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Jetfuel is an Energy Supplement manufactured by German American Technologies. It is designed to improve mental focus and energy.

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The supplement industry is notorious for agressive marketing and misinformation.

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  February 9, 2016

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Not many reviews on this product! I hope no one else burns any cash on this product.

----Ingredient Profile----5/10.
Ok, so this has a couple prop blends! First is the 2164mg JETFUEL Proprietary Blend. I will not list every single ingredient but some that are worth mentioning like: Caffeine Anhydrous, Guarana Extract, Panex Q.(Ginseng), Yohimbe HCL, L-Carnitine, Synephrine(bitter orange) Not to many studies done on this to make me believe it works! There are more ingredients but I won't list them.

There is also a 75mg CortiRX Prop blend, this includes Phosphatidylserine: good for cognitive function. mentions that a standard dose would be to take 100mg 3x a day. Obviously under dosed to the max! Phosphatidylcholine: Its Fat loss benefits are not proven if taken orally. Again I will not list all of the Ingredients in this prop blend either.

No taste or mixability issues as these are liquid capsules. I purchased the 60 capsules bottle from, the instructions are to take 2-3 gel caps 2 times daily. That is between 4-6 caps per day. 1st dose in the am and 2nd dose at around lunch time. I had to play around with what dose made me feel something but not cracked out!

I found that taking 2 gel caps in the am and 1 at lunch made me feel the best. Whenever I took 2 or more in the afternoon I had real hard time sleeping. Even when I managed to sleep it was restless sleep. Only on heavy lifting days I managed to sleep "ok" taking 2 pills at lunch.

----Effectiveness---- 5.5/10
When I started taking these I kept my diet relatively clean. I even included some cardio on the last 2 weeks of taking this. I really did not see any benefit of taking these pills except for an energy boost, and many sleepless and restless nights. I dosed it at 1 and 1 and literally felt nothing!

I took 3 gel caps in the am and 3 at lunch you did not feel very good "Cracked out." I did end up taking 2 and 2 once on a regular lifting session and I felt really jittery and uncomfortably anxious! I did nothing for me in regards to fat loss.

As I mentioned previously, I ordered this product via Supplement warehouse. I paid 14.99 for a 60 capsule bottle. If you take the recommended dosage of 6 pills per day you will end up paying $.75 per 1 serving but take 2 servings per day equals $1.49. A 60 capsule bottle will only end up lasting you 10 days if you take 6 caps per day. I don't this is a good Value for the

----Side Effects----6/10
Literally goes from from 0-100 real quick. You either don't feel anything or you are feeling like a crack head! Zero Fat loss!

I believe that GAT needs to get rid of this product or revamp it, and it might have second chance this way! I would not recommend any one to go and buy this product. I have tried other GAT products such as Muscle Martini and Nitraflex and they product are way better than this. I don't think there was too much thought when putting this product together. I'm sorry if it sounds like I am ranting. I know 15 bucks is nothing but I could have used that towards something of benefit. Don't buy Jetfuel!

PiccoloPete Out!
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  May 11, 2009

I was taking JetFuel for 4 weeks, I didn't really see many results, and actually was taking less than the directed recommendations. I then sprained my ankle and jammed my toe. I took an aspirin for the pain & as an anti inflammatory to try to bring down the swelling. The next morning I woke up with horrible pains in my stomach and was rushed to the hospital. My kidneys were being so bombarded by poisons from this supplement that they were working overtime to screen out the toxins, that when I took an aspirin, which is also filtered by the kidney's they decided to start to shut down, and I almost went into renal failure.
At the time I wasn't taking any other supplements, as I was trying to cut weight and not add it. I've had to be very careful in which supplements I can add back on, as I had to let my kidney's recover. I was lucky that I didn't cause any permanent damage, but I would tell anyone to avoid all fat burning supplements all together. I have tried a few, and nothing is as good as proper diet. There isn't a supplement in the world that can replace eating right.

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