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By: Giant Sports International

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Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Giant Sports International for sending it out!
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  September 15, 2016

  • Helps Cut Fat
  • Good Value
  • Clinically Proven
  • Non-Stim
  • Effective For Fat Loss
  • Possible Muscle Catabolism
Big thanks for Giant Sports International and the SR Troops program for always delivering top of the line products for the members. I am usually not a fan of products that are stim free because I dont think they work as well as the stim based products however, in this case I was proven very wrong. At first I did not have many high hopes for this product, but overtime I saw a drastic changes in my body and I know I can attribute it directly to this. I have been off stims for a while now, and during taking this product, I wasnt really taking anything else, doing crossfit, so a lot of HIIT circuit exercises, Metcons, etc, and I saw the fat burning capabilities that this product offers.

Ingredients: B+ - Bot of the ingredients are straight forward and you know exactly how much of each you are getting. There are only 2 ingredients and although its stim free they work very well together. These ingredients are basically for people with Thyroid issues, who cannot lose weight or conquer their obesity because their thyroid is messed up and not performing optimally. There are a lot of studies to back that these two ingredients work by increased metabolism and increase thermogenesis which directly leads to weight loss. The fact that it doesnt have coffee or green tea or any other stim like ingredients is key for me. Those other ingredients made me lethargic, jittery and just fatigued. When taking this, all the way up to 3 pills I did not see any negative side effects:

Dosing: A - The product says to start with 1 pill, but after day 1, I didnt really get much from that 1 pill. I went straight into the max of 3 pills. This is where I began to see the biggest effectiveness, more about which I will discuss below.

Effectiveness: B++ - So this product did a few things to me when taking it that I was very happy with. Since summer was not over yet and I wanted to shed the extra bit of fat I had, I kept hitting plateaus. Now I knew that the majority of the work would come from the kitchen, but any time you supplement with something, you're giving your body extra fighting mechanism against the fat.

During this time I switched to Crossfit 5 days a week, doing a lot of HIIT workouts followed by some strength building olympic type lifting. My starting weight measured was 222lbs when I started on day one of the product. By day 30 I was down 3lbs, and down 1inch of my waist size. The biggest notice was the body re composition. I began to notice that I was a lot more lean and that the stubborn fat that was lodged around the troubled areas, although was still there, was significantly down. Also my bigger muscle groups were more fuller and I was retaining less water.

Another positive but also sometimes negative aspect, was I did notice that I was sweating a lot more. This was a problem because NYC summer was brutal and it was so hot in the subways underground that at some points I felt like I was going to just pass out and die. This had nothing to do with the product itself, but with the way it increased my body temperature. Due to this I tried to take this all the time in the mornings because my workouts were usually at night.

Value: A- : Its dirt cheap. Around $17 on Amazon for 30 days worth of pills. If you stick at 1-2 pills you get even more than a month's worth.


Overall: A--: Its great, and stim free. I would def get it again but most likely in the winter months.


  • bwkneller
    Rep: +12
    September 16, 2016

    Glad you liked Thyrotwin. Thanks for trying this product and for your honest feedback.

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