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How to Get Your Products Reviewed on SR by the TROOPs

  On average, products with just one review get TWELVE TIMES the reach as those with none.

  Each new review is featured on the homepage for 3 days.

  Products with at least one review are always displayed above products with no reviews in our category lists.

  Over 10,000 supplement buyers visit every day.

  Guaranteed Review in 100 days or we buy it!



Sign up as a rep for your brand
This is free and takes about 30 seconds. You'll have full access to your Rep Control Panel and be able to add/manage products, open review opportunities, etc.
Become a Rep



Open an Opportunity
Pick a product and offer it to our TROOPs.
Open an Opportunity



Ship your products to the TROOPs
Wait a few days for TROOPers to claim your products, and then ship to the addresses provided.
Ship Products



Get notified when your reviews are posted
4-6 weeks after shipping, you'll start to see the reviews posted to the site.
Check for TROOPer Updates

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who are the SR TROOPs?

The SR TROOPs are members of our site who have an established history of posting quality, in-depth reviews. It takes weeks or months for new members to prove themselves and join the ranks, so you can rest assured that you aren't sending your products to just anyone who has signed up. The members that claim your products have already been vetted. Read more about the Trusted Reviewer Open Opportunity Program.

What if the TROOPer doesn't post a review?

We're so confident in our review team that if you don't get a review in 100 days, we'll pay you for the product. Read more about the "Review in 100 Days or We Buy It" Guarantee here.

Can TROOPers claim as many products as they want?

Absolutely not! Our system automatically prevents TROOPers from claiming more than a few products, and will entirely block them from claiming anything if they get behind on their reviews. Read more about our Dynamic TROOPer Limits

More questions? Check out our full TROOPer FAQ.

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