a sauna when I took it. I don't know if other people like to but when I workout I like to work up a good sweat and this really made me sweat. It gave me a caffeine buzz but other than that I wasn't impressed. I would advise that you look elsewhere if you're looking for the cliche usuals, (pump, focus, strength) because you can get them from other supps cheaper.
    • Engergy
    • Caffeine Sensitivity
    • Crash
    Rep: 0
    Trust: 0%
      August 18, 2009

    I started using this product after getting a deal on it a month ago or so. The product is described to promote energy and burn up to "278" more calories than with out.
    So, it definetly works, promotes energy and calorie burn. I sweat like there is no tomorrow when taking this, and it provides plenty of energy to go through your workout and beyond.Those are the pros, with the fact that it works being the first one.
    The cons are as other reviewers have stated is that you do not sleep well if you take this later in the day and you work out at night. Each serving contains 400mg of caffine, so that is a boat load in my opinion.
    As far as price goes, I think this is some what debateble. I always have and still feel that GNC is over priced, but generally, they have decent products. Again, this works to give you energy, so is it worth it, you need to evaluate that for yourself.
    If you really want a kicker for a workout, take the muscle Igniter pre work out with Jacked, look out, you will be ready to push through any tiredness you may have!

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