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Giant Rush Reviews

By: Giant Sports International

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Giant Sports International for sending it out!
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  September 28, 2016

  • Increased Energy
  • Simple Profile
  • Good Focus
  • Clean And Consistent Energy
  • Solid Value
  • Coloring
I've heard of Giant Sports through forums and blog sites, Giant Rush will be my first product I try by them. And I was so glad to hear they were bringing their product line to the good ole US! Thank you to Giant Sports and SR for making this review happen.

Ingredient Profile

The formula for Giant Rush is short and sweet with the following listed. And guess what else, it's transparent!

-Caffeine anhydrous 200mg
-Kigelia Africana Extract 125mg otherwise known as DMHA
-Bai Mudan White Tea 25mg

These three ingrediants add up to a 794mg scoop when you factor in the flavoring and coloring. Speaking of coloring, be prepared for stained shaker cups if you're using any white/clear ones. I love the 125mg of DMHA, most I've tried have kept the dose around 50-75mg. Of course sometimes more isn't always better but in this situation I'll take it.

Giant Sports markets Giant Rush as a stimulant powder that will intensify mental focus, control appetite, and be a fat incinerator. I still struggle to realize exactly what Giant Rush does, is it a stimulant pre workout or a fat burner.


No issue with mixing. For dosing you should start with 1 scoop as I did. After a few initial times at 1 scoop both with and without food I added a 2nd scoop but didn't always find it necessary unless I was using this pre workout. I had the Green Apple flavor which was very artificial and jolly rancher like tasting to me. I definitely enjoyed it more when I used 20oz of water to calm the sweetness on my taste buds. Again as mentioned earlier if using a clear/white shaker cup prepare for stains from the coloring!


Giant Rush does have a place as a supplement, just not as a pre workout for me personally. I tried using it as a pre workout a couple times at both 1 and 2 scoops with nothing more than a stimulant kick. Which unfortunately for me isn't enough, added with some other non stim options then I could survive. Where i used Giant Rush and believe it's best suited for is a Alphamine substitute. I'm talking OG Alphamine not their new formula. Giant Rush was great for energy and appetite control in between meals. I found when taken with food the effects I felt were not as profound. Especially the focus that i got without a caffeine high. The focus wasn't the same pre workout and I believe it's again because it was taken with food.


The best price for Giant Rush is $26.00 which comes out to $0.43 per serving. This is a fantastic value for something that you can get a full 30 day of use out of.


I enjoyed my time with Giant Rush and really feel like Giant Sports has something on their hands to build up. I think a focus and market more toward a stimulant fat burning powder is better fitted.
  • Green Apple: 7/10

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