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Basyx D-Aspartic Acid Reviews

By: Genomyx

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Basyx D-Aspartic Acid is a Natural Testosterone Booster manufactured by Genomyx. It helps optimize your natural testosterone levels, which helps encourage muscle growth and fat loss.
(Out of 10, after 2 reviews)


  November 17, 2017

  • Good Placebo
  • Cheap Price
  • Almost No Discernible Effect


I've been going to the gym 9 years, I made significant gains in both strength and size.. Never used steroids.. mainly only used creatine, whey protein, beta alanine, pre workouts, and some over the counter test boosters a few times.

Ingredient Profile

D-aspartic Acid 3.1 Grams. Serving size is 1 scoop, taken once daily.


Unflavored, however it has a bit of a sweet taste to it... mixes very easy and very good.. If you put it in a flavored drink such as gatorade it will just make it taste sweeter.. Very easy to drink.. dose is 1 scoop, which is 3.1 G.


Good as a placebo.. The internet says it is clinically proven to work, felt I'm on a test booster so why not attempt heavier lifts that I didnt feel confident enough to try last week when I wasn't on the stuff. But does it actually work and increase your testosterone?? No... No it doesn't... I've used this stuff in the past, and had gains while on it, but never actually had my blood test while on it.. I had my blood tested months after taking it, to find out my testosterone was on the low side. I'm now using this product again, and have been on it for 4 weeks. I just had blood work done, and found out, that while using this stuff, my testosterone is still low, and in fact lower than it was prior to using this.

So is it effective? no. Did I get gains while on it? yes - from my regular routine that's been working before I used this stuff, and maybe from the creatine and pre workout.. but not from this stuff.

This stuff claims to raise testosterone, which in turn is good for gym performance.. But I had actual blood work performed, that PROVED, this stuff did not do that. It's that simple and cut and dry. Test results showed it does not work. And unless someone else posts a review in which they have blood labs proving it's effectiveness, then you can't really certify any credibility to it. When my bench was going up last year while using this with creatine and a pre workout, I would of gave this stuff good reviews and recommended it. In fact, up until today, I would of recommended it, because numerous internet sources claim there's clinical studies that prove DAA is effective. I have been stronger lately, and have had that placebo effect of "I'm on a test booster, add an extra 5-10 pounds to the bar this week.... I got an extra rep this week? must be thanks to the DAA"... But despite feeling better lately and seeing some slow gradual progress, once again, as i've said, my lab results came back today showing lower than ever testosterone levels, 4 weeks on this stuff.. i'm going to credit my routine, and creatine, which has given me success before I even used this stuff.


Great value. 60 servings - so 60 days worth for a grand total of $13.76 on and even better, I called today, and told them of my lab results, proving this product is inn effective, and they gave me a full refund no problems or questions asked, and I dont even have to ship this back, I can just throw it out which I did.

Side Effects



In effective product, is a total fraud. Good placebo, you take it, and think you're on something and feel that false confidence, kind of like "mike's magic stuff" in space jam... but in reality, it DOES NOT raise your testosterone. I'm a healthy late 20's male, no health issues.. just had testosterone that was a bit on the low side. Took this stuff, as directed, and had blood labs PROVE it does not work. Price is a good price to get fooled on however. $13.76 for 60 servings.. so it didnt cost me alot of money to buy a useless product, and I got the money refunded.

  March 30, 2015

  • Straightforward Profile
  • Easy To Take
  • Almost No Discernible Effect
  • Less Product Than Advertised
Hello again ladies and gentlemen! It’s time for another review. This time up is Genomyx Basyx series DAA powder. I received this product through the SR Sunday Night Football Giveaway, and I was very excited to give it a try. My last experience with any DAA product was D-Pol, about 2 years ago, and I saw pretty good results with it, so I was hoping for something similar with a straight DAA powder. I took this in conjunction with Lecheek’s AD-3, hoping to create a pretty good natty stack.


This is a very simple product with a simple ingredient profile – just 3.2g of D-aspartic acid per serving; nothing more, and nothing less. This is the most widely accepted and researched effective daily dose for DAA, so it makes perfect sense. There are no frills, no extras, nothing questionable or odd, just straight up raw DAA, so I don’t see any reason to give anything other than an A (unless I found evidence that the powder came through a sketchy supplier, which is always possible but I don’t have any reason to believe that right now).


The protocol is easy enough – just a one heaping scoop upon waking. But I never really understood the “heaping scoop” directions, when a serving size is just “one scoop.” I’ve encountered this before with other products. If one scoop is 3.2g of DAA, why instruct mixing a heaping scoop? If a heaping scoop is really 3.2g, just make a bigger freakin’ scoop. Why must there be such a degree of guess-work and variability? It’s a small gripe in the grand scheme of things I guess, but it still bugs me.

The taste is easy enough to tolerate, if you don’t mind sour stuff. I actually sort of enjoyed the tartness. It was somewhere between Sour Patch Kids (without the fruitiness of course) and Greek yogurt. I imagine it would be pretty easy to take in some kind of juice, but I usually mixed it in water. It only ever partially dissolves, usually leaving a good deal of big flakes and grit, so constant stirring (or shaking if you’re using a bottle) is a good idea. I could usually get by putting it in a glass first, filling the glass with water (which would provide an initial agitation), downing most of that, then adding a bit more water and sloshing it around a few times.


I have to be honest, I only saw a very slight impact with this DAA powder. I had better results with D-Pol, which does contain a few extras, and I was taking in much more food back then, so that might have something to do with it. I did see a few of the tell-tale signs of test increase, like more oily skin, a few extra breakouts, heightened libido, increased mood, etc., but even these markers were very slight, and occurred inconsistently. I wouldn’t say my performance in the gym increased by any substantial amount, and that’s the only reason why any of us take stuff like this anyway. I think if I had trained in the same style, with the same diet, for the same period of time but without DAA, I wouldn’t see any change in results whatsoever.


No negative side effects, simply by virtue of its general lack of effectiveness. The only thing that might be considered negative would be a bit more acne, but I’m talking just a single small pimple here and there, which would go away quickly – nothing crazy. I had no GI issues, no mood swings, no lethargy… really not much of anything at all.


This is what sticks in my craw… Not that it’s too expensive for a DAA product ($12.95 on Nutraplanet), but that the label does not accurately reflect the number of servings contained (supposedly 60). As stated above, I took this in conjunction with AD-3, which contains a 30 day supply, and once my AD-3 ran out after a month, the DAA ran out only a few days later. I can understand a little bit of variance dealing with a scooper, rather than caps, but we’re talking approximately 20 days less of product than I should have had. According to my log, I started both on February 3rd, and my DAA ran out about half way through my vacation, which would be about 4.5 weeks.

I don’t care how affordable a product is. If it doesn’t contain what it says it does, the value stinks. Yeah I got this as part of a giveaway, but knowing what I know now, I certainly wouldn’t spend my money on it.


Meh. It might have done a teeny bit of something, but not much. I may go back to this or a similar product when I’m a bit older, and my natural test production slows down, but at this time I wouldn’t feel the need to use it again, or to recommend it to anyone in a similar situation.

Thanks for reading SR, have a great day!

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